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Solatorobo Tracks Down a North American Publisher

Posted by Trevor Chan

Red the Hunter sniffs out more DS owners

With the European localisation of Solatorobo: Red the Hunter confirmed with a 1st July release, it's now time for North America to get the official word regarding a localisation for that particular region.

While Nintendo is in charge with marketing and distributing the title in Europe, XSEED Games will be responsible for bringing the Namco Bandai Games and CyberConnect2-developed RPG to North American gamers this Fall.

Set on a series of floating islands called the Shepherd Republic, gamers will follow the every day lives of two different races: anthropomorphic species of cat and dog people and their technology-infused lifestyles. Players take on the role of Red Savarin, a canine-like hunter who sets off on an adventure with his robot companion to discover the truth behind a mysterious artefact.

Head over to the game page on the U.K. Nintendo website for a couple of teaser trailers that show the art style cut-sequences will be presented in, as well as a taste of the RPG's soundtrack.


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Retro_on_theGo said:

Oooh cool! I'll probably be done with all my games by fall so I'll pick this up! Mecha driving furries?!? Heck yeah! Glad it's coming to America.



Issun said:

Glad for you it's coming your way this fall ^^ Unfortunately for you, I will already have finished it at least twice (once in French and then in English to see if it holds up) and will have already gushed about how awesome it is on the forum's topic ^^
OMG ! It's out next week, can't wait ^^



Tails said:

Will be picking this up upon release date. I need more RPGS to keep me busy on the DS



HandheldGuru97 said:

So there is still life left in this old dog! This looks pretty good thank you Xseed for another wonderful game that America would other wise miss out on.



sykotek said:

Wonderful news. I never noticed it before, but I have a ton of XSEED published games across all systems. That would make this title number 30 among the ones I own.



MeloMan said:

Good news as I had my eye on this game. XSeed, while you're at it, please grab the publishing rights to Last Story and Xenoblade Chronicles since we can't count on NOA, thanks.



TwilightV said:

If XSeed can publish this, maybe there's a chance they'll publish the One Piece games we're missing out on.

Anyways, i'll at least be looking forward to getting this when it's released!



Henmii said:

I am happy for you Americans, but we Europeans are better of. In Europe Nintendo is the publisher, so that means you can find it everywhere.

You Americans probably have to go to the online-shops again, since most traditional shops won't sell it (I guess)!



TrueWiiMaster said:

Does anyone know if this game is turn-based or not? I generally prefer turn-based over real-time, and I'm curious as to whether I should watch out for this one.



Vinsanity said:

YEAAAAAHHH!! I love you XSeed, even though I know it's moves like these that will lead to an untimely death for your studio. But man, did I appreciate Fragile Dreams' getting a US release. If you guys put some of those killer Ys remakes on the PSN's "PSP Remasters" collection, I'll snap up the entire series in a heartbeat. The PSP, as hardware, is sorta dogsh**, and I refuse to play anything else on it. Maybe I'll just download all the Ys' when I get a Vita? Either way, I wanna support you guys more, but I only will if you get games for hardware I care about. This is the kinda thing I'm talking about.

I also hope that Nintendo Europe eats most of the localization budget since they're doing Europe, and you can just snatch up the UK region's script and print some US copies and call it a day. Nice and cheap;) I actually hope some publisher does that for the Wii games that got EU releases incoming, but the US — inexplicably — isn't. Like Last Story and Xenoblade. NOA blows.

Needless to say, I'll preorder Solatrobo ASAP. Just so you can count on one guaranteed sale that much more.



Vinsanity said:

Y'know what XSeed? I'll even dig out my PSP-3000 from the drawer I chucked it into months ago to play Ys Oath in Felghana. But only because it's the Amazon Games Deal of the Day, and it's Lightning Deal Price is 15 bucks, AND I have $10 credit from pre-ordering Duke Nukem Forever That's the only way I'd be convinced to play my PSP again — congrats, you found it out.

But hey, at least my $5 is going to kick publisher. Believe me, i'll snap up Solatarobo DS the day it comes out. I LOVE my DS's.



TheUnknownGame said:

In the Game Overview, it says that this game supports 4 players. So this game is going to have mulitplayer?



CanisWolfred said:

^Looks like it. Can't seem to find any explaination on how it'll work, though. All I do know is that it's Wi-fi only.



TheUnknownGame said:

If it does have some muliplayer, that'll be really interesting.
But the only thing about the Wi-Fi I heard about is for downloading extra missions.



James said:

RE: Multiplayer, the official UK Nintendo site says this:

"Compete with friends who own Solatorobo in all-action races round circuits floating in the sky." That's all I've got!



TheUnknownGame said:

Yay, I get to race people by playing as a bounty hunter dog on a mech!
The fun part is looking for someone who has the silly game to play with...



Henmii said:

"Does anyone know if this game is turn-based or not? I generally prefer turn-based over real-time, and I'm curious as to whether I should watch out for this one"

I believe it is real-time. I prefer real-time, so for me it's a plus!



TheUnknownGame said:

^ It's a real-time game with RPG elements. I think it is more about skill than about how high your stats are.



Sakura_Moonlight2421 said:

This article was written on my birthday~!! OMG my wish came true!! (Well till they find a publisher then my wish would have come true but this is good news nonetheless.)



Retrogamer88 said:

i cant wait to play this great looking game, i love the art for the game and NOA will bring this game to america but not last story,xenoblade,or pandoras tower? odd,

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