The mighty Jedward

Nintendo UK has reportedly signed Irish pop duo Jedward to be the face of their upcoming Christmas advertising campaign.

The X-Factor twins will apparently be filming a series of adverts and promos next week for Nintendo Wii and DSi which will net them a cool £250,000.

A source close to them reports:

The twins are pulling in £30k every time they turn up to parties and corporate gigs. Then they have record sales, a book deal, TV shows, sponsorship deals and a pantomime.

But they don't spend any money. They live on tuna and sweetcorn and live at home when they are not in hotels.

Whatever you think about these dubious pop sensations, nobody could accuse them of being dull, as their rendition of the Ghostbusters theme nicely demonstrates:

It could be worse anyway, it could be Ant and Dec again!