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Mole Mania Burrows onto US eShop Tomorrow

Posted by Mike Mason

Can you dig it?

North America's 8-Bit Summer promotion continues to heat up 3DS' Virtual Console — tomorrow you'll be able to dig into Game Boy puzzler Mole Mania.

Mole Mania originally came out in North America in 1997. Shigeru Miyamoto was producer on the puzzle game, in which you push, pull and throw a black ball around to help Muddy Mole work his way back to his stolen family. As you might expect, a fair amount of tunneling is also involved. We'll have a review of Mole Mania for you as soon as possible.

1994 Game Boy classic Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3 will be stealing onto the eShop as part of the promotion tomorrow too. You can read our Wario Land review here.

Are you thinking about picking either of these Virtual Console classics up?

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CrazyOtto said:

It's a coincidence because that I was just thinking of when this game was going to come.



Whopper744 said:

hmm...Already have had plans to get Wario Land...didn't realize they were going to bring this Mole game to here finally though.
When I found out that Miyamoto made that Mole Mania when they released it in which ever country earlier this year, I was interested...but aggravated that they didn't get it to the US at the time. I wouldn't have noticed it if Miyamoto hadn't produced it though to be honest...



Nintenbro said:

@Happy_Mask, I was just about to reply in about the same manner. Europeans have no reason at all to feel jealous about what NA receives on the 3DS VC. On the other hand, North Americans have no reason to feel jealous about what 3DSWare EU receives.

I'm definitely downloading SML3: WL tomorrow, but I'll need to do some research on Mole Mania first.



GameCube said:

Someone on NeoGAF said this game never came out in Europe (even though Wikipedia and GameFAQs say otherwise), and therefore may never come to the PAL Virtual Console either... Anyone know if this is true? Would be a real shame.



ejamer said:

Both great games

I played Mole Mania last year and was surprised at what a gem it turned out to be. Solid puzzles, lots of charm, and plenty of content to enjoy. Glad to see it get some Virtual Console exposure!



Capt_N said:

Sad to say, that Super Gameboy game Pak logo is irrelevant to the 3DS VC of this game...sigh... Nintendo really needs to get on the ball of emulating the SGB. Semi-rhetorical: Am I the only one who thinks, & wants that every feature the SGB could do, could be done in some fashion/manner on the 3DS, in regards to it's own VC of GB/SGB games?

Oh well, I was always a little interested in Mole Mania, when it was physically available years ago. now, I might get it. Of course, I'd have a harder time saying "no" to Nintendo, if they would add SGB support.

Now, I don't know if I should get SML3:WL, & Mole Mania, or one of the 2, & Petit Computer. I think long on my purchases. I've got a lotta research to do. lol

Edit: Scratch part of that; I already read the Petit Computer review here.



Tasuki said:

I will most definitely be picking up Warioland tomorrow been waiting for that game every since we got SML2 on the 3DSVC.



Birdman said:

Totes glad I decided to wait on some eShop purchases before tomorrow's update. Will definitely be getting this along with SML3.



accc said:

This makes at least 3 games I'm going to be downloading tomorrow, along with Wario Land and 3D Dot Runner. Excellent update!



Stuffgamer1 said:

Best. 3DS VC. Update. EVER!

@GameCube: There's already been precedent for "imports" on 3DS VC...see Kid Icarus: Of Myth and Monsters releasing on Japanese VC. Difference is they don't make as big a deal of it or overcharge like they did on Wii.



NintyMan said:

Awesome, both Wario Land and Mole Mania are coming out tomorrow! That means I'll be downloading not one, but two games tomorrow. This is a good surprise for us Nintendo fans in the USA that need some love and attention.




I've heard some pretty DAM good things said about Mole Mania before. Besides downloading Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3 tomorrow, this makes Mole Mania, the more interesting for me to try out. Talk about surprises. For once, NOA did something right by bringing out a Miyamoto game as an unexpected surprise that not many gamers have played.



Retro_on_theGo said:

Awesome!! What a great surprise! Well looks like I NEED an eShop card at this point, and it's all going towards the VC.



Radixxs said:

I need an eShop card too. I didn't know there'd be so many GB games I'd want.



RevolverLink said:

Whoa, I wasn't expecting Mole Mania to come too. Maybe I'll get that along with Wario Land tomorrow.



bboy2970 said:

Was already getting Wario Land for sure but this is a great surprise! You had me at "Miyamoto." Tomorrow is gonna be a very retro day for me!



KaiserGX said:




bboy2970 said:

Just tried out Mole Mania via...certain means just to make sure it wasn't (as unlikely as it may have been) a hunk of crap. I'm happy to report that its great and my decision to purchase tomorrow has now been solidified!



Megumi said:

Ugh, for a minute there I thought it said Wario Land III. :c
That one was my favorite.



Knuckles said:

What was the article months ago where this game was brought up to the light?

Also maybe on mole mania, I would want a few reviews first.
Then Wario Land later. Reason why? Double 5 Dollar Sonic Action, and the rest of my eShop credit for Unchained Blades, and Cave Story + 3D



n2k said:

Well, this is quite sudden. I'll look in to this game as I've only heard good things about Mole Mania.



DarkEdi said:

Why the 8-bit summer only applies in eshop? I want more NES, Mastery System and Commodore games in VC (they´re 8bit games too)



paburrows said:

I was already planning on downloading Wario and the (on sale) Super Mario Bros. I'll have to looking into Mole also. So tomorrow is the last of the announced VC games that were given a release date, since Sonic hasn't been released this month does that mean that we will get another release schedule of new games for August also? I really hope so, maybe some Advance games like Minish cap along with more NES ones like Zelda 2, etc?



Barbiegurl777 said:

Sweet! Another game to put on the wishlist til next week.

Look's really cute! Can't wait to download it.

I love the virtual console service on the e-shop on the 3ds every old school game they've released so far lucky for me I've never played before which is really wild cause I have quite a collection of GB, & GBC games not sure how I missed thesed games year's ago lucky i download them now.

Happy Gaming! (^_^)





I heard before it's pretty fun. It's kind of like a puzzle game where you have to figure out how you're gonna get from one area to the next. Almost like you're in a maze. With the way how things are going on like this, I wouldn't be surprised if we were to get Mega Man II for the 3DS VC next. Seeing as how that's one of the next games I'm waiting on next to Wario Land II and Kirby's Dream Land 2. I just hope this train of CLASSIC goodies don't stop after 8-Bit Summer is done.

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