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Spirit Hunters Ghosting Onto DSiWare on 22nd November

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Light and Shadow versions both available

While Australian development studio Nnooo is fairly well known to Nintendo download gamers for Pop and escapeVektor: Chapter 1 on WiiWare — a new version of the latter is also on the way to the 3DS eShop — the developer has been quietly working on its ambitious DSiWare title, Spirit Hunters Inc, for quite some time. It's an RPG action title that makes extensive use of the DSi/3DS camera for AR — augmented reality — so that you'll be finding and battling creatures in the real world; it's now confirmed for both the North American and European DSi Shop/eShop on 22nd November.

It looks like a title that may be good value for money. There's an extensive levelling up system, 96 Spirits to capture — three variations of each — a broad range of abilities and elements to use in attacks, cross-system challenges, and ultimately the choice of the Light or Shadow version for download. An an indicator of how much time has gone into this one you can check our Spirit Hunters Inc. first impressions from E3 2011, during which we rather liked what we saw. Nnooo's press release with more details is below, and you can also check out the first trailer for a taster of what to expect.

Nnooo is pleased to announce that Spirit Hunters Inc™ for Nintendo DSiWare™ will be released in the US, Europe, Australia and New Zealand on November 22nd. The game will cost 800 Nintendo DSi Points™ on the Nintendo DSi™ Shop and US$7.99, €8 or AUS$12 on the Nintendo eShop™.

Spirit Hunters Inc is a role playing game in which the player hunts, battles and captures spirits which inhabit our physical world. The game uses the camera of the player's Nintendo DSi™ or Nintendo 3DS™ to create an augmented reality, merging computer generated spirits with the player's real environment where battles take place.

"We're really excited to launch this unique game," said Nic Watt, Creative Director at Nnooo. "Creating a game where players can explore all over the real world to battle and capture spirits utilising a real-time battle system is, as far as we are aware, a world first."

The player is part of an international task-force called Spirit Hunters Inc which is charged with capturing mischievous spirits and sending them back to the spirit world. Players will have to hunt down these spirits and coax them out of their hiding places before doing battle with them through their Nintendo DSi or Nintendo 3DS. On capturing or defeating spirits, players will be rewarded with either experience points or in-game currency (Ghoulders), with which they will be able to level up, replenish health, buy useful spirit hunting items and traps and learn new battling abilities.

Each spirit is aligned to a specific element: fire, light, water, ice, shadow or fungal. The player also chooses an element at the start of the game with which to battle spirits. Battle difficulty will depend on whether the player's element is strong, weak or neutral to the spirit's element. Players can also buy the other elements with their in-game currency as they increase their experience points, allowing them to experience all the elements and abilities. As the player levels up, they will need to think more tactically to win battles against higher level spirits.

"There are 96 different spirits to battle and capture, each with normal, rare and very rare versions, making a total of 288 spirits," said Watt. "With more than 90 abilities to learn over the 6 different elements and with 100 levels in the game, there is a huge amount of gameplay."

The game will be released in 2 versions - Spirit Hunters Inc: Light and Spirit Hunters Inc: Shadow. Each version of the game has some unique spirits and a different story ending. Players will be able to send defeated spirits to their friends via a challenge system which records spirit details through a 28 digit code.

Fans who are attending this weekend's EB Expo at Sydney's Olympic Park will be able to play Spirit Hunters Inc at Nnooo's booth in the Homegrown Gaming Pavilion. Also available to play will be Nnooo's upcoming game escapeVektor™ for Nintendo 3DS and PlayStation®Vita.

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Undead_terror said:

Its awsome that a bunch of delayed games are now coming, all I want now is for interplay to release the new clayfighter thats suppose to be on dsi ware, unless its being moved over to the eshop.



ShadJV said:

Hm. Could be really fun. Or very awful. Depends on the execution. I've played some awful AR games... but then there's Denpa Men, which finally proved to me that AR could be fun for more than a few minutes. So I need to wait and see.

Please Nnooo, make this a great title!



technotreegrass said:

I'm confused. Is it $8 for both versions or $8 for each version? I never played AR games before but this sounds like it could be a easy way to try them.



Boo_Buster said:

@ShadJV Right? Denpa Men is a lot of fun, but I don't know if all AR games can bring that same enjoyment that DM does



ThomasBW84 said:

@technotreegrass We'll get confirmation, but I suspect it's the same as with any series that releases two versions (such as Pokemon), in that both versions are bought separately.



Barbiegurl777 said:

Ha ha lol That's rich really rich they want 8 dollars for this title.

I'll stick with:

Casper's Scare School Classroom Capers DS
Casper's Scare School Spooky Sports DS

lol I saw the trailer it looked more like worth 2 dollars. They can keep this title for 8 it's to stupid to download.

Happy Gaming! (^_^)



GameCube said:

Looks very cool, I'm definitely getting the Light version (because I have such a sunny disposition).



C-Olimar said:

@Barbiegurl777 Balloon Pop Remix was $8, and as it's UFO you probably bought it, and that looks pretty bland. And what about retail games with less that 100 levels that cost 5 times as much?



Samholy said:

hey that looks quite interesting. not really gonna play this in the bus hahaha but in my house,it could be funny to play it with my kids. or nightmarish, if they just bump my 3ds on wall corners or house elements... ugghh...

ill check it out for sure, and its cheap



Barbiegurl777 said:

Look all I was saying is if there going to give us a good halloween game then make it actually look good & appealling. Nothing about spirit hunters look's remotely appealling let alone good. The graphic's look shotty. I call it as I see it.


I bought balloon pop remix who care's besides I was waiting for the retail version all year as they say get what you can take & deal with it. I do really like the 3dsware version & play it constantly wanted the retail version but it was never released still happy to have the downloadable version though.


I never even heard of this title spirit hunters until I saw it yesterday in the e-shop under coming soon & on this site.


Yes both games have ghosts in them but I meant it as a halloween reference not that casper & spirit hunter are exactly alike it's still on the same lines as halloween game why would I buy the dsiware ghost game if I had bought to retail ds games that were both halloween oriented. Think about it.

No offense you guy's jump on UFO case all the time on here when they have new games come out.

What? So now your going to jump on me cause I like kiddy & third party games?

If other user's on here are allowed to critize this game I see why my post's are no different then. I have opinion's just the same as everyone else on here. Whether you guy's agree or disagree with them or not.

Happy Gaming! (^_^)



Undead_terror said:

@Barbiegurl777 who said this game was for halloween?, its release date is at the end of november going towards december which is christmas time?, I suppose the ghost of christmas present/past/future must be halloween releated because they are ghosts to! and so does any other ghosts in any other games that were not halloween releated.



Morpheel said:

@Barbiegurl: It's not that. It's just that you seem to be on "auto dislike" mode just because this game has non-famous ghosts and you seem to assume that it is meant to be a halloween cash-in when in reality this was announced a really long time ago and wont be released on halloween.

I mean, it's not like you need to buy it or like it, but wow.

Also, anti UFO comments are pretty annoying too.



MeloMan said:

You haven't let me down yet Nnooo. As a rabid Ghostbusters fan, I'm looking forward to this title



Dodger said:

I had almost forgotten this title existed. It sounded interesting before the 3DS was announced. Now, I think they should have waited and done it in 3D using the gyroscope. I don't feel like using the camera for motion control anymore now that a gyroscope is built in.

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