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Fri 4th Mar 2011

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3XDStar commented on Wii U Hands-On for Media Only at CES 2012:

Nintendo's next system should be a Wii U 2. And it should be able to have two Wii U 2 disks in it at a time and be able to read and combine them as 1 super disk to make really long, big, and great games.



3XDStar commented on 3DS eShop Has Officially Opened Its Doors:

Grr I see your all enjoying the eShop but as you can see, I am not. Because it won't download!! It keeps doing error system restarting at half way through. Can someone help me?



3XDStar commented on Talking Point: To 3D or Not to 3D?:

Hey Corbie or anyone who knows the answer to this, when you play music on the DSi or 3DS can you close the screen and still here the music? Like if you wanted to put it in your pocket and listen to music.



3XDStar commented on 3DS Arrives at Nintendo Life:

But do the L/R buttons look and feel different? Cause apparently on nintendo's past systems... (DSi/DS lite) they stop working. So I can't play half my games. =(