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People Will Know When Metroid: Other M Arrives

Posted by Trevor Chan

M for marketing

With less than a month before the latest instalment in the Metroid series hits the shops, it's still not too late to tease gamers with what's in store when they take on the role of Samus Aran in Metroid: Other M. The side-scrolling, 3rd person action game has now got a new game page over on the Nintendo website; with more content to be added in the coming weeks.

The game page has preliminary game details and a few videos available for viewing. The mysterious S.O.S. signal; codenamed Baby's Cry, is very lightly touched upon, as is the location where the game takes place. All that has been divulged at the moment is that the "Bottle Ship" is a large decommissioned colony; drifting amongst the space debris.

There's also a scrolling list of actions that Samus can perform that's nicely presented, and as you're browsing through this newly-created game page, the haunting orchestral score by Kuniaki Haishima can be heard which really sets the mood of the game.

Earlier today, MCV reported that Nintendo is to extensively promote the launch of the game to ensure the success of the game matches the expectations of the company.

The build up will begin two weeks prior to Metroid: Other M's launch on 3rd September with a "high-impact" television campaign which will run for a month on terrestrial and satellite channels. The Internet will of course, be an important tool for promoting the game; with carefully selected sci-fi sites lending an advertising hand in order to spread the game's appeal. Across the month of September, cinemas nationwide will be screening trailers before "blockbuster action movies" so not even film fans will be able to escape the efforts of Nintendo's promotion.

Roger Langford, Marketing Assistant at Nintendo, briefly explains the narrative-driven action game that launches next month:

Metroid: Other M caters to fans of the Metroid series as well as being an ideal entry point for newcomers... The unique gameplay mechanic offers a new and exciting experience for everyone, and the game gives players the first truly in-depth look into the lead character Samus Aran.


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ArmoredGoomba said:

Samus gives birth to METROID PRIME'S BABY? Good to hear they are putting a lot of marketing behind the game though. Hopefully it'll sell better than the Prime Trilogy and Prime 3



komicturtle said:

Good that's they're looking to REALLY promote this game. I remember seeing the Mario Galaxy 2 trailer in theaters. REALLY nice on the big screen, oh yes.



JackMack said:

"blockbuster action movies" eh? Perhaps the video game influenced Scott Pilgrim movie?



NintyMan said:

Good to see that they'll promote it in movie theaters. I bet the trailer would look very nice on a big screen.



OldBoy said:

'People Will Know When Metroid: Other M Arrives' cause they'll hear the letterbox go .
Looking forward to this despite reservations about some of the design choices.
And thank the lord, Nintendo is finally realising the importance of advertising its games,Hallelujah!! The difference between this gen and last in terms of marketing is unbelievable. Actually seeing a Nintendo TV advert used to be as rare as rocking horse s**t here in the UK and now there everywhere, sure those 'Family' ads (also see:Ant & Dec etc) suck big time ,but they serve a purpose and fund Nintendo's developers to create more awesome games.



EdEN said:

Will definitely be buying Other M but it will have to wait until december.



WolfRamHeart said:

I want to get a phone call from Charles Martinet doing his sexiest Samus impersonation when my pre-order copy arrives.



Sylverstone said:

Hopefully, I can see this new trailer in theaters this weekend when I go to see Scott Pilgrim vs. the World.



Punny said:

Yes! I hope it's like the excellent marketing they did for Metroid Prime!



PhillaLoup said:

i love the deep soundtrack ... that one track reminds me of the songs daft punk made for the new tron legacy movie ... awesome!




The latest ONM was meant to have a review for this game but their review copy wasn't the 100% final version. It was the very slightly untweaked version. Nevertheless ONM's in depth hands on playtest was very, very extensive and read just like an in depth review minus the review score anyway. I've never ever read a playtest that extensive or in depth. It read like bewteen an 88%-91% judging by how ONM generally review games. 90%+ is gold award standard by the scoring policy.

It read like a magnificent game with just a few newly added features that were slightly poorly implemented. Not as good as Prime, but still brilliant.



Aviator said:

I still don't know when this will arrive.
EDIT: Never mind, I do now. Sucked in EU.



SilverBaretta said:

@3: I remember seeing that too. Looked great and it's a great way to promote the game. If they're doing theater promotion with Other M, if wil look even better because of the special effect heaviness.



bryguy1919 said:

I cant wait to see some comercials....hopefully in the U.S. Im glad Nintendo has been stepping up the quality of their advertisements throughout 2010. Here's to a successful August 31st launch.



JohnWalrus said:

I'm so glad I pre-ordered this. Just a few more weeks, and I get myself some actiony-explorative goodness... and Samus artwork cards (ZSS, perhaps? ;3).



Slapshot said:

My copy is paid for I dont care about commercials, advertisements.... just get me my game!



HappyHappy said:

Nintendo is putting a lot of effort in marketing to make sure that this game sells... something tells me that they know that Other M may not be a very good game and it may not sell well if they use the same amount of marketing effort they have used in previous games.



erv said:

Means I won't see anything, as usual. I'm getting this day 1 so I don't care



Blakestationone said:

The adverts should be good so long as they don't have the usual cast of overtly attractive Nintendo models having an actors approximation of 'fun'. I don't want to watch somebody holding a controller - show me game footage!
I'm pretty darned excited for this game.



fxtek76 said:

I liked the whole Metroid Prime Corruption channel Nintendo did before its launch to preview it and get people psyched I thought that was a nice touch.



arrmixer said:

I'm a long time metroid fan and honestly didn't care much for the prime/first person series... I'm old school and love that ninja team was on the assignment but i'm worried about all this "bug" controls for the game so close to launch... I'm just gonna wait till the reviews come out...

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