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Play NES With a Coffee Table Controller

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Like a boss

There are a number of tests that determine the degree of your NES mastery, such as beating Contra without using the Konami code, or speed running Super Mario Bros. without using any power-ups. Alternatively, you can beat Super Mario Bros. by using your coffee table as a controller: that'll take some real skill.

Thanks to furniture maker Charles Lushear it's now possible to do just that, as he's designed a wooden coffee table that's also a functioning NES controller. It has a detachable glass cover for when you're actually using it as a table, but will plug into an NES like a standard controller, with the image below bringing a new definition to co-op play.

At $3500 and with a 4-6 week waiting time, this isn't a piece of furniture that you can pick up at your local store. Still, if you want a new way to play the good old NES, here it is.

Who needs New Super Mario Bros. Wii?


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Samholy said:

geez. i was thinking to buy a new ps3 controller and found that 50$ was pricey for a gamepad...



OldBoy said:

Awwwwww Yeeeeaaah!!!
I like that.I like that a lot!!

Also @chewytapeworm I wish it were the lack of a NES that was stopping me buying this!!



Raylax said:

Who do I need to sleep with in order to obtain that table? Seriously I'm not gonna even be fussy about it.



bboy2970 said:

Why so much If it was like....$1000 I MIGHT have been able to swing it but $3500? I just can't make that happen.



flightsaber said:

I used to play through Super Mario World with my little brother that way - one person on the D-Pad and L-trigger and the other on the buttons and R-trigger. It'd be fun to try it again with a coffee table....but not for $3500.



Fuzzy said:

Lovely. I've been looking for something to put my coffee table book on.



WaxxyOne said:

Every time I see someone playing a game made for 480i CRT screens in the 80's on their 50-inch HDTV with wide-screen set to stretch, I die a little inside.

[Edit]Oh wait there's a table there?



StarDust4Ever said:

I'm currently building an arcade controller for the NES out of 1/2 plywood, using real arcade parts. It should fit nicely on a table of in a lap. The dimensions are 18" x 8" x 4" (not including the height of the joystick). The idea for mine was to match the overall style and maintain usability, rather than being an exact scale replica. IMO, the coffee table is ginormous and a bit impractical.

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