Update: Nintendo has revealed the game will launch in Europe on 1st July.

It seems like only last week we asked what's going on with Solatorobo: Red the Hunter?, and now we have the answer: Nintendo will release the Namco Bandai game in Europe later this year.

As in similar deals for Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition and Dead or Alive: Dimensions, Nintendo will handle the sales, marketing and distribution for the unique RPG in PAL territories. That's right: the game is heading to Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

Players step into the furry shoes of Red Savarin, an anthropomorphic dog with the ability to take human form when battling giant mechanical robots. After six years of DS, it's good to see the console is still receiving innovative ideas.

Here's the Japanese trailer below, so stay tuned for more news on Solatorobo: Red the Hunter.

[source nintendo.co.uk]