When Polish developer Nibris closed its doors and transformed itself into a coordinator of the European Games Centre, that was probably the final nail of many that were driven into the coffin belonging to the all-talk-no-walk Wii game Sadness.

Ratings from the Entertainment Software Rating Board and Pan European Game Information, however, suggest we'll see at least one former Nibris title make it to release.

Double Bloob was originally announced for the DS in 2007, and since former members of Nibris integrated themselves into Bloober Team ― a studio that was previously a subsidiary of Nibris, the game is now being developed under the name of the latter. The Pang-style puzzle game will task players with destroying a certain amount of bloobs in each level in order to move onto the next. Obstacles such as gravity fields and objects that manipulate your bloobs will have to be taken care of, and additional in-game quests will have to be spotted and taken advantage of to earn those bonus points.

Players will use the direction pad to control their character and the stylus to determine the type of shot they want to fire. With animated multi-layered backgrounds and a hand-painted art style, players can take on the single-player Quest Mode, replay unlocked levels in Point Attack, and complete unlocked levels as fast as they can in Time Attack.

A Wii version was also announced but it's currently unclear if that's been cancelled in favour of a release through the DSi Shop or if Bloober Team will carry on the development.

[via esrb.org]