Big the Cat's brother, perhaps

Sonic the Hedgehog stars in the world's longest-running video game comic (it's true), so it shouldn't be a surprise that the Archie Comics team is already beavering away on a set of new stories to complement the upcoming Sonic Colours for Wii and DS.

Comic writer Ian Flynn spoke to First Comics News about the upcoming adaptation, which will begin in issue #219 as a secondary story taking place in another universe to avoid any gaping continuity holes between the comic's regular universe and that of the game. One question in particular might make the hairs on many Sonic fans' necks stand on end, though:

1st: Will there be new characters added in Sonic Colors?
Ian: It wouldn’t be a new Sonic game without new characters, now would it? But that’s all I can say.

The Wisp characters are already well-known and were discussed earlier in the interview, so it's unlikely Flynn would refer to them so cryptically. We'll have to wait to discover if there are new characters lying in wait as Sonic Colours speeds towards its release in November.