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Wii Remote Plus is Real, Coming in Four Colours

Posted by James Newton

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The news that FlingSmash would be bundled with a MotionPlus-packing Remote landed the other day, but Gamestop swiftly removed the game page. Now Nintendo, in amongst all the 3DS news, has officially announced the new controller – a Remote with MotionPlus built-in – is on the way.

Although no individual pricing or release date information has yet been released, the conference did at least confirm the Wii Remote Plus (called "Wii Remocon Plus" in Japan) will be available in one of four colours: white, black, blue and pink.


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Splat said:

They should have just done this from the start, but this "should" get the ball rolling so there are more MP+ games.



Majora said:

If only you don't need to recalibrate every ten minutes... (I hate that in Wii Sports Resort)



Dazza said:

Will be nice to have this before Skyward Sword is out next year. Lovely stuff!



Token_Girl said:

Are you guys going to do a review on this in comparison to the current WM+? I would only consider getting these if they worked better than the current setup. Switching out the dongles is annoying, but not so annoying that it'd be worth selling my old ones and buying these.



LuWiiGi said:

I love you Nintendo. All this great 3DS stuff and you still have more to give.



Gavin_Rozee said:

I have a Wii Remote in each of those colours. They're all obsolete now, lol

Does the new curved white text at the bottom say "Wii Motion Plus" or "Wii Remote Plus"?

I wish the bundled remote with Wii Party was one of these.

EDIT - Looks like it says "Wii MotionPlus inside"?



Rasche said:

This is AWESOME! I can't wait for these! Definitely gonna get the black one.



pixelman said:

Getting ready for Skyward Sword, maybe? Hope it's the same price as a normal remote - I could use a couple more.



SuperMarioFan96 said:

Did Nintendo confirm whether or not this will be bundled with FlingSmash as previously seen? I'm not sure if I'm buying this yet, because I already have 4 remotes and 2 Motion+'s (it's rare that you'll actually need more than 2.....), but if it's bundled with FlingSmash and there isn't an alternative cheaper version (actually, even if there IS an alternative cheaper version not bundled wit it possibly) I will probably get this anyway. (Unless, of course, FlingSmash ends up sucking).



Iggy said:

A little to late or actually way to late. I allready have 3 remotes so ill propally just be getting one of these.



armoredghor said:

I think they're doing this to promote 3rd party wii motion plus. If they make standard remotes with this at the same cost the games will be available without extra costs and we can get better quality motion control.



PSICOffee said:

dang it Nintendo, why didn't you just do this in the first place!? I can understand not having a gyrosensor at the launch of the console, but why didn't you just make it all one remote before you launched Wii Motion + and Wii Sports Resort, or at least release this alongside that adapter? I guess its a good thing I only have 2 remotes right now, even though two more wouldn't really help if there isn't more people to use them.

Oh yeah, and how typical (again and again) to only release these four colors! But I won't go into that argument.



KiroX777 said:

i dont believe it. the colors anyway.. didnt nintendo put us on the impression all those colored wiis would come out??



CaptainDingo said:

Oh well. Like others have said, it doesn't really change the fact that there's probably 1... maybe 2 quality games that even use Motion Plus right now.

And I guess Miyamoto had a hell of a time with the interference during the Skyward Sword demo so we barely got a good look at it, but it hardly looked like that PS3 tech demo we saw with the 1:1 sword and shield combat. Makes me wonder why they bother with Motion Plus at all...

I guess I'm just upset that the only game I own that utilizes the dongle well is Red Steel 2, and even then, you're still just triggering pre-animated swings with gestures.



Kevin said:

Should of done this at the same time or instead of when the motion plus was released.



MasterGraveheart said:

Goood, I'm glad. While I appriciate the excess control abilities of the Wii MotionPlus, it's bulk makes it unwieldly for games played NES style, so removing and switching around can be a hassle.



WaveBoy said:

The White Wii Remote Plus better have a smooth backing like the Standard white Wii remote when compared to the rougher backing that the Black, Pink and Blue Wii remotes have. For me it just feels awful, cheap and uncomfortable....Please be smooth!



vakama94 said:

well im not buying it, i already have my Motion plus, although i barely use it



mjc0961 said:

Wii Remote Plus: Now with 75% more calibration than the original Wii Remote, if you happen to have one of the 3 games that can support it.

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