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More 3DS System Update Details on 4th November

Posted by James Newton

New StreetPass game on the way

Update: It appears the update will not be released on 4th November, but rather this is the date we can expect to know more information.

Original story:

Nintendo promised a major 3DS system update next month, and it seems the new features may make it sooner rather than later, with a new report pointing to a 4th November release date.

According to the Twitter account of freelance writer MasterOtenko, last night Nintendo of Europe held a press dinner where new details of the update were revealed.

The update is pegged for 4th November with a new StreetPass game in tow, though no details were revealed of what the game will be.

Nintendo is making an online presentation on Friday, with more details on the update promised. Stay tuned for more.


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Chris720 said:

4th of November? Wow that sounds pretty early, thought it might've come in the middle or end of November. But as lways... rumour, now to go find my salt.



Squeezie007 said:

There haven't been many updates for the 3DS in Australia, at least. I hope this update is a good one.



Raptor78 said:

4th of November sounds like a possiblity as the big hitting games like Marioland3D and mk7 will no doubt force a system update before you can play them and if the new update that will probably have some new kind of homebrew blocking software isnt available then it would be a wasted opportunity.



Aviator said:

For all the Australians, we will get the updated on the 22nd of November.



Dyl_73 said:

Streetpass has been a load of rubbish as far as I'm concerned. Don't get me wrong, I love my 3DS and have spent far too many hours playing great games on it. However, since March when I got my 3DS I have not had one streetpass hit. (I live in a large village.)
I would love to be able to do another jigsaw puzzle picture bt I can't. I finished the quest game only by hiring adventurers with coins. I fear that any new games will suffer in the same way.



Raptor78 said:

I find you get StreetPasses in the least expected places...
London & Leeds I didnt get one hit, whereas Pontefract which is just a small town Ive had loads.
It took ages before I had one but now I have about 70 hits 50+ of them from different individuals.
You could always try Argos and ASDA. They sometimes have demo units you can try at least until you get all seven puzzles.



Capt_N said:

I wonder if 3DS units manufactured post-update will already have the update installed?



shinesprite said:

I'm super-excited about the update, but I really want to start and complet another 5 puzzles first.

Also: Did anyone at NL attend the dinner? What was there too eat?



Ren said:

so then what you're saying is on Friday there is an online video anouncement to anounce the upcoming anouncement in november of further future anouncements that may point to an update at some future date with something that could make us eligible for some unlockable fun thing that may or may not include online content that could be playable and maybe in 3D. Awesome! I hope I can win a voucher to pre-order it!

(Gee, they're really putting in the work to save that botched launch)



Aqueous said:

@theblackdragon - your welcome, I decided to check the twitter and saw the tweet(?), never notice the update and thought I should mention it because I thought it was missed. I'll try and look out if I can because I love the accurate information and great reviews here.



UltimateMetroid said:

we need to be able to write more stuff on friend list and be able to veiw their 3ds home menu and have a live chat rooms

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