When screenshots of Sonic Colours Wii leaked recently showing grey Sonics with antennae, it was hard to know what to make of them. It's considerably easier now though, as Sega has revealed the first information of the game's multiplayer element.

Unlocked through collecting hidden special rings in the single-player game, the two-player mode is focused on players using Wisp power-ups and plenty of skill to survive a Dr Robotnik-designed assault course. Players take control of robotic Sonics rather than the real flesh-and-quills hero, hence the antennae and pallid complexion.

With the ability to combine Wisp power-ups to create all-new ones – a laser drill was mentioned – and the promise of a stern challenge for experienced players, the multiplayer sounds like a promising new addition to the title. Sonic Colours is released in November.

[source uk.wii.ign.com]