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3DS Circle Pad Pro Reaches United States on 7th February

Posted by James Newton

For $19.99

Nintendo has confirmed its Circle Pad Pro accessory will see release in the United States in early 2012.

The optional attachment lands on 7th February — the same day as Resident Evil Revelations — and will cost $19.99.

The add-on will only be sold through GameStop stores and at

Nintendo is also introducing an optional accessory that gives Nintendo 3DS owners a second analog stick to control compatible games. The Circle Pad Pro will launch in the United States on Feb. 7. It will be sold through GameStop stores and online at at a suggested retail price of $19.99. The Circle Pad Pro is a comfortable cradle that holds the Nintendo 3DS system while adding an analog Circle Pad on the system’s right side. The attachment also adds additional shoulder buttons to give it a feel more akin to traditional console controllers. It is designed as an optional accessory and is compatible with Resident Evil Revelations and METAL GEAR SOLID 3D Snake Eater.

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JettiBlue said:

what's the deal with the Gamestop exclusivity? First Xenoblade, now the Circle Pad as well.



bezerker99 said:

There's a Gamestop right across from where I work - I'll be sure to walk over and pick it up on Feb 7th.



cyrus_zuo said:

If it is compatible w/Kid Icarus I'll get both...
...otherwise I'm looking to pass on both...



C-Olimar said:

Exclusivity means they can charge the highest prices without competition doesn't seem to happen in the UK though



zezhyrule said:

@12: Yes you do, the CPP covers the game card slot. But who will be switching out anything? The only card I need in there is MHTriG



axis1500 said:

I'm pleased this is only available through one store, as it once again confirms that the add-on is entirely optional. If it was essential to enjoy future 3DS titles, they'd be selling it in every store,



Dodger said:

Still looks ugly, still doesn't work with any games I want and still isn't in blue either. I'm not buying this yet.



Traxx said:

Oh well, thx god there are no gamespot exclusive deals on this side of the pont, cause gamestops here suck big time it's not even funny. The stores even smell bad.



Tasuki said:

Well the fact that its only 20 dollars is not bad now the fact that its only sold through Gamestop is. Isnt that against the law or something that only Gamestop will carry it?

Anyway since it looks like Gamestop will be the only one carrying it it looks like I wont be getting it cause I dont deal with those crooks.



WolfRamHeart said:

Kind of odd that this is only going to be available at GameStop and not sold everywhere. You would think that if Nintendo really wanted to sell this thing they would make it available at as many retailers as possible. Does this mean that if Monster Hunter 3G is released in the US it will only be available at GameStop as well?



Peznaze said:

As long as the circle pad bundled MHTriG isn't a GameStop exclusive, this is good news. If this is a trend of Nintendo thinking "core" games don't sell in NA, let Gamestop take the losses, then this is bad news.



TheGreenSpiny said:

@22: This has nothing to do with core games. It has to do with gamers realizing they don't need this crap.



47drift said:

Why does Nintendo keep selling things only at GameStop? I, and many others I know, absolutely despise GameStop. Does Nintendo not want people buying their products?



Kagamine said:

They must have something going on with gamestop, maybe the wii U will be able to do something with that new service gamestop has been going with. don't remember the name but it is the reason they took out the onlive things out of that one game. I think most people know what i mean right?



Supereor said:

Why I wanted to buy it:
·Matches my black 3DS

Why I don't wanna buy it:
·Not into games that use it
·One circle pad is ENOUGH
·Widens the app. 4 in. 3DS hold area
·Most likely... tihtrowton(backwards)
My opinions, reguarding the matter.



tanookisuit said:

This is starting to get offensive with the Gamestop garbage. At least Xenoblade I can order from NOA direct and hopefully this piece will be that way too or I'll have to look into new/used ebay or aftermarket. Gamestop I just can't support considering all the insane harassment at the counter and their crook behavior with suckering people on trade-ins and the rest.



SteveW said:

Gamestop can have it, it's a dumb idea and only selling through Gamestop pretty much confirms that Nintendo isn't that serious about it. I don't shop Gamestop anyway, I refuse to support a company where you pay full price for a new game that is open and previously played.



Jack_Glenn said:

I sort of feel like this defeats the entire idea of a portable game system. But at $20, sort of hard to complain, and I'm sure that was the entire logic behind their pricing.



alLabouTandroiD said:

So it's quite safe to say it will be more expensive than 10 € in Europe ... For that price i really have to see it as essential before i consider a buy. (Or if the Resi Revi bundle will either be cheap or beautiful beyond words.) If that isn't he case i hope these CPP games control well enough without it.

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