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N-Space Would "Love to Work" on a New Geist Title

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Talk about Heroes of Ruin, too

N-Space is a developer that is becoming a regular on Nintendo systems, perhaps best known for producing the DS port of Call of Duty: Black Ops. It's currently in the process of developing Heroes of Ruin on 3DS, a new RPG that will be published by Square Enix. Before we get to that, though, it seems that it's interested in reviving one of GameCube's forgotten games.

In an interview with Nintendo-Gamer, N-Space producer Tim Schwalk stated that he hoped to work on a sequel to GameCube's Geist, a supernatural title in which you play as a ghost: it received a mixed critical response when released. Schwalk also mentions SNES title Uniracers, so he's not short of old games that he wants to bring back.

This may sound a bit self-serving, but I would love to work on another Geist game. We left so many ideas on the cutting-room floor that it's a dream of mine to revisit the franchise. Aside from that, I'd love to revive Uniracers and bring it to the 3DS. I'm not a huge fan of motion controls, but there are a lot of cool things we could do with it.

Focusing back on Heroes of Ruin, Schwalk reiterated the broad range of features and multiplayer options that the RPG will boast, especially considering the fact that it'll be on a handheld platform.

We're not only creating an original world, with its own characters and lore, but we're squeezing it onto a handheld, complete with four-player online play, voice chat, StreetPass, and even new quest challenges added daily. These are features typically reserved for console games that have been in development for two or three years.

Heroes of Ruin's online options certainly sound interesting, and we're always intrigued when a developer talks about reviving retro titles. What do you think: would it be worthwhile having a sequel to Geist or Uniracers?


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ejamer said:

Geist left me disappointed. The puzzle aspects were neat, and the game had some good ideas with haunting and taking advantage of your ghost form... but combat felt awkward and too much time was spent playing like a standard FPS title. Does that mean a sequel is a great idea because there is room to improve, or that it's likely to disappoint too?

Uniracers is all good though. That was a great game and one of the very few racing titles I remember fondly. Shame that Pixar sued (successfully) to have game distribution stopped, making it unlikely we'll ever see the franchise revived. If I'm wrong and this franchise can be revived then they've got my money.



Mk_II said:

Uniracers with gyro controls could be awesome - if they do it right. Add some 3D eye candy and online leaderboards and they could have a winner. I''d buy it for sure



Haaahahahahaaaa said:

Hoohohohoooo, Geist might not have been the most well-done game, but the overall concept has so much delicious potential! If Nintendo were to team up with them once again on such a project, they could craft a great "mature" series for Nintendo systems, hoho! Same goes for Eternal Darkness, but that simply needed more advertisement.



Stargazer said:

I would love it if these mediocre developers would walk the walk instead of just talking the talk. High Voltage always said the right things too, but when it boiled down to making great games they couldn't pull it off.



Gustoff said:

I'm still waiting for n-Space to announce a Call of Duty title for this fall on the 3DS. They do have one unannounced title for 3DS coming for this fall on their Facebook page. Fingers crossed!



shinobi88 said:

Color me interested. I love spooks and spirits. DESPITE the fact that N-Space never made a great DS game. And DESPITE the fact that Heroes of Ruin has ugly character models. In fairness to N-Space, I'm not into RPGs and it looks like they've created a world akin to World of Warcraft and the character designs are really cool, so Ruin could be an awesome game...if you like RPGs



millarrp said:

a Geist sequel/reboot would be interesting to see, the origional one had some neat ideas, but left me wanting more. a 3DS version of Unicycle would also be neat.



Shiryu said:

I just hope Disney approaches them again to make a new TRON video game (Maybe for uprising?), would love to have something with the quality of the Wii "Battle Grids" on the 3DS. Big fan of these guys work.



Undead_terror said:

all ic an say is if they make a new cod for ds or 3ds add a zombie mode to it again and make it better then then the black ops ds one



Wolfenstein83 said:

The first Geist seemed to have alot of potential, although I never got to play it.
All I know about it is what I have seen in videos, etc.
I think a sequel for the Wii-U would be a great idea.
Maybe even have the original as a downloadable game would be cool too?



zavierkai said:

I with love to play that master piece again with a new story and unique puzzle and game play. First person developers should learn something from this game. Geist exclusive on Wii U.



King_Boo said:

geist, winter, anything they could get published I'd want to at least take a look at.



misswliu81 said:

seems that geist is a game that divides people- some enjoy it, others not as much. i'd be up for a new geist game, providing they work hard to make sure it is better than the first one.



Bankai said:

n-Space would love to do a half-baked sequel to anything that someone threw money at them to do.

That's their entire business model.



MeloMan said:

I really liked Geist and am glad to hear that they'd like to further the franchise. It was one of the few enjoyable experiences on the GC.



V8_Ninja said:

It's not so much as N-Space wanting to do a new sequel as an N-Space producer saying he wants to revisit the series.



TheGreenSpiny said:

I second what #3 said. I would love to see sequels for both games.

As for Geist, it was a brilliant game design with a poor execution. If they make a new one I'd like to see it more polished than the last one. And for god sake come up with some better art direction. They picture of that geist makes me cringe.

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