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Chasing Aurora Announced for Wii U eShop

Posted by James Newton

From the makers of And Yet It Moves

Broken Rules — the team behind WiiWare gem And Yet It Moves — has just confirmed Chasing Aurora is coming to the Wii U eShop in late 2012.

The game aims to recreate the sensation of flight using the Wii U GamePad, with a single player story mode told without dialogue. This puts us in mind of SEGA Saturn classic NiGHTS into Dreams, which has one of our number very excited indeed.

Here's the latest gameplay trailer, with concept art right below.

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Bigdog said:

The way the music evolves reminds me of Art Style: Orbient. And that's a compliment: Orbient was one of my favorite downloads on Wii.

"Lovely" is definitively the right word.



accc said:

Looks nice, but what does the gameplay entail? I hope you're not just flying around in linear sidescrolling levels with nothing to do.



SKTTR said:

And Yet It Moves is probably the most innovative WiiWare platformer. Such a unique game, with a trippy atmosphere and great controls, so yeah, I'm gonna get Chasing Aurora, just to see what they came up with this time.

Are there any other good WiiUWare games announced, apart from RUNNER2, Cloudberry Kingdom, CastleStorm and Toki Tori 2?

I hope the cancelled WiiWare games Machinarium and Super Meat Boy get another chance on WiiU. (And La-Mulana if it doesn't come to WiiWare anymore.)



Obvious78 said:

Beautiful Original Georgeous Fantastic Shiny Awesome Consistant! Dont thank us...WII thank U!



Sir_Deadly said:

I love different ideas and new ideas of games!!!! I also love how the sun looks like a piece of the Tri-force lol!!!



Guhin13 said:

This does look and sound amazing, but I have to agree with accc in that the gameplay had better have a little more excitement than just controlling direction. But aside from that, the absolutely gorgeous art direction is gonna make it hard not to pick up this game.



NImH said:

This looks beautiful. The ambient vibe is reminiscent of AndYetItMoves. I loved that game and look forward to this.
That guitar-driven, evolving, complex soundtrack is so sweet that it almost sells the game on it's own.



rjejr said:

"is coming to the Wii U eShop in late 2012."

How many games need to have a "late 2012" release date before Nintendo announces a console launch date?

Yes, that is a rhetorical question.

And why does Nintendo even need an "eShop" if it is going to have "Nintendo Network"? I thought having both a Wii Shop and a Nintendo Channel on the Wii was an abject failure. I don't like having to view new release game videos on the Nintendo Channel, signing out of that, and then signing into the Wii Shop in order to buy the game if I like it. I thought "Nintendo Network" was going to simplify that process like the PSN.



Odnetnin said:

One of the best reasons I've seen to buy a Wii U so far, apart from Miiverse and Rayman Legends exclusivity. Oh, and Runner2, if that gets confirmed.

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