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Bravely Default: Flying Fairy Japanese Box Art Revealed

Posted by Katy Ellis

Title meaning also uncovered...

The time is nigh for Japanese RPG fans, Bravely Default: Flying Fairy will be fluttering over to the 3DS console on 11th October. Square Enix has now revealed the official and finalised Japanese box art for the game, and incidentally uncovered a reasonably high age rating for an RPG on the 3DS - CERO C (15+).

Since the title's initial announcement, Square Enix has released a number of 3DS eShop demos for consumers to try out, as well as slowly drip-feeding information about the characters and storyline. We have since learnt that the 'Bravely Default' part of the title comes from the game's battle system, which surrounds two parameters; 'Brave' and 'Default'. The 'Flying Fairy' part we can assume is something to do with the young lady on the front of the box art.

If you are in Japan, there is still time for you to pre-order and grab the Collectors Pack through Square Enix's official store.


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zezhyrule said:

But when we get it, the cover art will be full of heroes and swords and battling and messiness. Edit: Wait, this box art was in the collector's edition article linked above. So how is this new news?



Ren said:

good thing they don't do mario games or they'd be called
Jumpy Run: Freaking Plumber



Tsuchinoko said:

@zezhyrule Well, I know what you mean, but apparently the picture was part of the collector's edition, and not a confirmed box art until just this week. Katy's actually right on this one, even just updated their Bravely Default page with the cover art yesterday (Japan time). Funny thing is, Nintendo's site still doesn't have the image up yet, at least not on their demo page.



RevolverLink said:

@Ren - I'd say that's still a more sensical (I'm positive I just made up that word, but it feels like it should be a real one, you know? I mean, "nonsensical" is a word, so you'd think removing the "non" prefix would leave a perfectly functional member of the English vocabulary, but I guess that's not the case. Oh, uh, sorry everybody. Very random tangent.) title than Bravely Default: Flying Fairy. At least you'd still know that you're playing as a plumber that runs and jumps with that name.

Anyway, goofy SE name or not, I still really want to play this game. And while I feel like I've seen better pieces of art for this game, I do kinda like this simple box art too.



Tsuchinoko said:

@Katy I dunno, the C rating isn't so unusual. Time Traveler's also got a C rating, as did Monster Hunter 3G.

@RevolverLink I think the box art is beautiful, just like with The Last Story.



Smitherenez said:

I want this so badly, just because of the beautiful art style. I myself don't really like JRPG's, but this one might convince me to like them



Superconsole said:

@zezhyrule The image pictured in the Collectors Edition wasn't finalised, and if you look closely it doesn't feature the age rating, nintendo network logo etc. Today was the day SE finally showed off the completed version



zezhyrule said:

Ah thanks, I see now.

I just hope we get the sexy simple art and black case if it gets localized.



Tsuchinoko said:

Hmm, I just saw the Nintendo Network logo on the case. I haven't heard anything about DLC yet for this game.



Tsuchinoko said:

@Gamesake While I agree with the stubby characters bit, I still don't see the correlation to Metroid.

Anyway, Fire Emblem suffers from the stubby characters thing as well (at least, it does in the action sequences, other than that the animation in the cutscenes and overlay animation is beautiful).



19Robb92 said:

Beautiful box for a beautiful game. I hope this turns out to be somewhat good.



alLabouTandroiD said:

Well yeah, that's just me nitpicking now, but ... it could use a few subtle details in the background.
Anyhow, this is a very beautiful boxart that makes the game even more attractive. If i didn't know anything about the game before this sure'd get me interested.



Nanoline said:

At first from the thumbnail I thought she had harpy legs/feet, before I enlargened it and saw the stockings.

Still, she's pretty cute. Not that we'll probably see her on the western box art; if it ever gets localized, you can bet we'll get something entirely different and wholly generic.



FonistofCruxis said:

@Zezhyrule96 I doubt it will have the black case. In Japan, all 3DS games with an age rating of C or above have a black case. They started doing that for Wii games too about halfway through its life.



GreenDream said:

Yep, that is indeed the iconic art style of Akihiko Yoshida, the character designer of such famous titles as Final Fantasy Tactics and Ogre Battle. For some ungodly reason, he's one of those people who think noses are the bane of all humankind...

Also, if you apply the legal definition for "default" in this case...then yes, one would need to be VERY brave (or just foolish?) to "Bravely Default" on the law.

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