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Pandora's Tower Limited Edition Laid Bare

Posted by James Newton

Book, box and beyond

Nintendo of Europe has released a clearer image of what you can expect when the Pandora's Tower limited edition releases in Europe on 13th April.

Like The Last Story before it, the special bundle includes steelbook packaging and an art book, though there's no soundtrack this time.

All these special editions of Japanese games make us very hopeful for future Nintendo-developed games.

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Cipher said:

I adore The Last Story's steelbook, I actually use it instead of the game box. The steelbook for Pandora's Tower possibly looks even nicer.



warioswoods said: that tagline really a pun on the popular retail chain Bed, Bath, and Beyond? Do you even have those in the UK??? O.o



Mk_II said:

No soundtrack? bummer... the inclusion of a soundtrack album really made me buy the Last Story Ltd. Ed.



Shworange said:

Love these special editions. It's nice to see special care given to such lauded games!



antster1983 said:

Whatever you do, don't pre-order from Game, they probably won't stock it like The Last Story (I had to order a copy from Amazon)



ville10 said:

These limited editions really make the games much more interesting to me.. I just wish Xenoblade had gotten the same treatment, rather than a uninteresting controller I don't need.



FonistofCruxis said:

That is some awesome boxart. I'm surprised that its a 12 rather than a 16 with all the monster flesh and organs that you rip out to feed to Ceres. Also, I'm glad that they kept the cover black instead of changing it to white.



bricabrac said:

Great boxart but I really can't stand this fakin' big and ugly USK sign... It ruins all the look.
I can't understand why entire Europe has to suffer because of Germans.



bricabrac said:

Oh... and I forgot to mention... It is awesome that Nintendo kept Japanese boxart including black box and background behind the 'Wii' text. It would look soo stupid with white box. And I do hope it isn't any mistake...



Zenszulu said:

Loving the steelbook that's my favourite part of the Last Story bundle so can't wait for this.



Wheels2050 said:

Wait, so how does the steelbook work? I figured it was instead of the plastic case, but do you get both?



Mk_II said:

Yes. You get a cardboard sleeve which holds the standard game box, the steelbook, a beautiful cd sized box containing the artwork booklet & the soundtrack cd and (here in Europe) the multi-language manual.



CerealKiller062 said:

You know, it's funny how the American audience fought for this and still has not recieved word about getting all 3, but the Europian audience get it without a single ill word or protest. Oh well.



Kage_88 said:


I missed out on The Last Story Limited Edition...I won't be making the same mistake!

@ 16 - "I can't understand why entire Europe has to suffer because of Germans." Darn Germans! What with their WWIIs and USK stickers...

@ 23 - Well, there was no ill word or protest from the Europeans because they were - y'know - getting the games anyway...



Henmii said:

"Great boxart but I really can't stand this fakin' big and ugly USK sign... It ruins all the look.
I can't understand why entire Europe has to suffer because of Germans"

100% agreed!!



Betagam7 said:


In what way did you "miss out". Last Story "Limited Editions" are still readily available on sites like Amazon. The special edition hasn't sold out.

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