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Tue 13th Aug 2013

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ThisGuy commented on Pinball Arcade Coming To 3DS and Wii U:

@Damagemanual I've played all these titles in real life and the physics are in fact quite good. Maybe you have played some of these in the real world, but machines play different based on angle of the table and conditions of the machines. The physics might feel off because the tables they use for reference are restored to like new condition with strong Springs and new elastics. Also many of these games are made to play fast, and while I do love zen pinball, most real world pinball machines where designed to be not as forgiving, with shots that if you miss or fail to ccomplete the ramp will cause you to drain. Most of the tables in zen are purposely made to just be fun, and that's great, they are fun, I love then, but the real world machines where made during a time when pinball made more money then movies and where so popular that it was expected for the games to be more difficult then what the casual player could handle, after all, these where arcade machines, they where made to be addictive and hardso you wwould keep feeding them quarters.

Sooo.... This game probably is only for those really interested in the hobby and learning the rules and tricks to these classic games. And while not for everyone, I'm glad they are preserving the history of these grate games.