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This morning GameStop.co.uk has entered into the price-war by undercutting its rivals, below.

GameStop.co.uk — £169.97

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After Friday's announcement of 3DS XL, European gamers faced the standard wait to see how the device would be priced by major retailers. The recommended price in the U.S. — presumably excluding sales tax in some states — was announced as $199 (around £128) while the Japanese price is set to be ¥18,900 (just over £150).

Despite these estimated prices, buyers in the UK are familiar with a trend — for a variety of reasons such as tax rates — of prices being above currency exchange rates. Initial prices on Friday evening and Saturday were varied as retailers speculated on the cost of the system, yet today it seems that major players have agreed on a price. The following four online retailers have set the same price in the UK, at the time of writing.

Amazon.co.uk — £179.99
GAME.co.uk — £179.99
Play.com — £179.99
Zavvi.com — £179.99

It's entirely possible that high-street stores for GAME as well as rivals such as HMV may charge a higher cost in store, and these online prices may change. If this price holds, however, what do you UK gamers think?