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Crush 3D to Flatten Your 3DS

Posted by Zach Kaplan

Sega to breathe new life into a PSP classic

Crush, a unique PSP puzzler/platformer from 2007, has been outed by the ESRB as heading to the 3DS as Crush 3D.

Crush was a critical success, if not a commercial one, which may give hope to those of you hoping that your favourite less-than-successful franchises might see the light of day once more. Sega's official description of the original Crush is as follows:

Play inside the mind of Danny, an insomniac, in this wacky puzzler. Manipulate the landscape of Danny's dreams from 2D to 3D and back again in order to help him conquer his impossible past. Every enemy and obstacle you overcome brings Danny closer to a full night's sleep.

The ESRB meanwhile describes Crush 3D as:

... a puzzle platformer in which players collect marbles to activate exits and complete each level. As players run and jump through each colourful environment, they can toggle between 2D and 3D perspectives to navigate platforms. Players' 'cartoony' character cries out and loses a life if he falls off tall platforms or is struck by roaming enemies (e.g., giant blocks, slugs). In some sequences, players can use large blocks or balls to squash giant cockroaches; defeated bugs emit large splashes of yellow liquid that stain the ground.

Suffice to say we've got a crush on this one. What niche or semi-niche games do you hope to see new life on the 3DS?


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jaffa said:

"Every enemy and obstacle you overcome brings Danny closer to a full nights sleep"

that makes it sound like the game is short O_o



James said:

It's not — the PSP one had some extremely devious puzzles in it, and I'm sure this will be the same.



Despair1087 said:

ive never heard of the original, but this seems pretty interesting...

i hope it comes out when i have money cuz i'm gonna be sooo poor in june
(OoT, Cavestory, Shin megami )



daznsaz said:

ive played most the 3ds games now got ridge racer n samurai warriors so its a little drought really waiting for june now hurry up



Oregano said:

The game has been rated, talked about but not properly announced for release right? What are the odds it's an eShop game and how big(filesize) was the original.

Maybe I'm crazy though.



jackaroo said:

Picked this up for 3 Pound on PSP last year. Its an excellent puzzler game. I was hooked but the puzzles get very hard and I didnt manage to finish it. Although I made sure to collect everything in every level so I probably made it harder on myself than normal. But still awesome game. Highly recommend it but if this is identical to the PSP version then it might be worth getting that instead since its cheaper.



brandonbwii said:

It's retail. It's on Nintendo Power's coming soon list and was talked about by Sega and Zoe Mode.

I wanted this back when it was released on PSP. I heard it was similar to Super Paper Mario but with a greater emphasis on thought provoking puzzles. Looks like I will have my second chance.



Mars said:

I never finished the PSP version, but Crush is a good game. However, I hope Sega will add some extra levels to this game to merit the $40 price, especially for those that completed a good percentage of the game on the PSP.



Oregano said:

@9: Was it confirmed as retail? I hadn't seen any PR which I thought was suspicious. It's going to be a hard sell if it's the exact same game and for a higher price.



Fmkz said:

I've actually played the original and it really was amazing. I can't wait for this!



CanisWolfred said:

I remember playing this game on the PSP. It was quite good, though very difficult towards the end. I might buy it again on the 3DS, since I sold the PSP version.



Henmii said:

I believe this was one of the games I wanted to play in the past. Nice that it's coming to the 3DS now!



NeoShinobi said:

Crush was awesome. I'll definitely pick this up when I get a 3DS (whenever the hell that may be).

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