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Major Retailers List 3DS XL at £179.99

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Updated prices - GameStop undercuts rivals

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This morning has entered into the price-war by undercutting its rivals, below. — £169.97

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After Friday's announcement of 3DS XL, European gamers faced the standard wait to see how the device would be priced by major retailers. The recommended price in the U.S. — presumably excluding sales tax in some states — was announced as $199 (around £128) while the Japanese price is set to be ¥18,900 (just over £150).

Despite these estimated prices, buyers in the UK are familiar with a trend — for a variety of reasons such as tax rates — of prices being above currency exchange rates. Initial prices on Friday evening and Saturday were varied as retailers speculated on the cost of the system, yet today it seems that major players have agreed on a price. The following four online retailers have set the same price in the UK, at the time of writing. — £179.99 — £179.99 — £179.99 — £179.99

It's entirely possible that high-street stores for GAME as well as rivals such as HMV may charge a higher cost in store, and these online prices may change. If this price holds, however, what do you UK gamers think?

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Phle said:

I'm thinking of getting one if the games will look as good as they do on the regular 3DS, but my wallet certainly won't be happy if I do... If only I could get it in purple or pink then it would be an easy choice.



Geonjaha said:'ll pass on that one thanks..
Thats only slightly less than I payed for my 3DS on day 1.



BudrSbastig said:

Hopefully gamestation will do a trade in in 3ds small and get a 3ds xl for £90......



tovare said:

This 3DS XL thing is a hard choice since system transfer doesn't allow for splitting up the eShop games. The original 3DS is a lot more portable, but then again the larger screen would be nice for home use and some trips. decisions, decisions.



komicturtle said:

I think the price will come down as the release nears. I remember loads of retailers competing and knocking down prices when 3DS released.. Some threw in bonuses too.



GameCube said:

That's $280... So the 3DS XL is a whopping $80 more expensive in the UK than in the US.

And the UK one doesn't even come with a charger like the US one.



paul6891 said:

I think ill wait until the the supermarkets try and out do each other and everyone else!



Phle said:

@PeterW77 what is with the release date for the charger!? They will launch it a month later than the console?



Tony3DS said:

@GameCube…yeah we get cheap video games but America’s screwed up, if you have a college degree you’re still lucky to make $10/hour and your employer still takes $300/month of that away for health insurance

I almost wish it would cost more, really. The screens are going to be big & beautiful I think, but it seems Nintendo went all cheap to keep the cost down. For example the original 3DS has that light-up green “3D”, the back has the silver and flat screws by the game card slot, and the glitter metallic paint with glossy finish makes me feel special. I will always fondly think of the original one as the “compact premium”

@tovare…totally agree it’s a hard decision



LAA said:

Hope you all realise you're being totally ripped off whoever buys it at this price. Its selling for $199 in USA and thats WITH a charger. We SHOULD be getting it for around £130.
If trade in price for old 3DS is like £20 I'll do it, but I doubt it, so UK ripping us off as usual.



C-Olimar said:

This is WAY more than anyone could have expected. I expected it to be around £160, already quite a bit higher than the US, but fair considering the video game market in the UK.

Interestingly, both of the regions which omitted the charger, 'to make it more affordable,' are charging more than the region that kept the charger.



Burny said:

@Yasume Where do you live? Amazon Germany asks 200€ for the 3DS XL . That's before you've bought a charging adapter of course. :-/ Other manufacturers are too happy to throw those after you though, so there's no need to pay what Nintendo asks for them.



OctoG123 said:

Now that this (will be) released, will the price of the original 3DS drop because I prefer the original.



Megumi said:

Really wished they did some special discount for 3DS owners or something...still doubt I'd get it anyways...but yeah. lol



hYdeks said:

ohh...I can see that "no ac adapter" thing being a big problem for people wanting this system. Happy there smart about North America but I don't know, I think the europe and japan ones should come with a plug too For some, this is there first 3DS



Will_Ireland said:

You know, there is another currency in Europe besides the British Pound, its called the Euro? Would it hurt to include that small piece of information in your article as well?

£179.99 = €223.41



Moshugan said:

@Will_Ireland Eheh, you mean €242.99? (at least from

I'm kinda enticed to get this, because I sometimes find the original a little bit uncomfortable to hold due to it being so small.
For those worried about the games looking awful on a bigger screen, compared to the original PSP which had 480×272 resolution and 4.3 inch screen - and it didn't look awful at all - the 3DS has 400x240 res (per eye) and 4.88 inches.



Will_Ireland said:

@Moshugan No, thats just the figure converted at I didnt search for what it's retailing at. My point was, the article should include that figure. Why is the retail price never displayed in Euros here on Nintendo life? We buy games too dammit! >



SepticLemon said:

Wait, what? No charger with it!? I mean come on! What if the 3DS-XL is someone's first DS? I guess it's a better chance for retailers to sell you the charger to go with it rather than bundling it in the box. Multi-selling... Come on Nintendo, I know you like to think that everyone has a DS now, but that's like saying there's 6 billion DSi/3DS units out there... Hmm... Don't know what to say to be honest. I wasn't planning on getting one anyway, but this really puts me off.



BenAV said:

Wow, it's more expensive there than it is in Australia.
That's about $280 AUD and it's going to be like $250 AUD here (same price as the normal 3DS).
It's ugly anyway though, just stick with the way superior original model.



Marioman64 said:

this is gonna be super beautiful to look at in 3d. i was thinking about how the screen felt too small for its depth level (well with photos i like to make stuff pop out like 5 inches but still). gonna try to get it day 1, especially since I found the neat transfer 3DS to new 3DS transfer thingy in the options menu. wierd how you can only hop to I think its 6 3DS's before you're stuck but oh well



GamerZack87 said:

I may as well save $250 to get one of these. I'll probably still keep my old 3DS since it was a gift, and for multiplayer as well. If I had to choose a colour it'd be between blue and silver, but since I'd like each of my Nintendo products to be a different colour I'll likely pick silver.



antdickens said:

Watch the UK prices tumble just before launch, they'll be offers and discounts I'm sure.



Yasume said:

@Burny Holland. €200,- is still a lot. As much as I love my DSi XL, I just can't afford another 3DS ATM. I will probably pick one up eventually though.



Kirk said:

For me it would be £186.98 when I factor in how much the charger costs. That's way too much.

Also, I really want to see what this thing looks like from the front and side when closed. I have a feeling there's a reason Nintendo isn't showing any pictures of the 3DS XL like this. They showed us the DS Lite from all angles because they knew it was a thing of beauty. They're not showing us the 3DS XL closed from the front or side however because they know it's ugly and they know people like me will make a point of it. If they're going to cheap out on their new 3DS XL and then try to convince us it's the best thing since sliced bread, it's very least I can do.

It's all subtle marketing manipulation and unfortunately I'm far too aware of it now to just ignore it and enjoy what Nintendo is peddling.



Moshugan said:

@Will_Ireland Yeah, I know, but they just posted the actual prices from UK stores.
Simply showing converted figures would've been misleading, since the euro prices will be higher, as I demonstrated.



Doma said:

The only alternative model i'd buy is one with better ergonomics and much higher battery life. This oversized crap is just silly.

You can see their reasoning for the higher price and no adapter in the description:

"Even with the addition of the bigger screen, Nintendo's aim was to still make the system available at a reasonable purchase price. Because of this, and because so many fans already own a previous handheld, an AC adapter will not be included."

Makes perfect sense, duh. Truth is – they must recognise the potential market for this product is low, so feel the need to squeeze extra from the few crazed people who like to buy every iteration regardless of benefit.




Not the full story. The standard and better aesthetically designed standard 3DS comes with a charging cradle and charger already in the box for 134 or even 124 in some places. Shopto are selling the charging cradle and ac adapror for the XL for 20 pounds. That makes the 3DSXL over 65 quid more expensive for a bigger screen. Barmy economics if u r the average joe financially speaking

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