Not a climbing frame in sight

If you've got an Apple device you might have engaged in a bit of Angry Birds, the fastest-selling game on the Apple Store having sold over 5 million copies in six months. If you haven't got an Apple device, there's no need to grab one just to play this game as it's on the way to DS.

In an interview with completely respectable British newspaper The Sun – yes, really – Chillingo co-founder Joe Wee – yes, really – revealed the game is on the way to DS, PSP and PS3. Although no further details were given, the smart money is on this being a DSiWare download with Chillingo having already brought Dracula: Undead Awakening to DSiWare with Sneezies in the works too.

A physics-based puzzler that sees you firing birds from a slingshot to demolish a wooden shack housing green pigs, Angry Birds' touchscreen controls and addictive gameplay make it one to watch for the coming months.