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If You Like Storage and Nintendo We Have Just the Site for You

Posted by James Newton

New life for old friends

To many retro gamers, cartridges are hallowed things: plastic shrines that hold the sacred texts within. They're also really handy things for sticking hard drives and portable storage in too, of course.

Crafts website Broodr has some of the more ingenious options we've seen so far, with everything from Game Boy Advance carts to NES classics becoming pocket-sized storage devices — perhaps only if you have really big pockets, in the case of the NES cart.

It's not just carts either, with NES controllers also becoming homes for digital files. Best of all, however, is this Hyrule Shield USB stick that lights up. Not even the original shield does that.


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zezhyrule said:

"It's dangerous to go out without backing up your data! Take this!."

I actually think the NES controller one is the coolest looking, wooden shields are bleh, and I don't like the idea of messing up GBA carts D:
and it just looks kinda awkward really, not that a NES controller isn't xP



NX01Trekkie1992 said:

@warioswoods Nice one

if I had the money I'd so get one of these, helpful to hide it in your gaming collection when the cops bust in with a search warrant looking for the stolen data-I mean... it looks cool



TheGreenSpiny said:

That looks cool... but man, did they have to gut Metroid Fusion? Couldn't they have picked some crappy GBA game?



Supremeist said:

Too expensive, I'll just stick with getting regular flash drives at Walmart. These are cool though.



SkywardLink98 said:

It's a shame to waste the game. I say they should have the games pre-installed to the flash drives.



DrCruse said:

Way to expensive. $170 for a 1 Terabyte hard drive is just too much when you can get the same amount of storage for just $80.



TKOWL said:

That Zelda shield one looks tempting at a low price... and I need a new Flash Drive anyways.



komicturtle said:

I'll invest in a 4TB hard drive instead for $80. More value and better than a glorified flash drive.



CrazedGeek said:

Hmm, I have a broken Super Mario Bros/Duck Hunt/WCTM cart for the NES lying around... I may just turn it into an external HDD.

Also, @KomicZ: Link, please? I don't believe I've even seen a 4TB drive, and the cheapest I can find bare 2TB drives is usually around $90.

(I just looked at the linked site. Dear lord, $170 for a 1TB drive?)



AlbertoC said:

I now want a The Legend Of Zelda 1Tb HDD... So much awesomeness in a oh-so tiny cartridge...



FluttershyGuy said:

I'll acknowledge creativity, but defiling a Metroid Fusion game is just criminal! I ever know of anybody going all Andy Warhol with a Nintendo masterpiece, I'm having a few choice words with them.
I didn't know Lakitu had a place to store our computer stuffs. TO THE LAKITU! Interesting thing here. I run a search on "cloud" at google, cloud storage comes up first, Cloud Strife second, then regular cloud clouds as in the sky, LOL!



Ichabod said:

Very nice! Discount would be awesome, and these are fantastic. I might be sold.



Kagamine said:

that would be sooo cool! i would definately buy something then. maybe the hard drive because i needs me some space!



StarDust4Ever said:

I am generally against destorying old classics. Try a PowerPak from ($135) next time you feel the need to store data on an NES cart. It plugs into the NES and plays games, too!

@warioswoods: I'm pretty skeptic on the whole "Cloud Storage" concept. Great place to keep Spinies, though. As someone who lived through the dorcom bust of 2001, data uploaded to the Internet has a tendancy to vaporize quite unexpectantly. After all, clouds are made of vapors, aren't they? One minute it's there, next minute, POOF, it's gone.



moosa said:

No way I'm supporting destruction of out-of-production Nintendo game goods.

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