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Nintendo Download: 12th and 13th October 2010 (Japan)

Posted by Sean Aaron

WiiWare and DSiWare together again

It looks like the heady days of surprise Japanese Virtual Console releases are well and truly behind us as there's only one VC release scheduled for the rest of the month and it's not happening next week. Instead there's a pair of WiiWare titles, which were starting to get as rare as hen's teeth. DSiWare is sparse this week with another G.G. Series sequel in the cards as a solo offering – could it be development focus is already shifting to the 3DS?


Sonic the Hedghog 4: Episode 1 (1000pts, Sega) – Next week sees the relaunch of the blue buzzbomb in all territories so this isn't much of a surprise. It does look like Sega feels the need to woo Japanese gamers given the 500 Point discount being offered in that territory, though!

The Game of Life: Happy Step (1000pts, Takara Tomy) – This is actually the second WiiWare release based upon the classic board game, which is still massively popular in Japan. Unlike the first one, "Happy Step" looks less like a video game version of the board game and more similar to a "Sims" game, though you're still hopping on squares and going through the "Game of Life."


G.G. Series: Drift Circuit 2 (200pts, Genterprise) – Yet another sequel to yet another of the original G.G. Series games - definitely looks like we could be seeing a lot more of these, folks. We weren't terribly impressed with the original Drift Circuit, but sequels are a place to add improvements: in this case a second car choice and a turbo function, which just might add the necessary dose of excitement missing from the first game. Could well be worth a look for the import crowd and at 200 Point it's not going to hurt the wallet even if it's another dud.

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Epic said:

Japanese gamers get all Mario, Discounts, Consoles and games early.
Give something to USA.



rustythekid said:

They gave you the finger when they made it episodic , but hey, we're still buying, I know I am.



MeloMan said:

*rare as hen's teeth. *
I don't think I've heard this statement on this side of the pond but I LOL'd all the same



WarioFan63 said:

We're getting FlingSmash (and with that the Wii Remote Plus) before Japan. Does that count?



Yosher said:

You guys get lots before Europe and Australia at least! Why, some games, like Mario Super Sluggers and ExciteBots didn't even release here (and I wanted to get both, damnit), so you guys shouldn't complain! 'Cept for the 500 discount pricetag for Sonic 4 which is a total screwover to non-Japanese players. And makes me refrain from downloading it altogether.



LztheQuack said:

@2: You forget this: the Wii and DS came to America first as did the Metroid Prime series



invmat said:

European Wii gamers are getting Sonic 4 in the last place and with the highest price. How is this possible?



ECM said:

It's out on iPhone et al right now, and it's pretty good--feels a lot like a Sonic 2 w/ a smattering of Sonic Advance--though the lack of a proper dpad is kinda annoying (as usual).



WolfRamHeart said:

Goes to show that this game isn't worth the 1500 points. 1000 points is the price that it should be sold at.



thaantman said:

sega betta do a last minute discount over here, or give us a 500pt reimbursement. just seen the ign in review, and though it was good (8.0) they mention the game is short, who am im kiddin though, still a day 1 purchase



Hokori said:


and who cares if they dont get VC this week, they get Sonic 4, as well as us. come on. as long as we get good-perfect games every month its fine.



Epic said:

@9 Japan don't care about that kind of garbage so they use us as trash cans.
@12 We are in the same boat but with less problems




SwerdMurd said:

lol they get sonic cheaper! That cracked me up.

Granted 70 points would be overpriced for a Sonic game... I have this evil hope that it's actually 1800 or 2000 when it comes out here on Monday. Hell they should sell it for 1500 with only the first level playable, then offer the remaining 3 levels as 500 point DLC. It works for Square Enix games.

Maybe then people will open their eyes and say "oh wow Nintendo's kinda been gouging us on Wiiware/VC for didn't I notice til now?"



FonistofCruxis said:

1000 points is the price sonic 4 should be in all reigons. I hope sega do a last minute price drop or at least make the other episodes 1000 points.



WaveGhoul said:

Apperantly Sonic 4 is supposed to be pretty awful, based on what Neogaf is saying. The levels are basicalled stripped from previous Sonic outings, dazzles up and tinkered with while sometimes for the worse, and there's too much emphasis on Sonic's homing attack ect ect. I'm still interested, but this one is most likely going to stink or be mediocre at best..



WarioFan63 said:

Japan only pays less for Sonic 4 on Wii but it's still universally the same for all of the other platforms. Does that count?



Sneaker13 said:

I want 500 Wii Points discount.

BTW, is there any chance of NL reviewing this version of the game. I'm really curious how much content there is.



slatters said:

Why do people keep hitting on sonic 4's £10 price tag. Yes I said it - £10 and a few pence. This is it's retail price on the 360 & ps3 so you're not getting screwed in that dept. Granted it's unfair Japan should have the pprice decreased but do their points work out at a different rate maybe?



Bass_X0 said:

Japan without VC this week? Shocking.
They're only getting three games this month and two came out last week.



LuWiiGi said:

Not the best of weeks. It amazes me that the people who make the GG Series games can churn more out every month.



jack0 said:

why do you guys complain, we aussies get everything last or not at all, atm we've all got our fingers crossed we'll get a march realease for the 3ds



rayword45 said:

we can do without insults, thanks -- TBD

Read dates please.

USA Sonic 4 release date: 11 Oct 2010
JAP Sonic 4 release date: October 12 and 13 2010

Anymore complaints?



cheapogamer4life said:

@30:un know.... same game should be the same np's across all regions right?

They'll probably just start em at a 1000 point intro price to build up a solid fan base and up the rest of the episodes.

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