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ZombiU Wii U Premium Bundle Costs £349.99, Doesn't Include Nintendo Land

Posted by Damien McFerran

Despite what UK retailer GAME is saying

As reported yesterday, European gamers will be getting an exclusive ZombiU Wii U Premium bundle pack. Today, UK retailer GAME published a page which lists the retail price as £349.99. In American money, that's about $560, in case you were wondering.

However, while the price is clear for all to see, confusion reigns over what's actually included in the bundle itself.

GAME insists that both ZombiU AND Nintendo Land are on offer, but ONM says that's not true - only Ubisoft's title will make the cut.

To add credence to the story, Nintendo of Europe tweeted today:

The ZombiU Pack is like the Wii U Premium Pack but instead of Nintendo Land it includes the ZombiU game and a black Wii U Pro Controller.

GAME's page for the bundle currently looks something like this:


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If Nintendo Land was included I was getting the ZombiU edition but now I need to re-think. I already have a pre-order but need to decide which package to get.



Dazza said:

I trust GAME will be honouring that preorder! I would recommend taking a screengrab of the product page as it stands today just in case if you have preordered this bundle from them



FlaccidSnake said:

I was going to get that one but will stick with the premium now. Get zombi u separately and save a few pounds. The pro controller can wait as its not needed for this game.



Linkstrikesback said:

The zombii U bundle is £300 on right now.
They also have the Premium and basic bundles for cheaper than anywhere else, and if you're a first time customer, heres a further 5% off code!


Hopefully this saves people some money.



Punky said:

@MariosLoveChild I think we need the pro controller for the survivors Vs zombies mode?
Or maybe that mode been dropped...have not heard alot about it. But it would be strange to give a controller with a bundle when you dont need it.



SuperKMx said:

@Linkstrikesback The only problem with that, is that Zavvi are notorious for totally fouling up preorders of both games and consoles. Last time I preordered a game from them, I got it three weeks after release. If it had happened once, I wouldn't mind - but it hasn't.



Boo_Buster said:

This ZombiU edition would be a cool pack-in for America with the Pro Controller, but what can a little guy like me do? Acquire more power!!!! xD Having said that, I am truly happy for my European friends. Japan gets a sweet deal with that Monster Hunter edition, as well. I do not know whether to pre-order this ZombiU game or wait until some reviews come out. What a tough decision trying to find out what games to get at launch. This is like my "Decision 2012"



Raiko said:

GAME are currently offering one of the most expensive deals in the country. How they still remain in business, I don't know. It can't be long before they collapse again.



rjejr said:

I said yesterday this should come out in the US for $399 w/ the black deluxe WiiU but w/o Nintendo Land as it would be marketed at a different audience. i.e. the PS3 Xbox360 audience. The ones who - play FPS, care about storage size, pay for services, and would prefer black. I think it's a mistake if they don't release it stateside.



HaNks said:

i would rather get than nintendoland over zombi-u tbh, even though i'm not crazy about nintendoland.



Samholy said:

wait. WiiU PRO controller ?
does that mean that the regular North American premium pack doesnt include one ? (only a tablet if i read it right)
this suxass. i dont know how much they will sell that wiiu pro thing separately, but that means the wiiU will cost more at launch for those who need a second controller, which is mostly everyone :-/



Sir_Deadly said:

@rjejr I would even be fine if they released this bundle over here w/out the pro-controller seeing ill probably be using the Wii U pad most of the time!!!




I've just been down to Game to upgrade my pre-order to the ZombiU pack(they have been taking pre-orders for ages, telling customers to come back when the bundles are announced to make their choice) and the manager there told me that Nintendo Land IS included, and they were told that specifically from the Nintendo Rep. I still believe that it won't be included though, so I pre-ordered Nintendo Land aswell.



JuanitoShet said:

Niiiice. I like how the bundles are turning out! If I got my hands on a Wii U, I'd go with the Premium Bundle for sure!



Trikeboy said:

from Twitter:
Nintendo UK ‏@NintendoUK
The ZombiU Pack is like the #WiiU Premium Pack but instead of Nintendo Land it includes the #ZombiU game and a black Wii U Pro Controller.



Trikeboy said:

Out of ZombiU and Nintendo Land, I think Nintendo Land has the most potential to get a price cut before ZombiU.



Moshugan said:

@SepticLemon I gathered that it will be the exact same set as the Deluxe/Premium, but instead of Ninty Land there's ZombiU. But the higher price I can't fathom.



TromaDogg said:

@Trikeboy Just going by past history, first party Nintendo titles hold their value for much longer than third party titles. I've stated elsewhere that the pricing seems to be in a mess at the moment. I've preordered a Premium Wii U console set (with Nintendo Land), and Zombi-U and a black Wii U Pro Controller separately from comes to £3 less than buying the Zombi-U bundle and Nintendo Land separately :/



Henmii said:

"The higher price is because it comes with a Pro controller too"

Let's see: You have Wii u Premium. That's 340 Euro. Then a 60 Euro game. Makes 400 Euro. Then the controller Pro costs 160 Euro?! Nope, the bundle is overpriced!!



3dbrains said:

£299.99 premium set (usa= delux set)
£49.99 for lack of nintendoland
£49.99 for zombiu

so a pro controller should be £50 but I see they only cost £34.95
= £15 extra for the zombiU bundle than it is actually worth.

If you see ZombiU premium/delux bundle for less than £330 you are getting a real "value bundle pack"
If you spend more than £330 then you have been ripped off.

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