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European Club Nintendo Members Invited to Wii Party Event

Posted by James Newton

Hang out with Jedward!

The upcoming Christmas sales steamroller Wii Party is gathering momentum as it prepares to crush all in its path, and Nintendo wants to get you in the party spirit early with an exclusive event at UK theme park Chessington World of Adventures.

As well as free access to the entire park including the zoo and Sea Life Centre, attendees will also be treated to live performances in the evening from X Factor stars Alexandra Burke and newly-crowned Nintendo representatives Jedward.

Club Nintendo members should check their email inboxes to see if they've received their invites and prepare for a day of fun and spikey-haired twins on Saturday October 9th.

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Incognito_D said:

having to sit through a live Jedward performance sounds like a punishment more than anything! (and they're Irish btw)



Link79 said:

Looks like those guys took style tips from Vanilla Ice. They're kicking it old school.



skywake said:

For some reason I want to watch "There's Something About Mary" again.....



Raylax said:

Everyone take your vuvuzelas.

They sound better than Jedward, and they are Nintendolife's official soundtrack after all.



Machu said:

I've applied, just waiting to find out if I was successful. Cheers for the heads up James.



Machu said:

Just to make it clear, I have applied in the hope of getting a free day at Chessington for my bro and his lil ones. I have no interest in going myself.

I don't trust myself to be in the same room as those two eejuts!!!



Raylax said:

Coincidentally, Jedward have just released their greatest hits album:




Gavin_Rozee said:

I got an invite. Chressington's too far though, so I won't bother applying. Plus, I'll already have Wii Party 2 or 3 days before the event. No point trialling a game I already own.



kimbo_frog said:

lz2010 24 Sep 2010, 14:33 BST
"Shows how music is on those silly isles "

You think we want them??? LOL ...



antster1983 said:

The town of Lucan, Co. South Dublin should hang its collective heads in shame for producing these two gobs**tes.



Kirk said:

Just like Nintendo to pick a "group" like Jedward to market one of their games.



Boonehams said:

I haven't even heard of them until just now and even I want to punch them in their faces.



JayArr said:

Why have I never heard of this Jedward?

It looks like the Jonas Brothers and Sloth from the Goonies had off-spring!



Burning_Spear said:

Who are those dorks? Hanging with them is supposed to be an incentive? Maybe if you let me pummel them I'd be interested.

I wonder how much Don King charged them for the hair?



Ivan_Winchester said:

if this person/team/thing/or whatever it is were mexican, i would feel very ashamed of my country exporting this person/team/thing/or whatever it is to the world. Very bad choice of dorks Big N.
and just for curiosity... this guys WTF they do¿? i dont think they became famous imitating vanilla ice...
btw... Supernatural season 6 premier today¡¡¡



LztheQuack said:

They botched their Ghostbusters performance, and thus they are losers forever to me



LuWiiGi said:

Just so everyone knows, these guys aren't proper musicians, they were on Britain's Got Talent. I wouldn't exactly call it talent though...



dizzy_boy said:

the animals in the zoo part of world of adventures should provide a better chorus than the tits they`ve hired for publicity.
just a shame the rides have such a long waiting time. over an hour for a 5 minuta ride. be prepared to have to actually talk to family members if you take them.
well i suppose a free day in the place is better than being ripped off, with the normal ticket price of about £36 a person to get in.



Phobos said:

Chessington? Been there, done that. Especially not with Jedward. Anythin' a bit more thrilling?



Riz-Man said:

I got the tickets...and will be going. I have no idea who Jedward are and have no intention of buying the game (my son is into action someone in the marketing department at Nintendo didn't do their job properly). I do however intend to take advantage of the free rides and will be on hand to grab up any free Nintendo merchandise that might come my way coz that’s the kind of guy I am

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