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Sega Emits a Spectrum of Sonic Colours Information

Posted by Trevor Chan

Little flecks of detail

From manoeuvres that the little blue hedgehog can perform, as showcased in an early gameplay trailer, to hints of new characters, information on Sonic Colours for the Wii and DS has slowly been released from Sega's grasp, although all will not be mentioned in your typical news articles. In similar fashion, Sega has recently unveiled a plethora of bits via the American channel of its official blog entries.

As if the recently announced cooperative multiplayer and power-ups that will help Sonic and Tails take on Dr. Eggman aren't enough, get ready for the first wave of additional game details that have been published by the community manager at Sega of America.

For example, did you know that the White Wisp is a "silent guide" of sorts? Sonic and Tails will communicate with this Wisp, named Yakker, as they seek help and information throughout the game. Read on for more Sonic Colours trivia, as reported on their blog:

1) Dr. Eggman has built his park after developing a sense of remorse for his past “indiscretions”. Hmm… a likely story.

2) At one point in an early cutscene Sonic “breaks the fourth wall” and talks directly to the gamer. (Actually, it's a bit of an aside about what's being talked about at the time. I’m not going to spoil it, because it's funny… I think the community will definitely appreciate its intent, let’s put it that way! )

3) SA-55 (the round red robot also known as “Ergo” by fans) will return, but slightly more jaded than before. Oh and by the way SA-55 ISN’T his name… his name is actually “Orbot”.

Since you like Orbot so much, here is his character render in high quality PNG format. He has had a bit of a paint job by the looks of things. [see image above]

4) Orbot also has a counterpart in this game. Orbot’s compatriot is called “Cubot”, as some detectives have been able to deduce. He’s a cube shaped robot – ‘Cube-Bot’, much like Orbot is spherical, quite literally ‘Orb-bot’ (also an anagram of robot if you hadn’t noticed) who is… er… a little defective shall we say.

5) Tails’s “Miles Electric” handheld device that appeared in Sonic Unleashed makes a re-appearance.

6) The boss you have already likely seen from Tropical Resort is referred to as the “Big Boy” by Dr. Eggman.

7) The curly haired white Wisp is important to the Colours story, and its name is Yakker. He is the Wisp Sonic and Tails communicate with to find out what is going on. A silent guide, if you like, to the world of Wisps.

We officially award kudos points to Umiyuri incidentally, who identified the name first (as far as we can see).

8 ) FOXY FACT: Tails can read binary fluently. (So he’s one of the 10 types of people…)

9) Contrary to reports elsewhere, Amy Rose does NOT feature in the story of Sonic Colours Wii. Seriously, unless she’s become an invisible mute post-Unleashed, we’ve seen nothing to indicate otherwise.

10) We will see the “consequences” of Sonic destroying a giant robot… in more than one sense. DUN DUN DUUUNNNN!

11) Oh, okay then here’s Cubot’s character render too. [see image above]

Expect to read more nuggets of information right here as we approach the European release on 12th November, and the American release four days later on the 16th.


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TheBaconator said:

I bet these are those pesky new characters. Well, I suppose robots are better than new animal friends.



V8_Ninja said:

Is it even technically possible to "Read" Binary "Fluently"? Isn't Binary just a computer language that represents every number with 1's and 0's? I must be missing something.



DannyBoyTheDude said:

Nah, V8 Ninja. It's just numbers, but you can still read it fluently. I can actually do calculations in Binary quite quickly, though I haven't yet found any actually use for the skill.



Azurineknuckle said:

So those does anyone think this could put SEGA back up, because I I do. =D BTW I love that Sonic breaks the fourth wall just like the early days.



Kid_A said:

Sega is trying to make me not want to play this game. But it's not going to work!



Raylax said:

That robot was pretty funny in Unleashed, glad to see him come back. Hope his cubic friend is just as funny.



Lotice-Paladin said:

"FOXY FACT: Tails can read binary fluently. (So he’s one of the 10 types of people…)"

I honestly thought half of the internet would understand the simpleness of Binary in general. XD

In all seriousness, it sounds preety good...let's hope it lives up to the hype.



SilverBaretta said:

So is Cubot the new character? Doesn't seem "game-breaking" at all to me.....

But either way, new info on one of my most anticipated games is always good, and Sonic breaking the fourth wall sounds like something to look forward to!



Morpheel said:

@V8ninja: actually all the images and text you are seeing right now are a bunch of 1's and 0's that your computer kindly translates for you.

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