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Wow, CIRCLE Entertainment Really Likes DSiWare

Posted by James Newton

Six titles revealed

Chinese publisher CIRCLE Entertainment is one of DSiWare's biggest supporters, releasing 11 games in the past 18 months. That run of form is set to continue over the coming months as it's announced a further six titles on their way to DSiWare.

The line-up features:

Pirates Assault — a "tower defence game with a twist", apparently.
Bookstore Dream — you run a book shop and become rich in the process.
The Lost Town - The Jungle — a follow-up to The Lost Town — The Dust, this time set in a jungle.
Castle Conqueror - Heroes 2 — a sequel to Castle Conqueror — Heroes, arguably CIRCLE's best game.
Ace Mathician — change the world using maths. "Suddenly math becomes as fun as drawing," the official description lies.
Devil Band - Rock the Underworld — you are the death metal band Xavier and only you can defeat waves of Hell's minions.

We have no prices or release dates for these games yet but expect them in the next few months.

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JimmyC said:

Yay DSi ware!
The games look okay! The Bookshop game looks decent.



alLabouTandroiD said:

Can't complain if they'll be good and priced decently.
Heroes 2 sounds great and Devil Band could be just the game for me.



sykotek said:

For some reason, in my head, I have CIRCLE Entertainment associated with Shovel-DSiWare, but that is not true.

On NL, their games have averaged a 6/10...with the Castle Conqueror series and the first Lost Town game scoring above that average.

Maybe it's time to go back and check out some of their better releases...too bad I'm out of eShop cards atm.



sgotsch said:

Go for 3DSWare, Circle! :>

I like my home button for on the go games...



HugoSmits said:

what !? Nintendolife knows the news quicker than the developers... I thought Ace Mathician would be announced tonight




Some of them look like they have decent potential actually. Wish Nintendo did a DSiware to SD card storage solution



Skotski said:

My girlfriend would absolutely love Bookstore dream... she not only loves books... she not only loves simulation games... she also loves simple store management games.
She is going to explode for it.



Spoony_Tech said:

@ChocoGoldfish If you mean that in a bad way and I assume you do I disagree. I've enjoyed quite a few of circle entertainment games while gameloft has really only had two games I've enjoyed!

Some of these games look good for dsiwear games. As always price will be important as I picked up two of the 2$ games and haven't been disappointed. Not the best company in the dsiwear market but not even close to that crap gameloft!



Bankai said:

and that is exactly why Circle is now my new Gameloft. They don't produce games with a shred of originality in them, but what they do is copy ideas wholesale and turn them into cheap games.

Cheap games that are usually poorly balanced, technically flawed to boot.

Like Gameloft, there's an audience for that, mot denying that. I'd just rather they try something creative once in a while.



Flowerlark said:

Bookstore Dream looks like the only decent one.

RE: Gameloft vs Circle- I actually like Gameloft far more than Circle. I've never enjoyed a Circle game, but have quite a few favourites from Gameloft. Yeah, they remorselessly rip off popular titles, but I can't argue that they're also a lot of fun.



alLabouTandroiD said:

@ChocoGoldfish(#11): I don't know the originals so i can't see them copying anything. Could you please name the original games so i can render a verdict myself ?

I'd also say the unoriginality is a bit more acceptable if the originals aren't on a DS(i) platform yet.

PS: From what i've seen so far i think i'd like some their games. So i hope they garner enough success to make a retail game someday.



Philip_J_Reed said:

We have no prices or release dates for these games yet but expect them in the next few months.

As this is CIRCLE Entertainment, I expect them all within the same three-week period.



Lobster said:

They don't look all bad - in fact some of them have real potential. I'm actually looking forward to the bookstore game, though I hope they'll be swapping the two screens.



DarkEdi said:

I love Castle Conqueror Heroes. When i finished the game it announced the sequel. So, no surprise here, only that it comes faster than i thought. Circle is one of my favorites. Which other game can you recommend me available in dsi shop now?



Martyn said:

Would be so over these if they were 3DSWare :/
hopefully they move onto the eshop after releasing these!



Oregano said:

@Martyn: Going off their website they're already working on eShop stuff. Scroll to the bottom:

Sweet Memories - Black Jack
Castle Conquerors: Dark Age
and ???????(a mystery project)

...all listed for 3DS W.



AVahne said:

I've seen all these games listed on their site, and more, but I didn't think they'd announce all of these at the same time! I hope they announce their 3DSWare games soon, since Nintendo refuses to make DSiWare playable off SD cards.



Kitsune_Rei said:

Hmm, Circle usually manages to make games that appeals to me in genre and graphics style, but every game I've gotten from them so far (3 now) has left me feeling disappointed :/ They just feel shallow, like if they'd have just gone a bit farther with it, it'd be a great game. I'm curious about these, but will wait for reviews. I hope they can improve.

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