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Prepare for Dead or Alive with Five Minutes of 3DS Gameplay

Posted by James Newton

Getting jiggle with it

Dead or Alive: Dimensions is just ten days away from Europe and two weeks from North America, so publisher Tecmo Koei has released a lengthy video to explain the game's features.

The Japanese video shows off the game's training mode as well as the new Chronicles mode, where players battle through a story based on the four previous Dead or Alive games, combining fighting, story and training in one.

There's also footage from the new figurine posing mode that uses the gyroscope to turn the 3DS into a virtual camera of sorts, with 1,000 figures to collect and combine to create 'exciting dioramas'. Yes, you know what that means.

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Oregano said:

Game is looking even better than I remember it. Can't wait! Only 10 days!



LightSamus said:

After enjoying Street Fighter IV so much on my 3DS, I'm twice as keen for this game! I love both of the franchises!



Spoony_Tech said:

Nintendo power gave this a nine out of ten. Looks like fighting games are finally getting the love they deserve on a Nintendo system.



RyuZebian said:

Is it just me, or is this looking as good as any other DOA (REAL DOA that is) game? Everything looks solid, so I guess the weakspot could possibly be controls.... I'm pretty sad that the only seemingly worthwhile titles on 3DS are fighting games though. As good as they may be, it's not my favorite genre.



Yosher said:

Dang I wish this game would be released at launch, I would have gotten this game instead of Street Fighter. I don't need more than 1 fighter on my 3DS though (unless it's SSB, but that's beside the point).



Ren said:

Am I the only one who bought SF just because it looked better than the other launch games. This looks good too, but it's still just an old fighter game. Can I have something with a story, please?



daznsaz said:

@18 yea i know what you mean about games with deep stories sooner the better hope they do plenty like that



Skotski said:

Do you mean it's "an old fighter game" in the sense that it's a typical fighting game? Or "an old fighter game" as in it's just a port/rehash?

Because it isn't a port/rehash if that's what you're getting at. Though you would be correct that it is a typical fighting game - nothing wrong with that if you love fighters. ...story-heavy fighters? Well, most fighter games do have story - but you often have to piece them together from several matches and games (for instance, King of Fighters has a huge storyline - but you wouldn't be able to tell from just one playthrough). Though I'm wondering if you're just looking forward to something with more cutscenes (this does have cutscenes, but probably not what you're looking for). You might want to look forward to BlazBlue if you've never tried the series.



MDee14 said:

I'm just happy their finally bringing a DOA game to Nintendo. i can't for it to come out

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