As the Nintendo-loving world waits with bated breath for the Wii U to launch and various skeptics pour scorn over its chances, it would appear that the new format has unequivocal support from one sector of the market, at least.

Business Insider's Dylan Love got some hands-on time with the new console at a recent press event, and came away very impressed - which bodes well for the Wii U's popularity with the all-important 'men in suits' portion of the consumer base, at least (not that we're insinuating that Dylan wears a suit - in fact, judging from his profile picture, he appears to be quite a laid-back sort of dude).

Here's what he had to say, presumably while not wearing a suit:

I've had relatively limited experience with console video games, so keep that in mind when I tell you the following: the Wii U is the most fun I've ever had playing games on a console hooked up to my TV.

I'm emphasizing fun. Not necessarily the best graphics (which are nevertheless great) or most in-depth storylines. Just loads and loads of unadulterated diversion.

There is a class of gamers for whom this stuff won't matter. They'll only want games requiring extreme processing power and elaborate rules. Let them complain. You won't be able to hear them when you're squealing through the next round of Mario Chase.