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Reaction: Nintendo's Complete Press Release

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Nintendo's Upcoming Wii U Console Features Controller with 6.2-inch Screen

Nintendo 3DS Continues its Evolution with Mario Kart, Super Mario and the Nintendo eShop as Nintendo Celebrates the 25th Anniversary of The Legend of Zelda

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LOS ANGELES--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- At the E3 Expo, Nintendo introduced a new paradigm for video games and home entertainment: Wii U™, a new console that includes a controller with a 6.2-inch screen. Adding a second screen to the living room creates a multitude of new video game experiences while offering families a variety of options to customize their entertainment.

Previously, video games played on a home console have been confined to the TV and offered identical viewpoints to each player in a multiplayer environment. Furthermore, watching TV and playing console games have been completely separate experiences. The new controller removes these boundaries, creating a more dynamic and fluid gaming and entertainment experience. Visitors to the E3 Expo will see firsthand the type of gaming experiences made possible by Wii U and the new controller such as:

In single-player games:
The new controller can display information on its screen that does not appear on the TV.
The information and viewpoint can also change in the new controller based on the orientation of its gyroscope.
In multiplayer games:
The player using the new controller can have a different experience than those looking at the TV. This will offer a wide variety of competitive and cooperative opportunities.
In addition to the 6.2-inch screen, the new controller also features an accelerometer and a gyroscope, a rumble feature, an inward-facing camera, a microphone and speakers. Adding these features to the Classic Controller™ button scheme – two analog Circle Pads, +Control Pad, A/B/X/Y buttons, L/R buttons and ZL/ZR buttons – will enable a breadth of game-play experiences while appealing to both casual and dedicated video game players.

Wii U combines motion-sensing game play with the ability to support full HD graphics. Each Wii U console will be partnered with a new controller and can also use up to four additional Wii Remote™ or Wii Remote Plus controllers. The system is also backward compatible and can play all Wii games and use all Wii accessories. The Wii console has sold more than 86 million units globally and greatly expanded the overall audience for video games. Wii U aims to expand that audience even further. Developers worldwide are already working on new games and experiences for the console.

“Wii U redefines the structure of home entertainment by fundamentally changing how the TV, the game console and the Internet function and interact together,” said Nintendo President Satoru Iwata. “The experience enabled by Wii U and the new controller takes players deeper into their games, while reaching out wider than ever before to be inviting to all kinds of gamers.”

Nintendo 3DS™, which lets users see 3D images without the need for special glasses, launched in the United States on March 27 and continues to evolve. Owners will find that their Nintendo 3DS experience is different every time they pick up the system, thanks to new content and updates delivered by Nintendo, by third parties and exchanged between users.

A new system update is now available for the Nintendo 3DS system. Users who connect to a wireless broadband Internet connection and install the system update will instantly gain access to the Nintendo eShop, which contains a variety of games and applications for download using a cash-based system.

Users can browse original 3D software, 3D Classics (select classic video games re-mastered in 3D), classic Game Boy™ and Game Boy Color games, and more than 350 games and applications currently offered for the Nintendo DSiWare™ service. Visitors can also see videos and screen shots for games, plus see how other players rank games.

The system update also provides Nintendo 3DS owners access to free items, including an Internet browser that can show 3D images on sites specifically designed to show 3D images, a download of a re-mastered 3D version of the NES™ classic Excitebike™ game (free until July 7) and Pokédex™ 3D, which lets users discover and view more than 150 Pokémon™ from the Pokémon Black Version and Pokémon White Version games in visually engaging 3D.

Nintendo also announced a huge lineup of upcoming new and fan-favorite franchise games, many of which are playable on the E3 Expo show floor in booth 4922.

Nintendo 3DS: Super Mario™, Luigi’s Mansion™ 2, Mario Kart™, Kid Icarus™: Uprising, The Legend of Zelda™: Ocarina of Time™ 3D, Star Fox 64™ 3D, Animal Crossing™, Paper Mario™, Picture Lives!, The Rolling Western™.

Wii: The Legend of Zelda™: Skyward Sword, Kirby™ Wii, Wii Play™: Motion, Mystery Case Files™: The Malgrave Incident™, Mario Party™ 9, Rhythm Heaven™ and Fortune Street™.

Nintendo DS™: Kirby™ Mass Attack, Professor Layton and the Last Specter™, Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker™ 2 and Super Fossil Fighters™.
Nintendo kicked off its E3 Expo Presentation by announcing a number of initiatives to celebrate the 25th anniversary of The Legend of Zelda. A re-mastered 3D version of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time launches for Nintendo 3DS on June 19, while Wii owners will see the arrival of The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword in the 2011 holiday season. Additionally, Nintendo announced a tour of orchestral concerts featuring music from the beloved franchise. Additional commemorative activities will be announced at a later date.

For the duration of the E3 Expo, Nintendo will provide fans with exclusive videos and Nintendo content on the Nintendo Network. People can visit to watch developer interviews, get all the information about new games and see coverage coming directly from the show floor. The same exclusive content also will be streamed through the Nintendo® Channel to Wii owners who have a broadband Internet connection.

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hYdeks said:

yay the console was very well over shadowed by the games, the third party and the especially the new controller BUT if you look closely, that lil system that looks like a wii isn't one, it's the wii u, and I completely missed it too when the first showed it



Odnetnin said:

Wow poor Wii is getting no love from Nintendo. Time to jump on the Wii U hype train then, I guess!



jerryo said:

it really brings both worlds of gaming together, the worlds that nintendo played an instrumental role for their creation!



TheBaconator said:

I didn't like how there was a trailer for only one Nintendo game that wasn't previously announced. (Luigi's Mansion 2)



jerryo said:

these games are also confirmed

Darksiders 2
Batman: Arkham City
Assassin's Creed
Lego City Stories
Ghost Recon Online
Aliens: Colonial Marines
Metro: Last Light
Ninja Gaiden 3: Razer's Edge



rjejr said:

re:jerryo - lots and lots of blood. Well maybe not Lego or Dirt but I think they might add some in for the WiiU versions as they seem to be pushing the red red in those videos.

Does anybody remember when Nintendo used to make Wii games? I'm excited for the WiiU (I've been promoting it heavily on this site since Jan 1st) but as a Wii owner who isn't interested in a handheld I feel like Cinderella and it's 12:01. [I'm still holding out for a Skyward Sword HD version, which will probably be announced soon after the Wii version ships. I don't think that giant spider was on the old Wii.]



TKOWL said:

Wii U looks awesome! Luigi's Mansion 2! Super Mario 3DS! Joy!

But I spot no Kirby Wii...



ADaviii said:

The only thing I am upset about is the extreme shunning of any more games for Wii. All it got was Skyward Sword that that was it.

Either way, I still have so many games I haven't played on Wii yet that I have to get around to. And Wii U looks like it's going to be awesome! Looks like I'm not quitting gaming after all.



komicturtle said:

Darksiders 2
Batman: Arkham City
Assassin's Creed
Lego City Stories
Ghost Recon Online(?)
Aliens: Colonial Marines
Metro: Last Light(?)
Ninja Gaiden 3: Razer's Edge

Yeah, the ones crossed out are the ones I won't be getting because I just don't care for them. The one's with ?s are ones I'll look into.

I was really hoping they would show brand new games and not ones already coming out on the other consoles. And I hope 3rd parties don't flood WiiU with uninspiring games and, well, all those shooters that come out practically every month it feels like. I'll hold out for my Smash Bros. and games from Nintendo rather than those third parties.



Samholy said:

you forgot smash brothers for both wii u and 3ds ???
this is like, the biggest game news ive seen on the E3 !!
it hypes me more than the new Wii U !



sc100 said:

I'm excited for the new technology. I do think it will create a fun, new gaming experience. There are a lot of possibilities with this. Now I'm hoping we see plenty of great games that take advantage of it fully, from both Nintendo and third parties. The HD graphics look great as well.

I'm also glad to see the full Wii backwards compatibility for both games and devices. Anybody heard anything on Gamecube backwards compatibility on Wii U?



OverlordMao said:

@9. It was on the left side of the screen there really quickly before the camera goes off at the end of the show. Two Kirby games actually

Also yeah, looks like Nintendo is hopping off the Wii for now. Keep moving forward, I guess.
P.S. I am really excited for this console actually! I love innovation and Nintendo is taking things to a whole new level once again



Stuffgamer1 said:

That show was kinda short. They could've added more time and shown off more DS and Wii games easily. I mean, the list above shows that they ARE, in fact, still MAKING them...but just watching the video would paint a very different picture indeed.



ADaviii said:

For those of us who want to see trailers of Kirby Wii, Mario Party 9, Rhythm Heaven Wii and more, you can see them on the Nintendo Channel through your Wii console. . You will also see full videos of what developers have to say about Wii U, more 3DS games, and even more games for DS and Wii.



FonistofCruxis said:

I'm disappointed. There aren't many exciting first-party trailers of new games, (just Luigi's mansion 2 and Mario party 9) no Xenoblade chronicles, no The last story, no Pandora's tower and the wii U line-up shown is nowere near as exciting as the 3DS line-up from last years e3.



fishman100 said:

Ooh, Professor Layton! It's coming to the US
On another note, i wonder if the Wii U will have System transfer like the 3DS...



PSICOffee said:

Only Luigi's Mansion 2 was exciting. I expected no Mother series announcement, of course. I was hoping for a brand new Star Fox, F-Zero or even Donkey Kong, but at least we got two new Kirby games confirmed (even though we already knew about them) that they secretly showed on the screen at the end. But where the hell is Pikmin 3 already!?

This e3 was crap compared to last year, and I don't even want to think about how stupid Wii U sounds (yea I know everyone hated Wii at first too). It feels like a play off of "Wii Two." I think this e3 would have been better if half the show wasn't stuff we've already seen. None of the games appeal to me for the Wii U, and even though the controller can do neat things, I can't help but feel like Nintendo is trying to capitalize on the tablet.



vio said:

Hmm, so I guess Nintendo is gonna try and steal away a bunch of those "hardcore" gamers while simultaneously trying to retain the "casual" gamers?

Also, did they confirm if Virtual Console was going to be supported?



TheAmazingRaccoon said:

anyone else concerned about what powers the controller? if it has a built in battery, I hope it lasts a lot longer than the 3DS'.



WaveBoy said:

Poor Wii.
Zelda Skyward Sword, Kirby Wii, Mario Party 9, Rythem Heaven and Wii Play 2 seem to be the only titles that the Wii has in store for us this year.

And where in the hell was Pikmin 3!?



phoenix1818 said:

@WaveBoy I just read an article on IGN saying that Pikmin 3 has officially been moved over to Wii U. They said it could possibly be a launch title on the new console.




I need to slow down my spending for the Wii in prepartaion for more 3DS nad Wii U hardware and soiftware that's cool for its slowdown...

Wii U is wow (I wonder if its called "U" becase its kind of a highly advanced uDraw tablet and there's some kind of naming rights going down?)



JimLad said:

Yeah excited for Wii U and some good stuff for 3DS, but the Wii looks like it's going to be facing a big drought until Zelda comes and beyond.
Speaking of which they could have shown more of Skyward Sword I feel.
Quite a lopsided conference I think.



Crunc said:

Wii U is a mess IMHO. Nifty controller, but you're only ever going to have one of them as Wii U doesn't support more then one. What in the world were they thinking? They go from the developer who created the first 4 player console to the first to go almost exclusively single-player, except for online and the oddball game here and there that combines the new controller with Wii Remotes for other players. I'll still be interested, but a lot less then I was before the announcements. Disappointing.



jerryo said:

"What in the world were they thinking?"
i have heard the same comment from so many people when DS and Wii were announced.

you'll get what they were thinking when you give it a try



jerryo said:

this conference was about their plans of moving forward and exciting us even more with genuine nintendo style innovation.

not how they are going to address the past. and that is what made this a very important conference for me. the wii is living its last and will live on through wiiU. However it is history. DS will be around for at least another year i feel. At least until 3DS builds a solid user base. DS is still the most widely adopted platform out there.



jerryo said:

rjejr there is a lot of action. and yes some blood. i dunno if you watched the presentation, but there were lots of wii style games and demos and classic nintendo happy party funny game suggestions there. the spirit of wii of course lives on. it was a great success how could they possibly deny it!

Only their marketing will focus a bit more on hardcore games for a while i suppose. there is a respectable amount of people that needs to feel a nice warm hug (in a manly way!! ) and a huge welcome back to the big nintendo family! i feel great that in the future I will be able to play all sorts of games on my console and not only the typical games we are used to play on wii. i miss this!

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