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Aliens: Colonial Marines on Wii U is 'Best-Looking' Version

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Launch date still unconfirmed

Aliens: Colonial Marines is one of the big-name multi-platform titles confirmed for Wii U, and it just became more intriguing. Firstly, Gearbox Software's Randy Pitchford has spoken to Gamespot and talked up the Wii U's capabilities, as well as confirming that it will be the best looking version of the title.

The Wii U is a next-generation system. It hasn't even come out yet and we've had our 360s and PS3s for a while now so it's natural that it's a very powerful system. Now, it's up to Nintendo to talk about their system and they haven't revealed all of their details yet, but so far we're thrilled with it. It's pretty clear to us that the best-looking console version of Aliens: Colonial Marines is going to be on the Wii U.

It does have the added advantage of this new controller, and that gives us some interface options that are just not possible on the other platforms. The most obvious one of course is a motion tracker. So, like, I'm playing the game and maybe I'm in one of those suspenseful sections, and all of a sudden... WAWUM, WAWUM, and I realise the sound is coming from the controller. And I look down and it's a motion tracker in my hand, in the actual controller. And it's motion-sensitive too so I can scan the room by moving the controller. It's pretty cool and that's just one of the many uses of this device.

I'll tell you what's kinda cool too. When I'm playing competitively, sometimes I like to look at the score when I'm playing but I hate having to cover the screen with an overlay. Well guess what? I can look down at the Wii U screen and if I want to keep the score there or whatever and just have a glance I can keep it down there and not have to worry about overlays or anything like that, and that's kinda neat.

It was stressed that the campaign and multiplayer will be the same content on all platforms, but it's encouraging that the controller is being used in interesting ways. Another interesting piece of news is that while the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions will be released on 12th February 2013, the Wii U date is still unconfirmed. One speculative idea doing the rounds is that Wii U will get an exclusive earlier release to tie-in with the system's launch. We can only hope.

To top it all off there's a new trailer below for the launch date on the other systems, and considering the comments from Randy Pitchford we can assume that it will look at least this good on Wii U. There's some strong language and violence, so be warned.

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BenAV said:

Good to hear.
Not sure if I'll buy this or not, but if I do, it's nice to know that I'll be buying the best looking version.



19Robb92 said:

Nice to see that it's not gonna be a direct port of the Ps3/360 version.

I'm not getting this though. Never been a fan of neither FPS games nor the Alien series/movies/games.



BluTyGer said:

There, he said it.
the Wii U is a next-gen system now people have no reason to believe it's under powered.
I probably wont be getting this game though.



Ducutzu said:

Unfortunately it looks like it won't be a launch game for the Wii U (since the message on the SEGA blog says it will launch on 12 February 2013).



Shiryu said:

2013 seems like a nice time for a bug hunt. And the place will be the Wii U.



PatcherStation said:

I'm not a Nintendo hater, but the game will be top stuff no matter the format. The Wii U version will probably look better than the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions, but once the PS4 and Xbox 720 are out, the Wii U will suffer at the hands of publishers which was the case with the Wii. Nintendo need to get the Wii U up to next gen standards to compete.



WaveGhoul said:

The PS4 and 720 will no doubt beat out the Wii U in the specs department, I personally couldn't care less though, considering Nintendo are amazing at getting the most out of their systems let alone being incredible with art direction. But ya, so uh....I may take an actual glance at this game if Wii pointer/nunchuck controls are supported, other wise it's a big fat juicy Proto man(ya love it! ) pass for me!

BTW that's not my idea of a next gen looking Wii U game, The PS3/XBOX could handle that without a problem. I'm more interested in seeing how Nintendo will grace their new systems power, they'll be sure to blow our Pikmin panties off!



James said:

@Ducutzu The press release says the Wii U release date will be announced at a later date. There are rumours it'll have a period of exclusivity on Wii U, but we'll see



nfzeta007 said:

@Agent75 Why so many people think both the PS4 and nextbox will have that much more power, its basically confirmed with Sony that their next console won't and whatever Microsoft does with theirs will be gimped if the rumors of higher connectivity with the kinect are true i don't think there will be enough difference to make the Wii U unnecessary or gimped in any way.



Magi said:

LOVE LOVE LOVE the Alien franchise. Will be buying this for my 360.



rjejr said:

I wasn't impressed w/ the graphics. Just finished playing Sega's Binary Domain on PS3 an di looked better. Though ti's also a 3rd person not a FPS game so that might have had something to do with it.
I'm guessing the lack of WiiU date MIGHT have something to do w/ the lack of an actual WiiU system. Nintendo isn't going to let anyone announce a release date for a game on a system they haven't even announced the launch date for, let alone the official name.
I don't think this game is even really good enough to have in the launch window anyway, I don't think it would sell a lot of consoles, but that might just be me.



SkywardLink98 said:

Who was it that said that the Wii U's graphics couldn't stand up to the PS3/X360? HAH! Gearbox, proving critiques wrong since 1999



Azikira said:

I was going to ask why this post was re-written, but I see its different enough to warrant another post. I will surely pick up this for my WiiU when it comes out :3



NMH-TRI said:

It looks pretty good. I'm sure it will look noticeably better on Wii U. It's going to be worth a rental at least.



Brando67854321 said:

That's nice & all but sega how about that racing game you announced for the 3ds, vita & other consoles, oh wait... It won't come because I t will be too late for the lauch lineup & only be on a portable alongside other consoles like generations. Dammit!!!!



Sgt_Garlic said:

This might be one of the games I get for the Wii U. Nice to know the Wii U is more powerful than the 360/PS3. I didn't think there was a chance in the world Nintendo would shoot themselves in the foot in that department. Now hopefully multiplats will be spread across the Wii U, 720, and PS4.



SomeBitTripFan said:

Okay, I'm a bit sick of the "Wii U won't be as powerful" stuff. It seems as if everyone forgot how powerful the Gamecube and SNES were. Nintendo is not dumb. Yes, they move at their own pace, but I don't understand why people think Nintendo only created the Wii. Heck, the PS2 was weaker than the Gamecube, but people think Sony can only create powerful PS3-ish systems.
I'm just sick of one-time-around-generalization of Nintendo. If they wanted they could blow Sony and M$ out of the water in power (for a hefty price).



shingi_70 said:


Actually next gen kine t will have its own processor so the actual system could still be uber powerful. But its expensive so wont happen.



Bankai said:

Hate to step in and ruin the party, but that's not exactly a good looking game in the first place. It's bland and plastic. If the Wii U can handle FFXIII/ FFXIII-2 then and only then will I be convinced of its power.



crazyj2312 said:

I'm just curious as to how much more powerful graphics can get. How strong would the Ps4 and 720 have to be to make the WiiU look unimpessive?



MAB said:

Wii U tablet control and Nextbox Kinect control I would be more interested in how Sony will handle the control on PS4. Will they go to Move with Vita for a similar Nintendofied experience or something new. Graphics wise will probably be what ever the highest computer specs at the time of release will be mixed with 4 - 8k whatever their new HDTV can support. So you will have to buy a new Sony TV, Vita and PS4. Very expensive stuff if they do that to the average joe.



3dbrains said:

I have a very trusted source telling me that WiiU "Will wipe the floor with the competition" in terms "in graphics, controls and loading speeds and technical features"
I also hear some really pants news "it seems they didnt want that" which I cannot mention.



Volmun said:

@SomeBitTripFan i completely agree with you on that the only thing i don't like with Wii U is the name 8/ like with 3DS ppl don't see it as a new console just a upgrade (like DS to DS Light ect) but im assuming Nintendo wont change its name naw 8/



3dbrains said:

I think you are correct in your thinking. A lot of parents see it as a single letter difference between similar consoles of the same ability.
DS DSlite DSi DSiXL 3DS.
They are oblivious to the fact the 3DS is more powerfull than the Wii console in their living rooms. Kids are not, though. I think Nintendo know this too.
The 3DS is starting it's marketing campain very strong with some great adverts explaining the new features... even drip feeding features per advert.

Nintendo will be doing something about this with the "WiiU". Be it a sneaky name change (I know nothing) or some fantastic and consistant advertising.

This generation, Nintendo want to be seen.
I now know some things which are so cool about "WiiU", it is difficult not to let them slip... aaarrrgggghhh....
All I can say is there is a WHOLE LOAD more than you already know.
I can't believe how distracting the controller has been!



MAB said:

@3dbrains I'm calling it now this is the real 'Nintendo Revolution' I can already picture the Reginator saying this



Shotgunryugan said:

Isn't this just another shameless way of selling more copies of the game for a certain system?

Either way the game is looking good,i'll definitely get it whenever it gets released.

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