Last week we reported that the European release of VVVVVV was getting nearer with Nicalis confirming, via Twitter, that the title had been given a PEGI rating. Once again the publisher has been tweeting good news, with confirmation that the final bug fix in the European version is complete and the game is being sent to Nintendo this week. When quizzed by an intrepid tweeter about the existing Flip Mode black screen error, Nicalis replied to say that it had been addressed and a fix would be submitted to Nintendo of America this week. It looks like gamers will soon have an improved, bug-free version of the strangest-named title on 3DS.

Another nugget of information from Nicalis is that The Binding of Isaac, a title developed by one half of Team Meat, famous for Super Meat Boy, is still seeking approval from Nintendo for release on 3DS. Previously the game's creator, Edmund McMillen, confirmed that a studio was pursuing the publication, and it seems that it is indeed Nicalis that want to release the title. If approved, it's unclear whether this would be as a retail or eShop release, but digital distribution seems likely.

Not long to wait, hopefully, for Europeans to enjoy VVVVVV, and we'll keep our eyes peeled for the North American update. Are you looking forward to finally playing Flip Mode, and are your fingers still crossed for The Binding of Isaac to be approved?