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Sadness Screenshot
Sadness Screenshot
Sadness Screenshot
Sadness Screenshot
Sadness Screenshot
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Sadness Screenshot
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Sadness News

  • Rumour Sadness Still in Development With Update by the End of the Year

    Will it? Won't it? The mystery continues...

    Since it was something that was much-talked about many years ago, let us refresh your memory a little. Remember that spooky-looking game for the Wii that was in development by Nibris? What was it called, again? Ah yes, Sadness. Well, the game that no one's seen seems to be making a bit of a resurgence as...

  • News Nibris Teases 'E3 2009'

    Honest-to-goodness Sadness info coming?

    Man, E3 this year is set to be massive. Not only will we (hopefully) be getting some more info and debuts of some (hopefully) bangin' new Ninty Wii and DSi titles and third-party efforts, like two new games from High Voltage Software, the LA Convention Center promises to shed some light on the dark Sadness...

  • News "The Most Powerful Engine Available For Wii"

    It's been a bit "will it, won't it" with Nibris' psychological thriller "Sadness" ever since it was announced in April 2006 but according to Official Nintendo Magazine the game is running on "the most powerful engine available for [the] Wii". Blimey.

    After the new screenshot which emerged last week we've all been waiting for the next twist in the...

  • News Solitary Sadness Screenshot Surfaces

    That some pretty impressive alliteration there

    Remember Sadness? Many months ago we were treated to some tantalising production artwork for this potentially groundbreaking survival horror title, and then it all went silent. From what we can gather developer Nibris has experienced issues with finding a publisher, and this has led many people to write...

  • News Nintendo Deny That Sadness Exists

    Promising survival horror is something of a phantom

    Sadness is a game that many Wii owners got excited about when it was first ‘announced’ by developer Nibris quite some time ago. The concept of a stylish black & white survival horror positively dripped tension and foreboding, and the production artwork looked extremely intriguing. However,...

  • News Sadness Canned?

    Whilst browsing the wonderful world of the Internet I found an email from "FrontLine Studios" that seems to leave survival horror title Sadness without a developer.

    The email conversation went as follows: Dear Frontline Studios, NIBRIS claims that you are programming the game called Sadness for the Nintendo Wii. Most of us believe that this game is...

  • News Sadness: Plot Details

    Finally some news has come out of Nibris HQ regarding their hotly anticipated survival horror thriller, Sadness.

    Within the game you will take control of a character known as Maria who has just survived a serious train crash. Maria is left in control of her brother Alexander, who was blinded from the crash and it is from here that the game takes a...

  • News Frontline Sadness Deal

    Frontline Studios accounce a co-production agreement with Nibris.

    GoNintendo.com picked up on the press release that has appeared on the Frontline Studios website, and reads the following: "FRONTLINE Studios announced today that it has signed a co-production agreement with Nibris , the author of the highly anticipated Sadness game for the Wii...

  • News Further Sadness For Wii

    Nibris release some rumour quashing information regarding their upcoming Wii title, Sadness.

    Polish developer Nibris have been the focus of attention since it announced its "Sadness" title prior to E3 earlier this year, the company has decided to make it clear that the majority of information on the Internet is still speculation and rumor at this...

  • News Sadness Developer Nibris Emerge Online

    Small team Nibris launch their website and announce Sadness trailer to be available May 10th.

    Today, Nibris have announced that their website is officially online and ready for viewing, you can find it at the aptly named They've also announced that a trailer for "Sadness" the dark, noir Nintendo Wii title will have a trailer available from May...

About The Game

Exclusive Nintendo Revolution title Sadness will be fully.. black and

Nibris decided to follow Nintendo's path, which definately fights the stagnation which has occured in video games, and creates new trends - With thise move, we want to create a unique environment, which is only available in Sadness - Says Łukasz "CassSept" Oskard, a Nibris employee. But Nibris are not following the trend created though Sin City, but rather a game which is set pre-World War. More information on Sadness will be available soon.