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Steve Wiebe Reclaims Donkey Kong World Record

Posted by James Newton

The high score merry-go-round keeps turning

Billy Mitchell, Hank Chien, Steve Wiebe: these men are the giants of Donkey Kong, throwing the world record around like a numerical barrel. Chien bested Mitchell, then Mitchell topped Chien, and now long-time underdog Steve Wiebe has reclaimed the top spot by a whisker.

Mitchell's previous best stood at 1,062,800, with Wiebe's new world record reaching 1,064,500. How much higher can these three point-based pugilists go, or will a fourth competitor enter the fray to spice things up further? The most nail-biting soap opera of the year continues.

Official video game scorekeeping organization Twin Galaxies has announced that the World Record on the classic arcade game Donkey Kong has changed hands for the third time this year as former champion Steve Wiebe climbs back into the top spot with a score of 1,064,500 points.

Wiebe last held the Donkey Kong record in spring of 2007, only to be bested by his movie rival Billy Mitchell months later. Mitchell's score fell to New York's Hank Chien in March of this year, but the Florida hot sauce distributor regained the title on July 31 with a score of 1,062,800 points.

Wiebe, who has attempted regaining the record at numerous live events over the years, recorded his championship game on August 30 for submission to Twin Galaxies, who verified and announced the score on Monday, September 20 as the new World Record.

Find out more about the Donkey Kong World Record holder in our Steve Wiebe interview.

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Archy said:

Man, I have seen allot of news about this record thing. They are gonna kill each other someday, I just know it.



Shiryu said:

When are they gonna put out a sequel? You know, "Empire Strikes Back" version to "The King of Kong".



vio said:

Why can't Billy Mitchell just go away already? What a piece of human garbage he is.



Dazza said:

Just when you think this grudge is settled once and for all, then it all sparks up again. Amazing scenes!




Kirk said:

Yeah, I think I like the score in the hands of wiebe the best.



A1234 said:

@Shiryu - I hear it is in the works.

Steve, wow congrats! that is awesome! it was a honor to meet you at Big Bang and thanks for making me part of the "team."

just for the record, I was in a room at Big Bang where Billy was being interviewed. 2 others were in the room besides me, Billy, the camera guy and the interviewer. and he mentioned that his Donkey Kong scores are much higher and that he goes only a little over the previous record just to keep the players playing and think they can beat him. so, I am sure Billy will be back soon.



fixjuxa said:

Didn't Billy beat the record awhile ago and then quit even though he still had a couple guys left and a number of levels to go before the game crashes?

I wonder if Steve Wiebe is divorced yet. In the movie, his wife didn't really seem all that thrilled with his constant chasing of the record and he's still at it a few years later. She can't be happy.



PSICOffee said:

Awesome. But eventually there has to be a record that can't be beat period. If the game can end, so can the possibilities for a highest score. Yet this probably isn't it based on previous records being quickly beaten.

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