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Retro City Rampaging To WiiWare Later This Year

Posted by Damien McFerran

We've not been forgotten about

With WiiWare entering the final stages of its life, you might assume that developer support is going to dry up massively. However, we've recently been given one of the best games ever seen on the platform in the shape of La-Mulana.

Thankfully, it would appear that it's not going to be WiiWare's final notable release, as Retro City Rampage developer VBlank has confirmed that it still intends to release its highly anticipated title for Nintendo's download service.

The North American PS3, Vita, and PC versions of the game release next week, but VBlank developer Brian Provinciano has confirmed the WiiWare edition is still on course for release in 2012 - along with the XBLA version of the game.

Retro City Rampage will retail for $14.99 on both Sony formats and PC, so expect a premium price when the game eventually arrives on Wii.


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edhe said:

How in the heck did this game manage to get on PS3 before XBLA? I thought it was XBLA who snatched it from Nintendo, and were going to deny us it for a few months.

Anyway, I can't wait for this to be released. I'm going to buy it on WiiWare, but I might buy it on the PC too, depending on the exclusive features.



Omega said:

With WiiWare entering the final stages of its life...

I can't hear this anymore. Why do you think that Nintendo abandons the Wii after releasing the WiiU? It's certainly no coincidence that both consoles are called Wii. And I'm sure they've learned something from Sony.



Damo said:

@Omega: It's almost certain that Nintendo will adopt a Wii U eShop when the Wii finally arrives. Although WiiWare will no doubt run on the Wii U, the actual 'brand' is likely to fall by the wayside, along with the Wii itself.




Despite the various issues I've been a fan of wiiware. I would even take a large compilation retail disc of wiiware games not released in the EU. That's obviously impossible though. Anyway, looking forward to this



Omega said:

@Damo Yes. I agree that there will be a Wii U Shop. Without a doubt. But this is no reason to incinerate the old one.

Actually, they even can not stop the Wii Shop Service. For there will always be people who own a Wii and would like to download their dearly bought Virtual Console and WiiWare games again and again and again. And the WiiWare game's operating instructions also must be provided in the future.

And if they need to carry on with the old Wii-Shop store anyway, I'm assuming that Nintendo is clever enough to somehow make (as much as possible!) profit out of it.



WiiLovePeace said:

That's kinda funny: the very first announced platforms for RCR all those years ago: first WiiWare, then XBLA, actually get the game last. After all this time it doesn't really faze me having to wait extra weeks or months, I've been this patient so far anyway. The day I'm playing RCR on my Wii is a very good day indeed



bezerker99 said:

I'm glad they didn't abandon the WiiWare version of the game. They announced it would be released on the WW platform and they are stickin' behind their words!



Tasuki said:

Just like I did with Duke Nukem Forever, I wont believe it until this game is on the Wiiware menu ready for purchase.

And what does the Fonz carjacking Doc Brown have to do with the game?



Wheels2050 said:

@Omega: They can, and will, turn off the Wii Shop servers at some point - probably when it ceases to make profit for them (although they may continue for a while to maintain some good will).

While legality is an issue I'm not sure about, buried in pretty much every licence agreement you'll aver agree to anywhere for software is a clause saying that the publisher can deny you access to your game at any point, without you being eligible for compensation - meaning they can turn off the servers, and you'll lose the games you haven't downloaded.

It sucks, but you'd have to take Nintendo to court to challenge it. It would fare as well as any other EULA challenge - i.e. it's got a 50/50 shot of being ruled either way.



Omega said:

I don't believe that. Of course you can download your VC games and transfer them to a SD card or other media. But you can't download the manuals for WiiWare games! (The only way would be to take screenshots.) If Nintendo is no longer providing them, then they are gone forever.

The day they turn off the Wii-Shop Server I'll never buy a Nintendo product anymore because I would have the awkward feeling they fooled me all those years. I mean, I have WiiWare games worth more than 320 Euros. And if suddenly all the instruction manuals disappear then I'm really angry.



duffmmann said:

I disagree, DSiware is still supported, and new games continue to be released for that download platform despite the fact that the 3DS is the current console. I see no reason why developers wont continue to make wiiware games if the Wii is capable of running them (afterall this would help sell games as more people have a Wii than those that will initially have a Wii U).



Wheels2050 said:

@Omega: It will happen. Hopefully it won't be for quite a while, but this is one of the down sides of digital distribution.



MeloMan said:

GREAT to here... just need some damn internet at home and I can get La Mulana and this.



Moonhillwat said:

Does this game have anything to do with Back to the Future? I mean, the doc in the DeLorean and all...



jkshaz said:

Huh. I wasn't convinced anyone was ever going to play this game. Glad to see I was wrong and it did get finished.



coolvw93 said:

this is the news i was hoping for. though i still more waiting.... at least they assured its coming to wiiware. though now im idk if ill get it on wiiware or xbla...



Bass_X0 said:

Although WiiWare will no doubt run on the Wii U, the actual 'brand' is likely to fall by the wayside, along with the Wii itself.

Just like we don't get any DSiWare games since the 3DS was released?



Cranky said:

Cool, a release date, been looking forward to this game. I'm going to get it for the Vita because it looks more suited to a smaller screen.



Rogue76 said:

Any idea on when this game is going to be released on WiiWare...I heard rumors it was going to be 10/25...but that didn't happen

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