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Wed 9th Nov 2011

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Groovius commented on VVVVVV Flip Fix Submitted to Nintendo:

Nintendo needs to send a message that, along with the usual family-friendly fare, controversial games may also find a home on their consoles. The quality (or lack thereof) of THE BINDING OF ISAAC is almost irrelevant, as much, much worse games have been approved by Nintendo.

The puritanical attitude Nintendo has toward adult content is one of the reasons the Wii is the odd man out in the console wars, despite its tremendous sales.



Groovius commented on Out Today: Resident Evil Revelations (North Am...:

@Portisanta: just how sheltered are you? I love Kirby, Mario, et al. as much as the next guy (I'm assuming those are "nice" games), but horror in gaming (and in all other forms of media, for that matter) has a rich history. You don't have to like them, but any real gamer would accord the genre a little respect. Some of the greatest games of all time have been "horror" and for all of that to be dismissed so snobbily leads me to believe one thing...

@Nintendoftw is right: you are 12.



Groovius commented on Resi Revelations Takes a Hit in UK Charts:

I really hope this game does well. If Capcom doesn't see RE:R as a (commercial) success, then 3DS owners just sent a message to publishers and developers: no, we DON'T want big-budget, console-quality, adult-oriented games on this system. iirc, the DS' (fantastic) Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars bombed in sales despite rave reviews, after which that one-time exclusive was ported to the PSP. And we never got any other games like that on the DS.

Sales do matter, folks. Please show the world there is a place for M-rated games with incredible production values on the 3DS. Nintendo's own stuff is always fantastic, and we'll always have it, but variety is the spice of life.

(My copy is en route from Amazon).



Groovius commented on Link's Awakening DX is 2011's Best-Selling 3DS...:

Oracle of Ages/Oracle of Seasons were the first Zelda games I really dominated. A friend and I played through both on our new GBAs at the same time (this was the summer of 2000), switching games when one of us got stuck. Planting seeds and coming back later to harvest the nuts for the rings that may be inside them? Insanely addictive. You could do that alone for hours and not get bored.

I guess what I'm getting at is that my nostalgia and Nintendo's financial self-interest align here. Release the Oracles, and we will buy. You know we will.



Groovius commented on Feature: Remembering the GameCube:

The GameCube was the first console from that generation I owned; I got it, with Pikmin, for Christmas 2001. (Being in high school at the time, I finally got a part-time job and ended up with the 'Cube, Xbox, PS2, AND a GBA... ballin'! )

There wasn't much love for the system at the time. It didn't have Halo. It didn't have Grand Theft Auto. People laughed off its "baby games" and it was rare to find someone else who even owned the console. Being unburdened from company loyalty, that didn't bother me and I could focus on the positive. I'll say it like this:

The GameCube is one of my favorite systems of all time, right up there with the PlayStation (the gray box!), the Genesis, and the Super NES. The unique design and features make it seem like a cool collectable today, but it's the GAMES that I'll always remember. So many great memories, I'm getting nostalgic just writing thiis.

Super Mario Sunshine. Mario Kart: Double Dash! Super Smash Bros Melee (trophies!). Resident Evil (REmake). Pikmin. Luigi's Mansion. Metroid Prime. RESIDENT EVIL 4.

I will always love the GameCube.



Groovius commented on Review: Balloon Kid (3DS Virtual Console / Gam...:

@Kifa: Nintendo's plan for the 3DS Virtual Console seems to be something along the lines of this...

#1: Release only Game Boy games for the first [X] months of service, maximizing sales of black & white games while there is no competition from GBC titles. Link's Awakening DX, of course, was an exception we got because of Zelda's 25th anniversary.

#2: Release these Game Boy titles in a slooooowwww.... triiiiiiiiickle..... further enhancing sales. If a piece of garbage is released- but it's the only VC title of the week- desperate retro fans will snap it up. Enough of them will, anyway, to make it very profitable. And the longer we have to wait for, you know, the actual classics- they'll sell even better, too!

In short, the whole system is a cynical money-grabbing scheme that works. Believe me, I'm caught up in it, too. They do it because they can, and they know they'll get away with it. 10 WEEKS: Golf, Balloon Kid, Baseball, etc etc. At the eleventh week, we'll get a Metroid II, or a Wario Land, all is forgiven, and the cycle begins again.



Groovius commented on Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins:

I love the big, detailed sprites and the catchy music. Nintendo fixed the problems I had with the first SML (namely, the controls), and it's just a ton of fun. Short and easy? Sure, but it's a game I'll always return to. The enemy designs are superb, like the walking hockey masks embedded with knives in the Halloween world.



Groovius commented on Gargoyle's Quest:

Great graphics, great soundtrack, tight gameplay. This game is ruthless, and I'll admit it took me an hour to clear the first stage on my initial playthrough. If it wasn't for the Restore Point feature, I'd probably never have beaten the game. There, I said it. But it's all on the player to improve; you are going to get wrecked repeatedly until you master the controls. After that, it's still challenging, but you'll feel like a .



Groovius commented on Super Mario Land:

I'll say something nice first: the music is incredible, and it'll get stuck in my head at random times. The storyline is so bizarre, it's surreal: saving Sarasaland from the "mystery alien" Tatanga? Really? I guess it's really no weirder than the rest of the game, where a Koopa strapped with a suicide vest is about the closest you get to the main series. I'm surprised no one ever mentions the controls in SML. They're so loose it makes the game artificially difficult, and if you're like me, you'll die a lot of cheap deaths before you learn how to compensate for Mario's movements. That said, for some reason, it's still compulsively playable.



Groovius commented on Avenging Spirit:

I think I must be the only person who doesn't think this is some kind of "hidden gem." Actually, I think it kinda sucks. Repetitive gameplay, shoddy controls, and bland graphics do not a good game make, The possession concept is way ahead of its time- props for that- but the execution leaves something to be desired. Best parts of the game: the "Game Over" screen with the weeping cartoon ghost, and the enemy descriptions in the manual. e.g., "Vampire: Revived by the syndicate from the dark embrace of the crypt after 400 years of slumber..." LOL