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Rising Star Wants to Know the Games You Want, Europe

Posted by James Newton

Let them know and who knows what may happen

Rising Star Games has already brought European gamers the likes of Rune Factory Frontier and both No More Heroes titles, and later this year is releasing Yuji Naka's Ivy the Kiwi? games, Eldar Saga and Rune Factory 2 for DS. It's quite a busy year for the publisher but it's hungry for more, and is opening the lines of communication for gamers to suggest titles they'd love to see localised.

Head over to the Rising Star Games forum and make your voice heard for Zangeki no Reginleiv or any one of a thousand titles denied a home in Europe.


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Bobpie said:

Earthbound re-Release. >: D
~Well, actually, the whole series preferably...~



Terra said:

Trauma Team is my main pick here, seeing how Atlus doesn't have their own European Publishing branch.



outrun2sp said:

Great company this.

I will post on the forum too :

Castle of Shikigami 3 - WII
Deathsmiles - 360
Ketsui - 360
Otomedius - 360



erv said:

Here's the deal: you make sure they are actually on shop shelves, and they sell.

Where was little king's story on shop shelves? Nowhere. Where was No more heroes? Nowhere. Publish and ask all you want. You want to be successful as a publisher? You need to realize that unless your product is available on shelves, you won't sell enough.

So when I vote, will they be available...? Will it matter...?



Golgo said:

no insults, please -- TBD
Sorry !

The decision on whether or not to put stuff on shop shelves lies with the retailers, and the retailers are pressurized - and also paid - by the big publishers to give most shelf space to the big name franchises. It's a vicious circle and it's depressing, to be sure, but it's not the fault of enterprising small publishers like Rising Star.

Anyway, I managed to purchase the games you mention through a clever invention called the internet.



JimLad said:

The only games I want to see localised are the Kunio series games, brought to the Virtual Console.
You know, the rest of the set to Nintendo World Cup, River City Ransom, Super Dodge Ball...



ZarroTsu said:

Hello, I am European man, yes? What do you mean no? I'LL KILL YOU **strangle**

C'mon guys, Ikaruga for the 3DS. Preemptive strike, go go go.



FonistofCruxis said:

I've signed up but it won't let me post anything, so I'll say my suggestions here:
-captain rainbow
-zangeki no reginleiv
-G.G. series collection+
-ultimate shooting collection
-fatal frame IV: mask of the lunar eclipse
-last story

I would say the mother series but they only do localisations and as the mother series isn't on current gen consoles so they would have to remake it. I would also say pole's big adventure but I don't think they do downloads.



dizzy_boy said:

i`m njot to familiar with rising star`s games, other than no more heroes, but i think they should do a cross over with capcom.



Stuffgamer1 said:

Somebody vote for the PS3 version of No More Heroes! I'd MUCH rather import a European copy than a Japanese one.

And yeah, put in word for Retro Game Challenge...might as well. I'm still annoyed that the first never sold well enough for XSeed to localize the sequel, even with so many Europeans importing it!



outrun2sp said:


Theyve announced Deadly Premonition on 360!!!!!!



Lotice-Paladin said:

Sands of Destruction. As SEGA won't publish it here.

I can't be bothered signing into another forum to ask a game ai know will never come here.



Imerion said:

Yeah! I really like what Rising Star Games do. Zangeki no Reginleiv and Arc Rise Fantasia for me, thanks!
Xenoblade and Last Story will most likely be brought here by Nintendo and Namco Bandai probably handles Tales of Graces, but Fatal Frame IV would be another interesting suggestion.



Bensei said:

Bad News: Games where Nintendo is involved can only be published by Nintendo or the company that is involved.

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