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VVVVVV Flip Fix Submitted to Nintendo

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Isaac still waiting for word

Last week we reported that the European release of VVVVVV was getting nearer with Nicalis confirming, via Twitter, that the title had been given a PEGI rating. Once again the publisher has been tweeting good news, with confirmation that the final bug fix in the European version is complete and the game is being sent to Nintendo this week. When quizzed by an intrepid tweeter about the existing Flip Mode black screen error, Nicalis replied to say that it had been addressed and a fix would be submitted to Nintendo of America this week. It looks like gamers will soon have an improved, bug-free version of the strangest-named title on 3DS.

Another nugget of information from Nicalis is that The Binding of Isaac, a title developed by one half of Team Meat, famous for Super Meat Boy, is still seeking approval from Nintendo for release on 3DS. Previously the game's creator, Edmund McMillen, confirmed that a studio was pursuing the publication, and it seems that it is indeed Nicalis that want to release the title. If approved, it's unclear whether this would be as a retail or eShop release, but digital distribution seems likely.

Not long to wait, hopefully, for Europeans to enjoy VVVVVV, and we'll keep our eyes peeled for the North American update. Are you looking forward to finally playing Flip Mode, and are your fingers still crossed for The Binding of Isaac to be approved?


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alLabouTandroiD said:

Quite sure i'll download VVVVVV when it comes to Europe and the bug's fixed.
And please, please, please, please, please, please, please let The Binding of Isaac come to the 3DS. Preferably as an eShop title. It would make me that much more proud to be a Ninty gamer.



Rococoman said:

Nicalis seems completely unable to release bug-free games on time. I can't blame them entirely, since they are always porting indie games which are all probably coded differently (I've heard that the source code for Cave Story was a train wreck). However, while these games are designed well, how long could it take to just recode the whole thing? I doubt it's that complicated. While I admire the zeal that Nicalis has for indie games, they seem pretty inept on the development end.

As for Binding of Isaac - can we stop kidding ourselves that this game is worth all the publicity it gets? Full disclosure - I was raised Catholic, so you can consider that in my opinion of the game. Still, it looks like the dev just took a poorly understood, religiously loaded story, drew it with poor art skills, and then filled it with bathroom humor and called it artsy. The gameplay is boring and sloppy, and the entire game is grotesque. I get a huge kick out of bathroom humor (I love South Park, and I still laugh at old Ren and Stimpy shows), but this game is just gross.

Nintendo has gone to absurd lengths to censor games on its hardware so as to avoid controversy with religious groups - anyone who thinks something titled 'The Binding of Isaac' would be proudly displayed next to the Nintendo label is completely full of it.



BudrSbastig said:

You just know this is going to come out same week as vita!! far to many games I need!



Philip_J_Reed said:

Great news on both fronts. Can't wait to finish Flip Mode and earn another trophy...but also I need Binding of Isaac on 3DS! I got it through Steam but it would be such a perfect fit for a handheld that I really hope it gets approved.



Detective_TeeJay said:

So how are those of us who already bought the game going to get this? Will we have to redownload the game, losing all our save data in the process? Or will we still have our save data when we redownload it?



Raylax said:

I'll pass on Binding of Isaac, as I generally pass on titles that seem to exist solely to spark sales through petty controversy (particularly ones that general consensus seems to state aren't terribly good), but VVVVVV will definately be worth looking at.



med088 said:

what does this flip mode do anyway? is it like a vertical mirror mode?



Knuckles said:

In the words of Captain Falcon, YESSSSS. In the words of Knuckles, Extremely happy to hear the fix is coming out. And my Knuckles i meant me, NOT, Knuckles the Echidna.



Groovius said:

Nintendo needs to send a message that, along with the usual family-friendly fare, controversial games may also find a home on their consoles. The quality (or lack thereof) of THE BINDING OF ISAAC is almost irrelevant, as much, much worse games have been approved by Nintendo.

The puritanical attitude Nintendo has toward adult content is one of the reasons the Wii is the odd man out in the console wars, despite its tremendous sales.



TingLz said:

@Groovius: Sigh, ignorant rant ahoy. Nintendo has always used the family-friendly image since the NES, but keep in mind that the N64 had an M-rated console game (Conker's Bad Fur Day) and the Wii has had quite a few mature titles (No More Heroes, Madworld and others).



alLabouTandroiD said:

@ people not seeing much in or being offended by The Binding of Isaac:
I do understand where you come from and it may very well be i'll be let down by the title when i play it longer than i did the PC demo. (Don't like playing on the PC, just had to check out what it is when i heard it was considered for the 3DS.) I'm not trying to hype it up either.
The impression that i got was that this game can roughly be compared to Killer 7. As in: it's a game where a unique story exists in its own right, not just to support the gameplay. Disregarding RPGs and Adventures i can't remember seeing this very often on the NES, GC, Wii and Ninty's portables. That's what excites me most about it. The fact that it kinda spoofs Zelda with its gameplay is another reason it would be amazing to see it on the 3DS.



Rococoman said:

I'm not really offended by BOI, I just think it's a poor game (yes, I've played it). I agree with you that the story exists alone, and does not support the gameplay. That story, however, just seems like a cheap ploy to get attention by citing a biblical story and recreating it with crayon drawings. Hell, you could re-skin this game and call it "Mickey Mouse's Cave Adventure" and keep the gameplay exactly the same. The title, the story, and the gross imagery just strike me as most 'avant-garde' art does: some people think that these approaches are not often taken because others aren't 'brave' enough, but really, they don't because this approach wasn't worth taking at all.

Gameplay-wise, I just found it boring. Zelda 1 didn't become famous for its deep combat system, yet that seems to be what BOI dwells on. Puzzles are non-existant; all you really do is fight bad guys, which involves walking back and forth and shooting your... gunk?

I'm coming down pretty hard on BOI, but that's because it's getting so much attention when I think it's a very poor representation of story-telling, art, and gameplay in indie gaming today. Also, again, there is NO WAY Nintendo will allow this on the 3DS, so this point is moot anyway.

@Groovius We got Resident Evil, didn't we? Also, I don't see Isaac on PSN or XBLA either. I think Nintendo would consider a 'mature' themed game if it were indeed worthwhile.



y0ss4ri4n said:

I've played The Binding of Isaac for quite some time and would argue against the view that the story does not support the gameplay. It's a rogue-like game and the story elements are developed on multiple playthroughs.

The game is riddled with religious imagery and as you play the items and enemies you encounter take on more of a significance as you start to see where they may fit within the wider story. You may even start to see why the story is presented in a crayon style.

It's not for everyone but it should not be dismissed so easily. A great deal of thought has gone into this game as can be seen from the creator's blog. The gameplay is at heart a Smash TV / Robotron shooter in a Zelda dungeon with roguelike elements. It's not a puzzler nor does it pretend to be. It is a game of exploration, discovery, risk and reward.

As for looking for sales for its controversy, that's not accurate. In contrast to Super Meat Boy The Binding of Isaac had a relatively low key release not because of its subject matter but more because gameplay wise it was seen as a very niche title with limited appeal.



Objection said:

Addressing Binding of Isaac: personally, I feel that the mood and story worked fine. Gameplay-wise it wasn't revolutionary (i'd give it a 6/10 on NL scale) but to each his own.
Btw, its not gunk you shoot, its Isaac's tears. Hence, his suffering from the "Binding."



LAA said:

I think binding of isaac should come to 3DS anyway. Why can the likes of XBLA/PSN get any games and you rarely hear of games that arent allowed on the marketplace (I havent even heard of such a thing).
Only nintendo gets this image and it has to be family friendly to be on the marketplace, which just puts a LOT of people off.
Nintendo should just accept any game offer, its ridiculous, its not like theres much coming to eshop to look forward to anyway and most weeks are pretty rubbish, and then a demo gets announced, everyoen downloads that one thing and goes off and doesnt touch it again for a week or 2 until some other thing catches our attention. The eshop is a step up from other nintendo online marketplaces, but still not good enough and them potentially stopping games from being on their marketplace is a thing that needs to stop too.

EDIT: ha ha, I love how as soon as I say that, rolling western is announced for eshop, one of the most anticipated games for eshop next week. eshop's best run yet, 2 weeks with one thing on each many people will want.

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