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Wanted: Your Memories of GoldenEye N64

Posted by Anthony Dickens

Care to share your rose-tinted memories of the fabulous GoldenEye and become a video star?

Do you remember playing Goldeneye on the N64? Were you the sharpest shooter among your friends? Do you still think playing as Oddjob is cheating? Kream London is filming a new media project and is looking for outgoing groups of friends to talk about one of the best shooters of all time. For more information please call Paul on 0207 096 6679 or drop him a line on

So what's your favourite memory? Shooting the grunts on the toilet? Blasting through the city in the tank? Finally getting your hands on double-weapons? The infamous golden gun? Kream want to know about it.


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Will_Ireland said:

I guess working hard trying to open up those last two extra levels, and knowing it was all worth while when I finally unlocked them, and they were completely awesome!! Full, proper levels, perfect difficulty, the moonraker laser!! 100% worth the effort! Many more things apart from that, but thats what springs to mind straight away....



theblackdragon said:

inputting the cheat code for invisibility and shooting enemies in the groin was always hilarious, lol, but my favorite memories came from multiplayer and the 'place a mine on a weapon and then pick up the weapon' trick. man was that fun >:3



mecoy said:

playing as that alien elvis against my sis and bro my sis was always Joanna dar-.........
WAIT oh now i remember
i got it for a dollar because it looked alot like perfect dark on the back and i already liked star wa-.............



ravj17 said:

So many days, and hours playing this.... lot of memories, just Grenade Launcher at the Complex!!



Amauriel said:

I emailed this, but I can't resist sharing it here as well.

The Gamecube and Halo came out my Freshman year of college. Therefore, we all still loved to play the N64, as none of us had yet coughed up the money for either. In 2001, texting was still an unheard of concept, and we all communicated with AOL Instant Messenger, or AIM, to let each other know what we were doing. We tried to outdo each other with ridiculous away messages when we weren't at the computer.

By the end of my Freshman year, I knew if I put up the away message "I am playing Goldeneye/Can't talk now or I will die." on my AIM, I could take my N64 down to the common area and connect it to a TV, and by the time I had fired up the game, at least a friend or two would be waiting to challenge me. Most of the times we did this, by the time we got a couple of "Man with the Golden Gun" games played, someone was organizing a full-blown tournament, as enough people saw my message and told others to join them that we had filled the common room.

Unfortunately, this only lasted through my Freshman year. By the time we all came back, Halo was gaining a presence, and Goldeneye games dropped back down to just a few of my closer friends. Still, Freshman year impromptu Goldeneye tournaments are one of my favorite memories of college.



Xkhaoz said:

Man, I really want to find a N64 and this game. I really want to play it.



Odnetnin said:

N64's are cheap, dude. And I'll sell you GoldenEye (I have no friends to play it with). Or you could just wait for the Wii version.



Splat said:

I know people that bought a N64 for this game alone when one game sells a system you know you hit a home run.



bram070 said:

When i played this a a kid, sitting with four friends in a dark room, smoking al lot of weed ( then, not now) till the sun went up. Good times i'm telling you.



jaw51 said:

My favorite memory, other than playing multiplayer all night with two of my friends, was the level with the tank. Sometimes I would play that level and not even try to complete the objectives, I would go around in the tank running over Russian soldiers and whoever else got in my way. My friend put it well when he said that that level was like Grand Theft Auto before any of the more recent GTA games came out.



JebbyDeringer said:

In Grade 12 I'd come home from school almost every lunch hour with a couple friends and play death match. I only had a 14" tv but a decent stereo so we had good sound but a tiny picture.



SaqBalam said:

In single player, in the "Dam" level, there was nothing as take the sniper rifle an do some headshots. One bullet, one man. Even better, if they were running at you tring to shoot you. Slug heads!! Don´t you know? I´m invincible!!

Of course, there was the all-night-long round with my friends, shooting each other merciless and saying a lot of expressions like the ones you heard from Duke Nukem. **Sigh** I have something in my eye...



Courtest1 said:

I think one of the best memories I had was finally getting the "invincible" cheat! I loved getting all of those cheats! It gave me a sense of achievement to have a full list! Most of the time my friends would ask me to get the cheats for them on their copies! Good time! I hope they're bringing that back in the new one!



timp29 said:

Well, I remember the first time I played this and how blown away I was by the game. Of course by today's standards, it is nothing flash but for its day... awesome.

Sniping in the snow level. Just going for the neck shots/crotch shots for the custom death animations.

Beating the level with trevelyan and the toilets at the start, in under the time limit required for the cheat code. First time you achieve that is epic.

Finally, going invisible and making the baddies fly with explosions.



StuffyStuff said:

This is what I sent to Paul:

Multiplayer, license to kill, slappers only.
Slow Animation, getting the enemy to grab his junk then unloading on him with dual RCP-90's and infinite ammo.
Not telling people how to climb up the vent in the Facility and killing the helpless respawndant.
Shooting people in the ass.
Sniping in the Surface.
Planting stacks of Remote Mines under enemies while invisible.



XCWarrior said:

I sent a message to Paul, on my memories of laying waste to my high school teammates when they let me play jump in. I was quickly kicked out because they couldn't take the wuppin'.



JimLad said:

Killing scientists!
Come on, who didn't love putting mines at their feet and sending them flying.



Clintos said:

Goldeneye 64, one of my ALL TIME favorite shooters.One of the best features of the game was the multi-player mode. My friends, brothers and myself would play Goldeneye for hours. Capture the flag was awesome but shooting each other down creating a pool of blood was much more fun I am more than excited for the Wii Goldeneye to come out, I love Nintendo for creating Wii version!



Kyloctopus said:

I'm just wondering one thing. Why didn't any of these shooters get a trophy/sticker/assist trophy in SSBB?



WhiteTrashGuy said:

My best memory would have to be in college. It was 1999 and I had brought my N64 with me. Even though one of my room mates bought a Dreamcast and we were playing a lot of CounterStrike, everyone still demanded that my N64 be in the living room so we could play Goldeneye. Finally we had a tournament. I won the final match, but then the guy who helped organize it (he went by the name DJ Jason Blazin' - seriously) decided there needed to be one more round with the top 3 against him as suped up Jaws wielding Grenade Launchers. He turned the Health and Shields for Jaws all the way up. We were in the Temple and the whole time he kept hunting me down and blowing me up. I was pretty pissed. I lost by 2 kills. If I remember right, my friend Brian had won that final match. But in my mind, I will always be the rightful winner.



WhiteTrashGuy said:

Koops3 - Due to the licensing, Nintendo can't use any of the Bond stuff. There is one nod in Smash Bros. to Goldeneye, though - Proximity Mines.



bestbuck said:

Looking down the sight of the sniper rifle for the first time. "Mind blowing" (at the time)

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