Sonic in Green Wisp form

With generally positive impressions of Sonic Colours for DS following E3, Sega isn't about to let you forget about Sonic Colours for Wii, announcing two new power-ups for the game this week.

The first is the Pink Wisp, which galvanises Sonic's spikes to allow him to stick to walls and ceilings, allowing him to explore new routes in certain levels of the game. Exclusive to the Wii version of the game, the Pink Wisp sounds intriguing, with the potential for different kinds of Sonic gameplay than have been seen before.

Alternative pathways will also surely be opened once the Green Wisp is absorbed, as it grants Sonic the power to hover in mid-air and perform a Ring Dash near series of rings. The Ring Dash will be familiar to Sonic gamers since Sonic Adventure, but the ability to hover is a new one for the 'hog, and as with the Pink Wisp this could bring fresh new ideas to the level design table.

Released in November for Wii and DS, we'll have more Sonic Colours news as it arrives.