Wanted: Your Memories of GoldenEye N64

Care to share your rose-tinted memories of the fabulous GoldenEye and become a video star?

Do you remember playing Goldeneye on the N64? Were you the sharpest shooter among your friends? Do you still think playing as Oddjob is cheating? Kream London is filming a new media project and is looking for outgoing groups of friends to talk about one of the best shooters of all time. For more information please call Paul on 0207 096 6679 or drop him a line on paulh@kreamlondon.com

So what's your favourite memory? Shooting the grunts on the toilet? Blasting through the city in the tank? Finally getting your hands on double-weapons? The infamous golden gun? Kream want to know about it.

[via kreamlondon.com]