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Get Your First Look at Black Ops Campaign Mode on Wii

Posted by James Newton

Updated: Campaign and multiplayer footage

There's been close to radio silence on Call of Duty: Black Ops for Wii, but now the game is available in the wild the first direct feed footage of the campaign mode has arrived courtesy of Official Nintendo Magazine.

The 18-rated footage focuses on a three-man team attempting to take down Fidel Castro in a hideout. Graphically the game doesn't look too bad for a Wii release, and the aiming controls look tight and accurate.

There's the promise of more footage to come, and naturally our review is in the works, so in the meantime check out the Call of Duty: Black Ops campaign footage at the Official Nintendo Magazine site if you're over 18 and so inclined.

Update: ONM has also published Black Ops Wii multiplayer footage too.


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nr_09 said:

dont have any hopes for call of duty
since modern warfare it sucks and waw did a little beter
so don't care



KrazyKain said:

looking forward to see what did and didnt make it to the wii version, I heard zombie and coop is in so that'll make me happy, hoping to see the new dead ops too, but not nearly as important



Amorous_Badger said:

Give the fellas time to play the bloody thing!

I'm guessing they haven't received a review copy.

Hell, I don't that the printed gaming media received advance copies, it's certainly not in the current ONM.
That doesn't bode well.



James said:

@outrun2sp And how often do you see us publish a review on the same day a title is released? Even if we receive advance copies as in the case of GoldenEye for Wii we like to take our time and see if it's up to speed online etc. before we go ahead and give it a score.



nothankyou said:

I have no hope for this game (on the Wii, anyway).
The Nintendo Ports are usually crappy.




I'm a bit disappointed in the graphics vs Reflex and the Multiplayer has not worked even more disappointment for all the hype so far.



paulcmnt said:

The graphics are awful, but that wouldn't be a problem had the game had good gameplay. Obviously, I haven't played it yet, so I don't know for sure, but judging by the past, I'm not too hopeful.



irken004 said:

This looks really good actually, the level designs look nice. I love how there is more blood! The online mode looks good too. DO WANT.



Spoony_Tech said:

I think it will do fine. If the controls are the same as reflex it will be perfect. As for the graphics ill wait till I see it running before I judge. I mean it can't be worse then reflex right!



outrun2sp said:

James sorry if i seemed arsey. I trust your guys opinion thats all so was looking out for this review from you.

Ive ended up getting the 360 version in the end but that shouldnt offend anyone here as you guys are a multiplatform site.

Im still interested to see how it runs on Wii and Wii players should be glad to have the zombies in at last. I also love the control system for MW reflex.



Jnes4 said:

The game looks good ( gameplay wise ) can't wait to pick this up along with goldeneye !



Weskerb said:

ONM gave it 90%. But looking at the gameplay vids I'm suprised it scored so highly. I would have thought Goldeneye was better, but they've scored them exactly the same. Hmmm.



suburban_sensei said:

I know my gf is a big CoD fan, she went to the midnight launch and picked up Black Ops on 360 and she said it's really not that great. So yeah, I guess thats testament, that people may want to skip the port and just pick up Goldeneye.



GammaGames said:

This game is pretty good, except the online won't load! Is anyone else having that problem? I go to NWFC thing on multiplayer menu, and it hasnt loaded yet.



IanUniacke said:

I'm not a big fan of Call Of Duty but it is good to see the proper game developed for Wii in tandem with other consoles. Think I'll be getting Goldeneye though, that looks fun.



taffy said:

Just got the game and have to say it's the best one so far. I've tried multiplayer aswell and it DOES NOT load which is a big let down although zombie mode does work online which is weird.



TheChosen said:

GoNintendo mentions has some news about online not working. One guy who had this problem said that it existed when he used the USB-LAN thingie. When he tried wireless, it worked again.

Then again, someone reported to have no problems at all.



Junkface said:

Got it yesterday. I have only played online and I have to say so far I am pretty happy with it. It seems like an improvement from the earlier installments. Communicating has never been easies on a Wii game. There are some lag issues and games dropping; hopefully this will be addressed soon. Just to note I found only one board for Zombies online buy hey its ZOMBIES! The new boards are pretty big and I haven't played one yet that I haven't enjoyed. Hope to see you guys online soon .

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