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Pinball Arcade Coming To 3DS and Wii U

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Kickstarter campaign for The Twilight Zone table underway

While 3DS owners may have had a taste of stereoscopic pinball with Zen Pinball 3D on the eShop, there's always room for more flippin' action on the system. It seems that those prayers will be answered by Pinball Arcade from FarSight Studios, which is said to be 'coming soon' on 3DS and, intriguingly, Wii U: the developer has previously released Pinball Hall of Fame: The Williams Collection on Wii and 3DS in North America. Pinball Arcade has already appeared on almost every other gaming platform imaginable, so it's good to see that Nintendo gamers won't miss out.

Pinball Arcade is typically praised for being one of the most authentic and fun pinball experiences available, so fans will also be pleased to hear that the developer is trying to bring one of the most famous and complex real-world tables to its game as DLC: The Twilight Zone. It's the first attempt to digitise a licensed pinball machine, and due to the high costs for the rights it's launched a campaign to raise money. The company will cover the actual developments costs, but is seeking support to pay the license, which comes to a hefty $55,000. At the time of writing the campaign was already half way there, but you can see all of the details on the Kickstarter funding page.

Farsight Studios certainly goes beyond the norm in its attempts to provide authenticity: the company actually buys the real tables, breaks them down and creates a digital reconstruction. The Twilight Zone, meanwhile, is rated number one by players on the Internet Pinball Database, so it seems that aficionados of the real thing may be interested in the project. If you want to learn more about how the company produces its games, check out the video below.

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Thanks to Sean Aaron for the tip.


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hYdeks said:

a pinball game? No thanks...these things should stay in the past where they belong



Late said:

Not a huge fan of pinball games but I really like these kind of videos where they show us how everything is made and what they needed to make it.



BenAV said:

Sounds interesting.
If it turns out well then I'll certainly consider it, but I won't be pledging any money on Kickstarter for it.
Zen Pinball 3D has me pretty satisfied as far as pinball goes for a while, but if more good games come, I shall buy.



Undead_terror said:

well lots of news for new pinball games on the 3ds(or enough),but i got enough pinball action already,but what Mercury9 said,add a little gyro and it should turn out pretty good



paburrows said:

So what I want to know is when are we getting the Marvel Pinball game by the company that did Zen Pinball that was reported a few months ago?



RR529 said:

I loved Zen Pinball 3D, and I regularly play the Pinball Arcade demo on my bro's 360, and enjoy that, so I'll definately get this (and Marvel Pinball 3D) when they're released!

@Hydeks, yes, just because a concept is old means it's no fun -_-
Poor kid, you must think tetris and breakout style games are boring as well...



Sean_Aaron said:

Normally I'd disregard a developer-run kickstarter campaign, but Farsight is an independent studio dedicated to this project and it's really in response to the fans clamoring for tables based upon licensed properties that they're making this effort so it's worthy of support.

The IP costs are staggering for something this simple; if that is what it takes to have quality digital versions of Twilight Zone or The Addams Family or Star Trek: The Next Generation machines then I'm all for it. Not like you aren't getting anything for your contribution!



Minny said:

Twilight Zone was my favorite pin ball machine when I was young. I would buy this game for the nostalgia aspect.



blackknight77 said:

I'm interested in Pinball arcade for the 3DS, but I'm not into this kickstarter thing, so I'll pass on that.



Mercury9 said:


Totally agree with this Kickstarter thing. I'm not a fan.
To get the rewards, you have to take risks and not rely on consumers to possibly pay for the development let alone effectively pay for the same thing twice...
I'm interested in getting it but please, you pay for making it and I'll pay for the finished product



Freelance said:

TPA is an authentic pinball simulation. Zen Pinball is the total opposite. It's not even close to actual pinball with its video-gamey elements strung in. Whoever says they'll stick with Zen Pinball is missing out on true pinball.

Anyway, that's my two cents. I'm still waiting for TPA on PC and 3DS myself.

P.S. Not saying Zen isn't fun though, but I much prefer to play authentic pinball.



Freelance said:

Hey, you're on my 3DS friends list I think, cheapogamer4life.

Farsight does great stuff. It's not often when a company decides to recreate real pins to the video gaming world. Can't wait for TPA to come out.



shinobi88 said:

Farsight is awesome. Real pinball tables are far superior to the fake ones offered by Zen Studios, IF you were old enough to get the feel of playing them in real life. This Kickstarter campaign is more about helping out Farsight's cause to save old pinball tables from extinction. Worth your $10.



shredmeister said:

Farsight is getting better with the pinball physics, I've noticed. I'm a big fan of pinball, and it'll be nice to see Pinball Arcade making it on the Nintendo market. But, do you really have to tease us with the Twilight Zone? Oh man, I want that to happen, sooo bad. (I'm having doubts) It's been a long time coming if they actually do it.



YorkshireNed said:

I must not have been paying attention properly because I didn't realise "Pinball Arcade" offered tables that actually existed. Now I'll have to buy a copy. Especially if they get "The Twilight Zone", "Star Trek: Next Generation" or the "Indiana Jones" one. Damn those machines must have had a pretty large ammount of money off me



Damagemanual said:

I love the Williams collection but it just sucks on the 3ds. They physicals are all off. I traded it in and picked up Zen Pinball, which is by far the better titlle.



Freelance said:

I never had any issues with WC on the 3DS. Zen 3DS is better than the PS3 version I'll give you that, but I pretty much stopped playing when I got WC 3DS. TPA is going to have improved psychics, graphics and bug fixes though so TPA is still something you should pick up. I have WC on 3DS, PSP and PS3 and they're all awesome to me. TPA should be even more so.



mushroomer said:

I grew up playing Star Trek TNG pinball at a local bowling alley growing up... The best pinball fun ive ever had.. Closest 2nd though is Pinball Pulse Ancient Beckons downloadable from eshop.. I love it when there's missions and final battles that makes you feel like you are experiencing a story.. The borg attacking and use of the gun to shoot the pinball at the borg cube was the best feeling.. and then on the video screen above, controlling the shuttle craft to avoid asteroids.. best best best.. go look it up on youtube



ThisGuy said:

@Damagemanual I've played all these titles in real life and the physics are in fact quite good. Maybe you have played some of these in the real world, but machines play different based on angle of the table and conditions of the machines. The physics might feel off because the tables they use for reference are restored to like new condition with strong Springs and new elastics. Also many of these games are made to play fast, and while I do love zen pinball, most real world pinball machines where designed to be not as forgiving, with shots that if you miss or fail to ccomplete the ramp will cause you to drain. Most of the tables in zen are purposely made to just be fun, and that's great, they are fun, I love then, but the real world machines where made during a time when pinball made more money then movies and where so popular that it was expected for the games to be more difficult then what the casual player could handle, after all, these where arcade machines, they where made to be addictive and hardso you wwould keep feeding them quarters.

Sooo.... This game probably is only for those really interested in the hobby and learning the rules and tricks to these classic games. And while not for everyone, I'm glad they are preserving the history of these grate games.

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