In its relatively short existence so far, the 3DS eShop has already enjoyed its fair share of vintage download titles. The latest to emerge — somewhat unexpectedly — is Mad Dog McCree, a full motion video (FMV) arcade shooter.

Originally an arcade machine, this simple point-and-shoot title made its way to different disc-based consoles in the mid-90s, such as Sega CD and CD-i. It was also released as part of the Mad Dog McCree Gunslinger Pack on Wii, so this won't be this game's first appearance on a Nintendo console. Ruud van de Moosdijk, VP of Development at Engine Software BV, explained to Nintendo World Report how they'd come to work on the project, and why the visuals won't make use of the handheld's stereoscopic display.

We got in touch with them (Digital Leisure) and said you know, Mad Dog McCree, you guys own the license, how about a 3DS version?

It's all full motion video, there's really no 3D in the 3DS version because how were you gonna do that?

This title will apparently be available 'very soon': will you be tempted to download it?