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Fri 26th Mar 2010

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Amauriel commented on Hardware Classics: Game Boy Micro Famicom Edition:

I have one of these, and it's definitely American. Got it when it came out, and the box is still here in my game storage.

Also, to the person asking about taking off the faceplate: These DO NOT have the pop-off faceplates that the other micros have. If you have a really small phillips head screwdriver, you can take the screw off the left side of the console (looking at it as you were playing it) and then the faceplate can easily be removed to be cleaned under.

And although I love my DSes, this thing never leaves my purse. I've played Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town in so many places that gaming really wouldn't have been appropriate, just because the thing is smaller than a cell phone screen and really doesn't attract attention.



Amauriel commented on Feature: GameCube - GBA Connectivity and Wii U:

My husband and I still play FF: Crystal Chronicles pretty often. I've picked up a couple more GBA SPs just so we can have them here for friends to play as well. (Nobody wants to play on the regular GBA with no lighting.)

That was probably the best use of the connection. I liked the Animal Crossing one a lot too, but I used to download it before my family would go on a trip somewhere, then my battery would die before we got back, and all the hard work was gone. Wasn't so bad after I got the SP, but burning through batteries to leave it on used to infuriate my mother.



Amauriel commented on Feature: A Visual Guide to Nintendo's Handheld...:

I collect Nintendo handhelds so this is a great read.

Maybe sometime you should do all the crazy editions that they did for colors/editions for these things. I have over 30 Game Boys (original, pocket, color, GBA, SP, and Micro) in straight colors, and more that were some crazy limited edition (I have a Manchester United original Game Boy, for example. There was even a Tommy Hilfiger Game Boy Color!)



Amauriel commented on Harvest Moon Creator Reflects on Hellish Devel...:

I collect HM games. My husband surprised me with the original a couple of years ago (I had played it but started my own collection with HM64).

The old ones (HM, HM64, HMGBC, all the way up through A Wonderful Life) are some of my favorite memories of gaming. Now, however, it's hard to justify continuing to buy them...they've become a CoD-type. Another year, another HM that plays just like last year's cycle.



Amauriel commented on Feature: 3DS and the Trend of Colourful Handhelds:

I actually collect Nintendo handhelds...there's enough to keep me interested and shopping eBay for good prices and such. For example, I've got all the Game Boy Colors mass released in the US except for the Tommy Hilfiger one, I believe. (As was mentioned in the article, getting a definitive list of what's out there is extremely difficult.)

Even though I got an Aqua 3DS at launch, my husband surprised me with the Zelda edition for Christmas this's beautiful. The first time I've felt that my special edition handheld is "classy" rather than "childish".



Amauriel commented on The Seller of this Golden GameBoy Pocket Wants...:

You could get the NP100 Golden Gameboy from the Nintendo Power Supplies catalog, so there's probably more than everyone thinks.

I have one, but mine was a Toys R Us exclusive, so it's gold but doesn't have the NP100 logo at the bottom of the screen.



Amauriel commented on Review: Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem (Ga...:

I love this game, and I don't usually go for horror games. When my husband and I were dating, and he found out I had this game, he was very surprised, as it's much darker than I usually like. It's held a special place for us since, as a game that we can enjoy together, passing the controller back and forth, usually chanting the "Pargon"s along with the 7-point spells. We play through it every year in October, and have seen all of the endings multiple times. Those of you wondering about whether or not you've seen the final ending, it shows the ending with the god of your choice, then another quick scene AFTER that.



Amauriel commented on Feature: How ColecoVision Became the King of Kong:

I love this story (although I'd never heard the bit about seeing DK on the way to the toilet). I may be aging myself here, but the ColecoVision was the dominant force in my home growing up, until I got the NES when I was 8. My dad was a gamer from the beginning, and he had a PONG machine, but he skipped the Atari and went straight to the ColecoVision because it was the gaming powerhouse at the time. There were so many great games for the system, and the arcade ports were all pretty faithful.



Amauriel commented on Wanted: Your Memories of GoldenEye N64:

I emailed this, but I can't resist sharing it here as well.

The Gamecube and Halo came out my Freshman year of college. Therefore, we all still loved to play the N64, as none of us had yet coughed up the money for either. In 2001, texting was still an unheard of concept, and we all communicated with AOL Instant Messenger, or AIM, to let each other know what we were doing. We tried to outdo each other with ridiculous away messages when we weren't at the computer.

By the end of my Freshman year, I knew if I put up the away message "I am playing Goldeneye/Can't talk now or I will die." on my AIM, I could take my N64 down to the common area and connect it to a TV, and by the time I had fired up the game, at least a friend or two would be waiting to challenge me. Most of the times we did this, by the time we got a couple of "Man with the Golden Gun" games played, someone was organizing a full-blown tournament, as enough people saw my message and told others to join them that we had filled the common room.

Unfortunately, this only lasted through my Freshman year. By the time we all came back, Halo was gaining a presence, and Goldeneye games dropped back down to just a few of my closer friends. Still, Freshman year impromptu Goldeneye tournaments are one of my favorite memories of college.



Amauriel commented on Feature: The Making of the Nintendo Virtual Boy:

I actually got it soon after it came out, I was one of those people who picked it up after it clearanced out. I would have been maybe 12 or 13 and had a bit of birthday the Virtual Boy at my local Meijer store for $30 and paid no more than $7 for all the games I got (also new).

I still pull it out every once in a while just for a few games of Nester's Funky Bowling.