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Plants vs. Zombies Eyes Up DS, Licks Rotting Lips

Posted by James Newton

2011 date for Popcap's classic

The DS keeps providing shelter for all kind of miscreants: Angry Birds was recently announced for a DS release, and now Popcap's similarly world-dominating strategy title Plants vs. Zombies is getting ready to infect the console next year.

Plants vs. Zombies is tower defence done differently: there are no towers, for a start. The trailer below makes more sense, though be warned: it contains a zombie bobsled team.

Unlike many iPhone to DS conversions, Plants vs. Zombies is taking the retail route, arriving in stores in January 2011. for around $20. Considering the title costs around $2 in the App Store, it's hard to see this as a good deal for Nintendo owners: such a title would be perfect for DSiWare, so a 1,000% price increase for the DS version is hard to stomach, even with the promise of exclusive content.

Still, zombie bobsled team.

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The_Fox said:

You know, I'd say Plants vs Zombies is worth $20 as a retail release for the DS. I'd expect some new content, of course.



TKOWL said:

Popcap's Peggle and Bejewled are pretty fun, so I might try this



tassakos said:

awesome news.. but they should definately add some more feature to justify the increased retail price. 360 version got a vs mode.. they should definately add it or online leaderboards



Megumi said:

Ptobalby would skip this game anyways...then again this one is portable...but yeah, they better add some new stuff here.



EdEN said:

As KDR said, on PC it's $20 so I see no problem with taking the game with me on my DS. Was about to buy the Collector's Edition but now I'll just wait a couple of months.



motang said:

Finally, this was announced like back in 09...looking forward to getting this on my DS!

P.S. Angry Bird is cool, looking forward to buying that once it comes out for Pre this week.



WolfRamHeart said:

A little too late for me since the XBLA version will be coming out on September 28th and it will cost $15. If they were developing this game for the 3DS then I would actually be willing to hold off on my XBLA purchase. These DS ports are starting to look really dated now. I'm looking at you Puzzle Quest 2.



Iggy said:

Ive heard good things about this game so ill keep eye out for it when its in stores.



JoeDiddley said:

Beat this a few times on the pc and almost completed it now.
DS wont add much but I will probably get it anyway as I love this game so portability is attractive.
3DS will be backwards compatible anyway right?



wes008 said:

PvsZ launched at $20 for PC, the iPhone version wasn't the full game, and the DS release promises more content. So the price point is perfect.



Philip_J_Reed said:

Plants vs. Zombies is absolutely worth $20. It can be a little upsetting to find it priced elsewhere cheaper, but in no way does that suggest that the $20 price tag is higher than the game's value. Also, I imagine the touch screen control will work wonderfully for this game. Pick it up!



SuperMarioFan96 said:

I already have the iTouch version, so I don't think I'll be buying this unless there's some very good exclusive content.

It's only worth $20 if you don't already own it. (but people without iPhone/iTouch, it's worth it).



koops330 said:

I have the PC version and I loved it tell you the truth if they make this game have extra content and even better I wouldn't mind shelling out 20 bucks for it




Popcap haven't released the ds versions of peggle dual shot, bookworm and bejeweled twist in the EU yet and there's NO NEWS of them planning to. We don't even have the dsiware versions of the latter two.

I have imported peggel dual shot and bookworm as I found them for reasonable prices on e bay, but this isn't fair really.

Thus, noy holding my breath (and I'm a fan of their work!)



xPOTATOx said:

Bought it a couple days ago. The new game content is pretty nice. New plants also. GREAT game, buy it! Don't get DSiWare Version, it will only contain the adventure mode, nothing else. Worth 20 dollars.

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