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Nintendo Download: 17th September (Europe)

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

Not a whole lot of excitement

Nintendo of Europe has chosen not to release a Virtual Console game, instead giving you the choice of several games that will likely not appeal to many hardcore gamers out there. You have been warned!


Adventure on LOST ISLAND - Hidden Object Game (Ateam Inc., 500 Points) — More similar to "Aha! I Found it!" Hidden Object Game rather than Ateam's first WiiWare game, "Aha! I Got It!" Escape Game, this is another search for items across several different levels. We just put up our Adventure on Lost Island: Hidden Object Game review, so you can go read that if you want to know more.

Word Searcher (Digital Leisure, 500 Points) — As the title might give away, you also search for stuff in this title, but rather than finding objects, you have to find words within an arrangement of letters. It's a fairly boring affair, as our Word Searcher review will tell you.


myDiary (Nnooo, 200 Points) — Nnooo's on a roll this year, just having released myPostcards and a new set of myNotebook colours. Well, here's another completely new app - Basically sort of a logical extension of myNotebook, it allows you to keep track of important upcoming events day by day. We'll review the title soon.

Petz Hamster Superstar (Ubisoft, 800 Points) — Released in North America a while ago as Petz Hamsterz Family, this is another pet caretaking game in which you get to feed and play with a bunch of cute little hamsters. Our Petz Hamsterz Family review will tell you why you should pass on this!

Petz Nursery (Ubisoft, 800 Points) — But the fun doesn't end there, because that's not the only Petz title out this week. In this one, which is in fact a renamed Petz Kittens, you'll get to take care of and play with a bunch of different cat breeds instead. You can read our Petz Kittens review for our thoughts.

Word Searcher (Digital Leisure, 500 Points) — Pretty much the same as the WiiWare version, although the nature of the game itself means it is ever so slightly better suited to a portable system. Our other Word Searcher review will tell you all you need to know.

Not a lot of noteworthy things this week, really! Will you be sitting this one out or will you try anything?

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Zach said:

I've long looked forward to the day when a DSiWare Petz game would come out that someone else would have to review. Who will the lucky European be?!



Drake said:

@Terra: Noted and fixed.

@zkaplan: I just discovered that these are in fact just the two games North America got with different names, so no entertainment for a while just yet!



Zach said:

Ah, drat. Oh well. I still look forward to Petz Horsez Family, already rated by the ESRB.



Terra said:

The Two Petz games are already out in the US? Thank the Lord!!!

Sorry Zach



MeloMan said:

Ouch, and I thought our recent update was bad. Well... hopefully in other "good" news, MyDiary will come out in the US on Monday, and if not, hopefully by the following Monday.



Sneaker13 said:

@12, same for me. Bad week. No doubt that Adventure on Lost Island: Hidden Object Game will be a big hit in Holland. "Aha! I Found It!" still is a big seller on the Dutch WiiWare channel. But if I want a WiiWare hidden object game, I get The Mystery of Whiterock Castle instead.



YoshiSage said:


I'd love to smack the guys who decide what gets released every week. I'd much rather have at least decent updates every two or three weeks than get utter crap every week. They're not even trying anymore.

Not that they've been trying recently.



timp29 said:

Wow that update is really scraping the barrel. Who ever is in charge of retro content and wiiware content release, needs to give themselves an uppercut.



Majora said:

Week for revise the WiiShop catalog. It's a strategic policy, but a bad policy.



Amorous_Badger said:

Top tip: VC moaners! thinking of complaining about the lack of 'new' release this week?
Why not buy a game that's already been released and just telly yourself 'it's just come out'?



Omega said:

Nothing interesting this week but that's okay. I have a growing back-log of games and there are far too many interesting games for me to play them all.



Omega said:

@Amorous Badger: What do you mean with "sense" and "having some perspective"? (Sorry, my english is not that good.)



y2josh said:

Why does anyone have to buy anything? There's plenty of other entertainment options out in the world these days than worrying about what Nintendo is going to put out for download



Golgo said:

/hugs knees rocks back and forth in corner, whimpering...



Omega said:

If people would play their games to the very end, most of them would only need one game every two months or so. I don't mean the people in this forum in the first place, but I know people who have a shameful pile of almost unplayed video games. They buy a new game, play about 10% of the game, then buy the next one and so forth. Isn't that strange? Or is it just me?



Bass_X0 said:

If people would play their games to the very end, most of them would only need one game every two months or so.

But America is only getting one game every month these days. Also, I think many people get bored quicker of retro games than they did when they were new (except for the hardcore retro fans). Thats not to say that they don't enjoy retro games but that they would prefer a continual rush of different games.



LuWiiGi said:

And the guys across the pond thought their update was bad. The only half-decent game we got was an APP! I AM SO COMPLAINING ABOUT THIS ON THE VENT YOUR FURY THREAD I CREATED! THIS IS EASILY THE WORST UPDATE EVER!



EddieP said:

Worst update ever, most certainly. Where are Aura Aura Climber, Glow Artisan, Oregon Trail, Escapee Go! ???



LuWiiGi said:

@EddieP I've also been wanting all those DSiWare games, but those greedy Americans are keeping it all for themselves!

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