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Business Insider: Wii U Is The Most Fun I've Had With A Game Console, Ever

Posted by Damien McFerran

Glowing praise from an unlikely source

As the Nintendo-loving world waits with bated breath for the Wii U to launch and various skeptics pour scorn over its chances, it would appear that the new format has unequivocal support from one sector of the market, at least.

Business Insider's Dylan Love got some hands-on time with the new console at a recent press event, and came away very impressed - which bodes well for the Wii U's popularity with the all-important 'men in suits' portion of the consumer base, at least (not that we're insinuating that Dylan wears a suit - in fact, judging from his profile picture, he appears to be quite a laid-back sort of dude).

Here's what he had to say, presumably while not wearing a suit:

I've had relatively limited experience with console video games, so keep that in mind when I tell you the following: the Wii U is the most fun I've ever had playing games on a console hooked up to my TV.

I'm emphasizing fun. Not necessarily the best graphics (which are nevertheless great) or most in-depth storylines. Just loads and loads of unadulterated diversion.

There is a class of gamers for whom this stuff won't matter. They'll only want games requiring extreme processing power and elaborate rules. Let them complain. You won't be able to hear them when you're squealing through the next round of Mario Chase.


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Nintenjoe64 said:

As long as the imagination of every child working at the foxconn plant goes into each console, the Wii U will be fun!

I still can't see me liking Mario Chase, Luigi's Ghost thingy or the Animal Crossing thing. Not a great start for someone who has only ordered (can only afford) Nintendoland.



SuperMinusWorld said:

To be honest, I thought Nintendo Land's graphics were really amazing, the lighting was superb, and the aesthetic appropriately cartoony.



goldgin said:

your sister site, pushsquare, could easily post the same story, emphasizing the sentence "not the best graphics" instead. No pun intended



rjejr said:

Finally, somebody NOT from Ubisoft who has something good to say about the console. Though in 2012 where did they find somebody with not a lot of video game experience? And does his liking the WiiU equate to a teenage virgin boy saying he likes sex?

Mario Chase does look like a lot of fun. Nintendo = fun is a given.



aaronsullivan said:

Limited experience with console games means he has probably played PC games and/or mobile/tablet games, I'd wager. (Maybe board games?)

Anyway, this is certainly my hope for Nintendo Land. Personally I'll have no trouble getting groups together to play (4 Nintendo lovers in the house everyday) but I feel bad for any Nintendo fan who hasn't been able to play in groups much as you're missing out on a huge part of what makes Nintendo awesome. Im not just talking Wii Sports either. Mario Kart, the early Mario Parties, Goldeneye, Mario Tennis all started Nintendo in this direction and it's the biggest wide audience strength it has, by far.

Of course, Mario, Zelda, Metroid are unique and amazing enough for the single player fans, right?



HawkeyeWii said:

@XCWarrior Mega "Like" I totally agree! I really wouldn't have cared if the graphics wouldn't have had a huge improvement, as long as there was a lot of original and very fun games.... which there always are coming from Nintendo!



LittleIrves said:

What's interesting/funny is that if you read the actual article, the first game he mentions isn't NintendoLand at all, but Ninja Gaiden 3, talking about how it's simple and fun to cut people's limbs off.



MarioMario said:

Gah, this just rubs it in even more! I can't find a pre-order let alone afford the thing just yet



GOM1 said:

I hope it will be the most fun I've ever had with a games console.



Varia01 said:

Now there is credit for Wii U. Why do people still trump those stupid Xbox 360s and PS3s over the Wii U, it doesn't make any sense! And i agree with The_Other_M Nintendo has never failed me either with Mario, Zelda, and of course (my favorite) Metroid. Bring on the awesomeness Nintendo.



Zombie_Barioth said:

I kinda feel sorry for those who can't get past a game's visuals enough to enjoy it.

Unless you absolutely hate all things Nintendo everyone should be able to fine something they enjoy.



TurboPikachu said:


Despite the Xbox's graphical edge over its 3 competitors, the GameCube was still the most fun, and it's had more games I enjoy than the Xbox/PS2/DC did. The GameCube is still currently my favorite gaming system ever made.
Unfortunately, I can't say the same about the Wii though... It was kind of fun, but aside from Galaxy/2 (best games ever), the Wii just wasn't as fun as the GC. (I could say the same about the PS3's library compared to the PS2's)

I know graphics don't mean much, but it gets to a point where it can end up becoming a limitation as to how far someone can go with their art style, or for that matter, their interest in even developing for a system that isn't capable of displaying what they intended. It's not like graphical improvement was ever a bad thing. (It's only bad for developers who focus on graphics instead of gameplay cough*Sega*cough*Sonic2006*cough)
Even without HD, the Wii was (though I'm a dedicated Nintendo fan, have to admit) a horribly underpowered system even for its time. Before you count CoD and the super-graphics-heavy games, the Wii still suffered greatly graphics-wise anyways, from multi-plats like Sonic Unleashed, to exclusives like The Conduit. It did not even need half the power of it's competitors, but I at least expected the Wii to be more than twice as powerful as the GC, just to make it necessary for GC owners to go next-gen. It's only as powerful as the GC's competitor, the Xbox-1. Unlike any of the previous-gen systems (DC/PS2/GC/Xbox), which all had libraries full of games with percise controls, solid gameplay, pretty visuals, and good plots, the majority of the Wii's library (Most 3rd-party at least) had sloppy gameplay mechanics focused on glitchy motion controls and lazy visual efforts which don't even live up to GC standards...
Also, I'm having more fun on Pokemon White 2 than I've ever had on Black Ops(wii), but my same complaints go to the DS. Too many games had wayyy too much focus on the touch screen mechanics (which ruined certain games), and the system should have been much more of a graphical improvement over the GBA than it was.
The Wii and DS/lite/i/iXL are systems I want to forget, to be honest... They were both highly innovative, and I admire Nintendo for the concepts, but 3rd-parties ruined the DS/Wii's reputation, as well as my appreciation for the two.
Nintendo was asking for trouble by making the Wii and DS with such dated hardware, because most 3rd-parties got lazy developing games for them, simply squeezing out uninspired, lackluster titles with glitchy gameplay and muddy visuals for them. The 1st party games for Wii/DS were spectacular, but comparing the number of 1st-party titles vs 3rd-party shovelware, it's like a King sitting atop a mountain of garbage...

The 7th-gen of gaming hasn't been much fun for me at all, but things are looking so much better as we're slowly making our way into the 8th generation of video games~
With the 3DS, I've seen much less shovelware and 3rd-parties are coming up with much more worthwhile software, and that's made me very optimistic about the Wii U. Nintendo's future with these two new systems seems very bright.
With the Wii U, 1st-party and 3rd-party developers alike should not let the GamePad's screen get to their head. They need to make sure the games themselves have great gameplay, pretty visuals, and (for certain genres) a deep story before ever implementing touchscreen/motion control use. I mean, not everyone puts every feature of a swiss army knife to use at a time.

I think Nintendo hopping aboard the HD generation is a good thing, and with such a well featured controller, the possibilites are endless. The Wii U will definitely be actual competition for the PS4/720 in terms of power and features, and for sure, it will utterly dominate them in terms of system sales.

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