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Nintendo has 3D Demos of Wii Sports and Super Mario Galaxy

Posted by James Newton

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Nintendo's experiments with 3D go right back in time: there was 3D Hot Rally on the Famicom Disk System, a 3D GameBoy Advance SP and every GameCube has 3D-capable circuitry inside it. Despite the company's dabbling, not everyone was convinced that the new 3DS would be a success, so Nintendo set about changing their minds.

3DS hardware head Hideki Konno spoke to Kotaku about the experiments the company went through to convince sceptics of how the machine would make games better, starting with a series of 3D games on Nintendo Wii.

We took a special LCD screen and hooked it up to a Wii. We were able to play Mario Kart Wii on a 3D screen and we were also able to do a number of other experiments, again, sort of exploring the potential of how it could affect gameplay. For example we worked with Animal Crossing, Super Mario Galaxy and Wii Sports as well.

Talking more about how the 3D display enhanced gameplay, Konno spoke of the golf mode in Wii Sports, and how putting was much easier:

When you got to the green, you were actually able to see the undulation of the green itself and were able to understand the distance between you and the hole and how the terrain rolled up or down, side-to-side and whatnot. And not just on the greens, but on the fairway. If you were looking at a course that sloped down or had a precipitous upgrade, looking at that in 3D really brought that impact out and made it stronger.

Good to hear Konno, but we want that 3D Super Mario Galaxy, and we want it now.


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WiiLovePeace said:

"Good to hear Konno, but we want that 3D Super Mario Galaxy, and we want it now." <- THIS!

Thankfully the screenshots that Ninty have shown of the next Super mario game for 3DS actually do look suprisingly like Super Mario Galaxy..



Corbs said:

I'd rather have Mario Golf 3D and the new Super Mario 3D game they're working on.



NintyMan said:

The screenshots for the next Super Mario look a lot like Super Mario Galaxy, so maybe you'd take comfort in that. Personally, I think Luigi's Mansion would be brilliant in 3D.



Kid_A said:

I'm with Corbs. It's been far too long since we've had a proper Mario Golf entry, and the new 3D Super Mario game looks "Galaxy" enough for me already.



SMW said:

Mario included or not, I just want another Golf game from Camelot! I have yet to be disappointed by Camelot. Thankfully Camelot has expressed interest in the 3DS, so we may see a golf game from them, either that or Golden Sun.

Anyone complaining about a lack of Mario Golf should give We Love Golf a try. Camelot made it, and the only difference is that it has Capcom costumes instead of Mario characters. (Just give the controls some time. They take getting used to.)



3XDStar said:

A 3D Wii would be cool, but wouldn't that mean you have to buy a special TV for it? And I don't think everyone would want to buy a new TV.



2-D said:

A 3D Galaxy would blow so many minds it wouldn't be financially viable. That's the only explanation that it isn't already here.



Chris720 said:

@13 Agreed!

Although a Wii 3D would be good, I don't want to shell out money on both a console and a new TV to play in 3D...

But 3D Wii Sports Boxing sounds even better. You'll actually be dodging fists lol.

But how do 3DTVs work? I've always been intrigued about that... especially since you don't need 3D glasses, at least I think so...



AVahne said:

Wish they can enable 3D on the Wii, I wanna play my Wii games in 3D on my 3DTV, glasses or not.



Jonisme said:

How hard would it be for nintendo to sell 3D stuff on wiiware for people that have 3D tvs and how hard would it be for them to take any 2D '3D' game turn it into a 3D game for the 3DS all they would need is an engine which I am sure they have already.



Mach-X said:

Interesting that the Gamecube has 3d hardware in it, which means the wii by virtue probably does too. I wonder if it's the same 3d used by 3dtvs tho. I'm not sold on the whole craze anyway, Ive tried 3dtvs with the glasses and while yes the effect is quite stunning, I don't think it's something I'd use all the time or even consider essential. I do love the idea that the 3ds doesn't require glasses for its effect and that it is adjustable.



Wolfenstein83 said:

So it sounds to me that the next console they make is leaning into the 3D realm too?
Like Mach-X also said, since the GC has the built-in hardware, so does the Wii, which is how the 3D demo's were possible in the first place.
I am surprised that some enterprising individuals (hackers, pirates, modders, etc.) haven't tried to tap into that aspect of the console and create their own 3D setups.
If Nintendo can come up with a way to play 3D games on the big screen with tech that isn't too complicated or expensive, I am already on board and ready to play.
I would love to play Mario Tennis or Mario Kart in 3D!



Detective_TeeJay said:

If they come out with a Wii 2 3D, everyone who gets it will also have to buy a 3D TV just to see the 3D if they don't already have one. That's quite the expensive setup. No thanks, my money is already set on the 3DS.

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