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8-Bit + 6 String = NES Guitar

Posted by James Newton

Making beautiful music

You can play a lot on an NES, but you know what you can't play on it? Stairway to Heaven. You could end all that injustice with an NES guitar.

Get Lo-Fi (via This Is Why I'm Broke) makes and sells various configurations of the guitars — single coil pick-ups and rosewood or maple neck will set you back $155, while humbuckers and rosewood or maple will cost a bit more at $180. Shipping to USA addresses is $30; international is $65.

At the moment there's a waiting list for every model, suggesting there's more demand for NES electric guitars than we could ever have imagined.

Next up, how about some Game Boy castanets?

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ogo79 said:

honestly at first glance i thought it said "8 bit g string"
i need to go sit in the corner



bezerker99 said:

The 8-bit sounds near the end that he plays are very cool.

/me modifies the guitar to be lefty then plays it.



coolvw93 said:

sweet i totally want one, but im going to have to buy another NES to do this though, because mine right now works perfectly fine (not to mention all the rage I would receive in my household from doing this to a perfectly working NES) i wonder if he could do this to my broken Sega Genesis?



OldBoy said:

Sweet!! That's my birthday present sorted for this year.So cool. Does he make other consoles.A megadrive 1 or a SNES would be super sweeeet!!



Freeon-Leon said:

I... need... it What an awesome guitar, also, it combines two of the things I love the most. Now I know what I want for my birthday



CerealKiller062 said:

I Might just buy me one just to steal the humbucker pick up, and install a cheaper one on it instead. Humbuckers usually set you back $100 USD by themeselves.



Lan said:

That thing has a terrible sound. And he needs to learn more than one riff



JimLad said:

That's pretty cool, but the best console guitar has to be MegaDriver's Mega Drive guitar. You can find videos of it on YouTube.



Henmii said:

Cool, but as always: Console abuse!! I wouldn't do it to my console!!



Fuzzy said:

Nice little novelty there. Would be amused if somebody came onto stage with one of them.



James said:

I bet this would sound even better if you played it while wearing the Power Glove.



X-145 said:

Michael Jacson Style! lol
I am so ready to order this. That is just awesome...this would be a nice addition to what will become my guitar collection. Right now, a measly 2 guitars...

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