The cover sets the tone

As you may recall, the rather terrific Super Meat Boy from developers Team Meat never made it to WiiWare as originally planned. Despite a lot of anticipation and hype, the file size limitation on the service was too restrictive, and plans for a retail release fell through. There is hope for Nintendo gamers, however, with The Binding of Isaac reportedly being sounded out to Nintendo for a possible appearance on the 3DS.

This title was co-created by one half of the Super Meat Boy team, Edmund McMillen. It's very early days to determine whether this will actually happen, but when answering questions on Formspring McMillen stated:

A publisher I know is currently asking Nintendo if they would be OK with Isaac on the 3DS.

He also said that the 3DS was the only alternative platform being considered: this title is currently exclusive to the PC.

One issue for Nintendo could be the adult themes and imagery, which would certainly be anything but the norm for the 3DS. That said, if titles such as Madworld can be released on Wii, maybe this has a chance.