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New Club Nintendo of Japan Rewards

Posted by Katy Ellis

Featuring the Mario gang and Kirby

Today Nintendo of Japan has added two more goodies to its already bountiful collection of merchandise on the Club Nintendo website. For a mere 200 points you can bag yourself a rather snazzy-looking 40x40mm Kirby 20th Anniversary Special Collection medallion, to celebrate Kirby's recent escapade at the top of the Japanese charts. Kirby's 20th Anniversary medal is sure to become a future Nintendo collectable, so make sure you keep it somewhere safe!

If you're planning on splashing out, you can order a Mushroom Kingdom family figurine set for 900 star points. This set stands at 11.5x10cm and features all the usual suspects; Peach, Mario, Luigi, Bowser, Yoshi, Toad and even a Goomba. Undoubtedly, these items will run out of stock in a few months time so either order while you can, or be prepared to pay out on eBay in a few years time. If you are in the EU you can already grab the Super Mario set from the European Club Nintendo for 7000 star points — pricey!

If neither of the those rewards tickle your fancy, then you can always grab a copy of the Fire Emblem: Awakening soundtrack, which is available on Club Nintendo of Japan for 400 points, or 250 if you have already registered the 3DS game. The CD includes 20 tracks from the game itself, equating to 64 minutes of epic VGM heaven.


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Drewciffer said:

Want all of that if it ever makes it to the USA! Would kill for that statue and ANYTHING Fire Emblem related is a must buy !



WarioFan63 said:

@NintendoMaster We got that Mario Figurine as a Status Prize a few years ago and we will likely get the Kirby prize closer to when they release the anniversary collection here.




Ehh, I can do without the Mushroom Kingdom Figurine Set seeing as how I got it as a Club Nintendo REWARD for getting Elite stats. back in 2010. But the Kirby's 20TH Anniversary Special Collection medallion is something I would go for in a heartbeat. Although with the figurine set, I'm sure that ppl who didn't get the chance to get it if they didn't make Elite stats before back in 2010, should try and aim for it. A MUST HAVE! for any Mario collector imo.



x10power said:

Kirby medallion sounds great for me to pick up if it is ever added to the NA Club Nintendo. I could also use those Super Nintendo Controllers for when I play games off the Virtual Console.





I wouldn't go as far to be down about Japan getting the special treatment like usual. But you forget, at one point this year, NOA offered the Nintendo 3DS 18 Game Card Case, plus BOTH the Nintendo 3DS Mario pouch AND the Luigi Pouch. Even if they were there for a limited time.



Bintoken said:

I would drool for the mario statue. It would look awesome on my Nintendo shelve! There is nothing but crap for prizes right now I already got the kick Mario t-shirt as well as the 18 game card case! Come on Nintendo add some decent prizes on Club Nintendo! It is so sad to see Metroid is becoming forgotten bye NIntendo sad face!



FiveDigitLP said:

Really, between US and Europe, I think it's pretty even on our goods. Europe has some better stuff, US has some other stuff that Europe is missing out on.

I just wish we could get soundtracks in the US! Really, why does Nintendo think that we don't care to have the soundtracks for our favorite games??!! They are so hard to acquire! I was only able to get the Mario Galaxy soundtrack recently by buying it off of ebay from someone who got it with their Wii bundle.



NintyMan said:

I wish I could get the Kid Icarus Uprising soundtrack they got not too long ago.

If anything, NA's Club Nintendo should offer soundtracks. Sure, I can listen to music on Youtube, but I like to listen to video game music while driving my car. At least I have the Super Mario Galaxy 2 sountrack and the Donkey Kong Country Returns one because of EBay and a kind relative.



Contrary said:

^^^ Yeah, that Mario Figurine has a slightly different base that is more decorative. The box itself is awesome though. I use it to hold all my DS/3DS games and it serves as an excellent stand for my alarm clock!



Hokori said:

I could customize the statue to look like that probably, since I have the important parts



Yosher said:

@pikmaniac No, 7000 points. Europe gets more star points than the US gets coins for each registration (usually 200 or 250 for each game, 500 or in some cases 1000 points for a system). But due to that, coins by themselves are worth more than stars, as if you couldn't tell already! I think something that would cost 200 or 250 coins for you, would be roughly 1000 points for us.



Firejonie said:

We got that Mario statue two years ago. Though this version is better as it has a nice looking dome surrounding it along with some yellow text on the bottom that reads " Super Mario". I wish this was the version everyone else got.



Emaan said:

Wish we had these available in North America. I would get them all!



Savino said:

Come on nintendo!!! Wheres the Brazilian Nintendo Club!!!
Its a pain in the nuts asking my friends that live in US to send me the stuffs!!!



RR529 said:

I'd love to get that Kirby Medallion, or the Mario Figurine in the U.S.

I already got some of the better prizes (like the 3DS game card case 18, the Mario fan, and Blooper fan), but there's more I want to get (T-Shirt and Hanafuda cards).



Starzsixty9 said:

The statue kinda irritates me... it was a platinum award I got I think 3 years ago... kinda sucks anybody can get it now :/ you'd think they'd at least come out with a new edition one to make the old platinum awards a bit more special



SilverBaretta said:

Oooh, some cool stuff here. I would personally grab the Kirby medallion and Fire Emblem soundtrack if any of these made it westward.



Ichiban said:

I want that statue! Damn Nintendo, how dare they give their homeland all these goodies! Lol



RedYoshi999 said:

Ooh that statue is awesome. I've always been jealous of Europe for that. One day it might show up in Australia. We have gotten some awesome limited edition stuff like the SNES classic controller in the past and more recently the only western country to get the gold nunchuk was us! You just have to be ready and waiting with loads of stars. So happy I waited for the gold nunchuk because it paid off. Now it's disappeared forever from Club Nintendo and will no doubt be worth quite a lot in years to come. Not that I would ever dream of selling it. At the moment I'm working my way back up to lots of stars, the 3DS XL and NSMB2 will definitely help me boost that!



Nintenzo said:

I sold my Platinum Award Statue on eBay for $60 and got a Game Boy Micro. So maye they are worth something?



Miroku said:

I have about 50 unused club nintendo codes which I got from gamestop. Nothing good to get...

@Nintenzo The micro sucks. You would have been better off with an SP.



theblackdragon said:

@Nintenzo: nice choice! I love my Micro, it's the absolute perfect size for a pocket and the battery life is good times IMO. plus the screen is wonderfully bright :3

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